The Great Fire of London

A big well done to all of you for your amazing houses and all the interesting facts you found out about them. Many of you discovered that the houses were smaller at the bottom so that people didn’t have to pay as much for the price of land.

Your work in class has been fantastic, particularly your recounts about the fire and your diary entries from the time. I can’t wait to get them all up on display.

Let’s get ready to cook!

After checking we were ready to cook we got busy making our sandwiches. We practised snipping, mixing, cutting out and spreading.

Not everyone liked the ingredients used, however those children that were willing to taste all agreed they had made a delicious sandwich!!

Mrs Irvin and I certainly enjoyed ours.

The children cleared and tidied their areas once we had finished, but a big thank you goes to Lily for helping with the drying up.

Sewing the Community!

Over the next week your child will bring home a drawing of something in the village. It may be an outline of Costcutter, St Mary’s Church or even our school. Please support them to sew over the outline using back stitch. If you need a reminder on how to do back stitch have a look at the image below.

Please return the sewing every day in the children’s book bags as they may have opportunities to sew during the day.

Thank you for your support. I’m sure the sewing will look fantastic on display for our 175th celebrations.

Peter Rabbit

We have been writing Peter Rabbit’s Diary. We imagined all the mischief he could get up to in one day. We tried really hard to keep our writing in the past tense, thinking about the verbs we used.

If you get to see the Peter Rabbit movie over the holidays, why not write about some of the things he really gets up to!!

Fun Multiplication!!!

Well done to those of you who have already done your homework.

Some of you have been very inventive with your arrays using the things around your house like Lego and Shopkins.

Here’s my array using my favourite sweets. Can you guess which multiplication sum I have done?

Needles at the ready!!

Class 2 have been practising their sewing techniques ready to make their own puppets. They have mastered running stitch and used cross stitch to sew on buttons. Have a look on the display outside of our classroom to see our progress so far.

A big thank you to both our Grandmas for their patience and help!!!