Welcome back!

Hi everyone, I hope that you had a great half-term break with lots of fresh air in the sun. I have to start with a MASSIVE well done for all of you that have been logging onto EPIC and reading lots of the books that I have out there for you. As a class you have now read 100 books and gained the next award level. I have recently added lots more books so do go and have a look.

From next week we are going to move away from class blogs to one school blog that all the teachers will contribute to. This will ensure that we can focus on exciting themes and that all of Brandesburton Primary school, at home or at school, can take part in the same activities. We know it has been difficult for parents with children in different year groups. More on this later in the week, you will have to check back in when we reveal what the first amazing theme will be, but it will be be great!

With that in mind I have changed my plans for another book based literacy unit like Jack and the Beanstalk that might take some weeks, so this week I have found a literacy unit with lots of different activities that you can dip in and out of as you wish. It is based on the tale of the Elves and the Shoemaker. It has been emailed to everyone who’s address I’ve got. If you are not on my mailing list and would like a copy, please send me a message at plattenk@brandesburton.eriding.net. I’ve added the pdf below too. Spellings will be posted later today.

Here’s one of the activities in the booklet, but it includes reading, story writing, postcard writing, grammar, clothes designing and even some science!

For maths today i thought we’d return to the type of challenges I posted in the very first weeks of home schooling as you all seemed to like them. remember you can also access BBCbitesize for maths, and also White Rose maths for daily year 2 maths videos and activities.

Today sees the launch of the Wildlife Trusts 30 days of June project and is something that you can all get involved in as it’s really fun. The idea is to complete a challenge for every day in June and you can also download your own passport and timetable and print it out if you want to. If you want to sign up as a family click here: https://action.wildlifetrusts.org/page/59240/petition/1?supporter.questions.409397=home

Don’t forget to check back later this morning for this week’s spelling post!

Half-term holidays are here

Just a quick post by my avatar as I’m away on holiday this week in the Caribbean, sunning myself on a gorgeous, sandy beach. Only joking I’m at home! (but I do live very near the beach so I can pretend). Just a few PE ideas to post today from the School Sports Partnership that you might want to try if you want to get active. Have fun this week but take care and stay safe – you are all very special and very important to me. Mrs P x

It’s the holidays!

We have reached the end of the first half of the Summer term. You have completed five weeks of home-learning and you have all been completely amazing. Next week I want you to relax and enjoy the sun (hopefully) and maybe get out in the fresh air on bikes, scooters, skates or anything else that you’ve got. How did you get on with the Mental Health Awareness Week kindness challenges that I set on Monday? Carry them on into next week if you want to, a little kindness goes a long way. If you have anything you want to email me, I’ll be about all week although the blog will probably not be updated after Monday. So have a look back at this week’s work, see what else you want to tackle or finish and don’t forget I need all of your science work on birds, trees and flowers to send to the Great Science Share project. Try and have a go at the Groove-along too and get all your family involved. Here is the final round up of your work for this week and there is a cooking video at the bottom if you scroll down.

More amazing work fromPaige.

This week I thought I would share a cooking video with you rather than a recipe. With a little adult support you could have a go at making chicken nuggets or sweet potato wedges (or both!) for tea one night.

Lots of work from Lottie.
Riley has produced some stunning bird artwork. What two birds has he painted?

Thoughtful Thursday

Hello everyone, wow wasn’t the weather amazing yesterday. I hope you all had your paddling pools out and a few ice lollies to keep you cool. Some of you have still been busy and I have some really great things to share with you.

Katy has had great fun on her scavenger hunt for flowers to represent the colours of the rainbow.
Paige celebrated her birthday and enjoyed making buns and taking treats to her friends on her bike.

Today we are going to focus on grammar and reading. As you have had some maths SATs questions, I thought we could do some more from the 2019 tests. Here are some questions from the grammar test and you can downloard the PDf to print if you wish so that you can see all the questions.

Here’s part of the 2015 reading SATs. The reading papers for 2019 are too big so I will email it to you as I did the maths.

D.T. To give your brain a rest from all of that English work, why not try this week’s D.T. challenge. Can you make a muscial instrument that you could use as an accompaniment for the weekly Clap for Carers. if you make it today, you could try it out tonight. As always, don’t forget to send photos or a video clip of you playing your instrument. Here are some ideas.

Wonderful Wednesday

How are you all? I hope you have been tackling the science work posted yesterday so that we can be involved in the national Great Science Share and show what Brandesburton Primary School can really do. I have some updates from Mrs Irvin to share with you and some more fab work. i am working on my rainbow flower activity to share with you all. Riley has even set Mrs Irvin and I a maths challenge and the answer was one of his favourite football players. So proud of you all!

Art: i thought a few midweek colouring activities might be a nice relaxing thing to during Mental Health Awareness week so I have included one of my favourite animal – you guessed it, a giraffe! I love the work of this artist, Steven Brown and a I have a giant giraffe canvas by him at home – it was a present from Mr P for a big birthday a few years ago! He paints giraffes in vivid, bright colours instead of natural colours, can you do the same?

If you don’t fancy colouring giraffes, why not try some plant pot cover designs for all of the seeds you have planted. Either use these screen shots to inspire your own ideas or print off the Pdf files.

Maths: As you know, you would have been taking SATs tests in maths and reading in May had we been at school. There would also have been spelling and grammar tests. For this week’s maths I am using some of the maths questions from last year’s SATs paper and I will be emailing both maths papers to everyone whose email address I have. There is no pressure to complete these but I know some of you would like to do so and it is completely optional. There are now no year 2 SATs tests for 2020. Remember we would have been doing lots of revision and practising had we been in school so don’t worry if you find some of the questions tricky, just have a go.

P.E. Tuesday

Here’s the next installment of the cricket skills video clips. This week is your chance to learn how to be a ferocious fielder

Here’s a game that you might like to play, you will need permission from an adult and someone to play with though and five pairs of socks! The idea of the game is for one person to hide all the socks separately and you have to find them and put them back into matching pairs. It will work best if you have distinctive patterned socks, not five pairs of black ones!

Matching sock game

First of all agree the rules with an adult – can you only use the garden, some rooms in the house or all rooms in the house? Can the socks be hidden inside drawers and cupboards or just underneath or behind things?

After you’ve done that, one person hides all the socks in different places. Then you simply need to go and find them. Why not time yourself and see how long it takes you and try to improve your time.

Simplify: Use less pairs of socks or the person who has hidden the socks gives hot/cold clues.

Increase difficulty: Use more pairs of socks.

Variation:Start by being given one sock for which you have to find the matching one. Only when you’ve found its matching pair, can you start to look for other pairs, and again the next sock you find, you have to locate its partner and leave any other socks you come across until you have found it. Can you think of your own ideas to vary the game? Could you adapt it to play it with a brother or sister where you are both hunting for socks at the same time and the one with the most pairs wins? Let me know how you get on.

Great Science Share

Exciting news! Brandesburton Primary School are taking part in the national Great Science Share project. As well as weekly themes that are being publicised on the Great British Science Share website, they are looking for young people and their families to learn the Groove-Along dance and then submit their video to be included as part of a national video montage. You can learn the dance by watching the video clip above and then film yourselves using a mobile phone or ipad(landscape) and then email it to greatscishare@manchester.ac.uk. It would be great if lots of you could do this, let me know if you have any questions.

The first week’s theme of the Great Science Share was related to birds and as we were studying birds in class 2 I have lots of your work to upload to the Scienceshare project. If you have any more bird related work that you haven’t emailed to me yet, then please get it to me by Friday as I will be sending it then. Last week’s theme was space so I didn’t post anything on the blog about it, but the theme for May 18th- May 25th is Scavenger Hunt so I am sharing some activities below. If you want to look for yourself, visit this page: https://www.greatscienceshare.org/getinvolved2020#weekly-themes-2020-wk3

First of all can you think of any questions that you would like to find out the answers to on this week’s theme? The Great Science Share is also looking for you to share your Great Science questions. When you’ve had a look at the activities below, see if you can think of any questions you might like to find the answers to whilst doing the activity or any questions you can think of after completing the activity. Questions might include things like: ‘How many shades of green can I see near me?’ ‘Where can I find wildflowers?’ ‘Which insects are in this habitat?’ ‘Do spiders always have eight legs?’ You can use the hands template to record your questions and I will upload them to the Great Science Share.

The first activity is a wildflower foray from the RSPB. The link to the activity is here https://www.rspb.org.uk/fun-and-learning/for-families/family-wild-challenge/activities/wild-flower-foray/

The activity sheet involves you looking for wild flowers in a range of different colours (maybe you could find flowers in all the colours of the rainbow which is a big symbol of hope for everyone at the moment) and trying to indentfy wild flowers using the sheet to help you.

The next challenge is a bit scary as it’s to do with SPIDERS!! Who will be brave enough to tackle this one?

I will be posting some Tuesday PE ideas at lunchtime so they don;t get mixed in with all the science information. Be sure to check back then for a game I have invented!

Summer learning week 5

Hi everyone, I hope that you has a good weekend in the sun. Lots of you were very busy at the end of last week so here’s some of your work. well done to Lara and Evie who have been doing lots of reading on the EPIC website and app, I hope you are enjoying the books I have chosen for you. I am posting English and spelling on this post today as it’s Monday and the spelling powerpoint will be emailed out. I will post phonics work separately. Have a good Monday 🙂

Mental Health Awareness week 2020 starts today so why not see if you can complete the 7 day kindness challenge (or any part of it) to make you, your family and your friends happy 🙂

Spelling: This week’s spelling focus follows on from last week’s work on using apostrophes for contractions. This week we are looking at using apostrophes for possession – to show something belongs, for example, the teacher’s desk, the dog’s ball. So there isn’t a list of spellings to practise really as it more of a grammar activity to learn and remember when to use apostrophes for possession. I have posted a couple of slides from the powerpoint which look at using it’s and its as that can be quite confusing, even for adults!

English: This week is the last week of our work on Jack and the Beanstalk. In school we would have completed it more quickly, but I have been spacing the activities out to give you lots of time to do other things too. Your final task is to make a book of the story! This will be a mini folding book for you to keep and can either be based on the original story that you have read, the work you have completed on Purple Mash or the the new story that you have written with an alternative ending. Here are the instructions for making the book. You will need either a plain piece of A4 paper or you can download the template here which will have a front cover design on it. You can also make a large version of the book if you have A3 paper, just follow the same instructions.

Finally this is what is on offer on BBC Bitesize this week if you want to do dip into it.

Fun Friday

How did you get on with making the Brownies? If you haven’t had chance yet, you could have a go over the weekend. Let me know if you have made the wind chime and as ever, send me lots of photos. Here’s some more of your fab work that I have received over the last couple of days.

William completed his alternative ending to the Jack story.

I said I would post the answers to the phonics quiz today so here it is.

Next up for today are two maths activities.

And we’ll finish the week off with a story. Enjoy!