We had a very successful library/maths games session last Friday and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible again this week. We are hoping to make the most of the extended good weather by going on a mini-beast hunt tomorrow to link to our science work on habitats. The children have impressed me with their knowledge of continents and oceans which we are focusing on in geography before starting our weather work. The long-awaited papier mache project should also be starting on Friday too!

I have set the class a challenge this week which is to find any examples in their reading books of the spelling pattern we are learning. The pattern is ‘c’ used for the ‘s’ sound before i, e or y. Already I have given out lots of stickers for pupils who have found the following words; nice, places, decided and city in their reading books.

Class 2 have also written a series of ‘dear teacher’ letters with lots of imaginative ideas for why they might not be at school for a couple of weeks! These include zip-wiring around the world, visiting penguins in Antarctica, flying on a rocket to the moon and visiting the Queen at Buckingham Palace. You will be able to read all of the children’s letters as we are putting them into a class book to go on show at library time and on the upcoming parents’ evenings.

Class 2 are working hard!

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