Class 2 – summing up our year.

It hardly seems like two minutes since we were just starting out in the Autumn term and now we are nearly at the end of the school year and class 2 pupils are starting their transition into Key Stage Two. We have had an action packed year and crammed so many activities and events in and even survived year 2 SATs. We still have a little way to go…. Crest Science Award challenges to complete, our last bit of English work writing our stories based on the work of the author Anthony Browne, the year 6 leavers play to watch and the career dress-up day on Thursday to name but a few so we shall be busy to the end. I am sure we will fit in time during the last week to have a little party and celebrate all of our achievements during the year. Thank-you so much for all of your support this year, there would have been so many things we couldn’t have done without you. Hopefully together this year we have really helped your children to learn, to grow and to achieve.

Food technology

Our theme for our food technology work this term was ‘party food’. We decided to make a range of pizzas and also some tray bakes. Some of the ideas that the class came up with for homework were excellent and we certainly had fun when it came to the making and the eating. Many thanks to all of the adults who came to help to prevent chaos taking over in the classroom!

Class 2 science pilot

Class 2 are very lucky to be piloting the Crest Science Awards. Between now and the end of term the pupils have to complete eight science challenges. Examples of their work and photographs will be uploaded to the Crest website and on completion of all of the challenges, the pupils will be rewarded with a certificate. The challenges all relate to the Key Stage one programme of study for science but are enquiry based and therefore allow the children to lead learning and develop their questioning and investigative abilities. We have so far successfully completed three challenges; these relate to minibeasts, identifying trees and classifying objects made from trees and creating a rainbow collage from natural and scavenged materials. Next week we will be moving onto investigating materials, including what materials would make a good umbrella, although I hope the sun continues to shine and we don’t need to use them!

Music with Mr M

Mr Mallison and I had the opportunity to swap classes and each teach one of the areas that we are the subject leader for. This meant that I delivered a French lesson to class 4 and Mr Mallison came to class 2 to give us an exciting lesson in music. The children were able to compose and play in in an ensemble and really enjoyed their opportunity. Thank-you Mr M!

Class 2 designs for the front playground.

As part of our theme looking at developments in Brandesburton over time, class 2 were set the challenge of redesigning the front playground for their homework. We measured the playground using trundle wheels first and found that the space available was 24 metres long by 11 metres wide. There were some very creative ideas – zipwires were very popular as were nature areas. James C, Charlie, Nancy, Jack, Pippa and Phoebe especially impressed me with the clarity and imagination of their designs which are shown below. We might not get a zipwire but we are hoping that Keystage One will soon get some new equipment and some playground game markings so the children can make better use of the space.

Visit to Wilberforce House Streetlife Museum and BBC Radio Humberside

We had a fantastic visit to Hull yesterday, aided by lots of sunshine and well-behaved, attentive and enthusiastic children. I will post some photographs when I get chance. The museum that we had the least amount of time in was the Streelife Museum. The children seemed really interested in all the displays of cars, trams and old shop fronts. We didn’t get chance to go to the upstairs galleries but the museum is free and you might like to visit over the half-term holiday if you have no plans. Right next door is the East Riding Museum and close by is Wilberforce House, both are also free. At the back of Wilberforce House is a lovely enclosed garden where we had our lunch – it is perfect for a picnic!

SATs tests completed!

Last week year 2 pupils completed national SATs tests in reading, spelling, grammar and maths. We were very fortunate to complete them all in one week as our pupils were all here each day. This meant we could celebrate at the end of the week with some well-earned buns, sweets and biscuits. All of class 2 tried their very best and I was very proud of their resilience and their attitude to the tests, remembering that of course they are only six and seven years old.

Class 2 visit the new housing development

Class 2 were given the opportunity to visit the new housing development on the corner of New Road. Jim the site manager was very helpful and the children gained lots of information on house building and were very impressed by the machinery. The visit gave us the opportunity to discuss why the new housing development might be needed, as part of our ‘All around us’ theme.