Home resource pack

Everyone in class 2 should bring home a resource pack today to support with spelling and maths homework and also letter formation. Included in the pack are two 100-squares as we are using these alot in maths at the moment and if I can set additional activities on the blog for you to practise at home that would be really helpful. The number line to 50 will need taping together and then will be an aid for counting on or counting back for addition and subtraction. The set of 0-20 number cards will also be really useful if you cut them up into individual cards. There are all the common exception (tricky word) spelings for all phonics phases and year 1 and year 2 that I posted on the blog last week. Reading these as much as possible (even daily) will really help them stick. Start with the phase 2 and stop when your child can no longer comfortably recognise and read the whole word. Then just occasionally recap the ones they were able to do and focus on the next 5-10 words until they become part of your child’s sight vocabulary for whole word recognition. Every child is now practising daily spellings in school in their own spelling book and they are all being taken from the tricy words sheets. Days of the week can be used for handwriting practice, use of capital letters and will also help them speed up when the need to write the date. The handwriting sheets will help your child to remember the correct starting point for each letter so that they develop memory for writing each letter of the alphabet, lots of the class are writing a high number of letters backwards at the moment which isn’t at all unusual or anything to worry about but we don’t want this to become a habit that is hard to break. Some packs also have sentence ordering sheets to support pupils who are just starting out with writing their own sentences but need extra confidence. As ever, please email me or possibly catch me at the end of the day if you have any queries.

Maths homework practice using the 0-20 cards – possible activities for this half-term.

Firstly check your child can read all of the numbers and keep working on any they are unsure of. Shout out a number and ask them to write the number down so you can check for number reversals. If they have written numbers back to front, ask them if they know what is wrong and if they are unsure, show them the number card to copy. Most children like to use a whiteboard and pen rather than paper and pencil if this is possible.

Another activity we have been practising is recognising place value (tens and units) by partitioning the number. Shufflle the 11-20 cards and ask your child to pick one, for example 17. They then say what the number is made up of – one ten and seven units. They then write this as an addition sentence – 10+7=17. This can be extended right up to 100 by picking single digit cards and putting them together to make a 2-digit number, such as picking 3 and 4 and pushing them together to make 34. (not adding 3 and 4 together to make 7) then saying there are 3 tens and 4 units then writing 30 + 4 = 34.

Another activity to try. Shuffle to 1-9 cards and put face down. Children choose 2 cards to make a 2-digit number representing the tens and the units and then you choose 2 cards to make a 2-digit number as well. Your child has to say who has the biggest number and then try and think of a 2-digit number that comes between the two numbers you have picked. For example: your child picks 5 and 3 and makes 53. You pick 7 and 2 and make 72. Your child recognises that 72 has more tens than 53 and therefore 72 is the biggest number. They then say a number that comes between 53 and 72.

Finally your child could pick out the number cards that add together to make a number bond to ten or a number bond to twenty and then write an addition sentence for this, such as 4+6=10 or 17+3=20 and see if they can spot any patterns.


Just a quick reminder that phonicsplay cotinues to be free for home use at the moment (as a school, we have a subscription anyway for when the free period ends). Games such as picnic on Pluto, dragon’s den and buried treasure are fun games to practise nonsense/real words in preparation for the phonics screening test in the second half of the Autumn term. Flashcards speed trial and flashcards time challenge are great for checking phoneme recognition. We are all working on phase 5 during our daily phonics lessons at the moment but playing a few games to revisit phase 3 and 4 wouldn’t go amiss as well. Do try any of the other games that your child shows interest in as they will all support reading and spelling in some way.


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Hello and apologies in advance for the long post! Specific homework tasks will be posted once we get settled back fully into the term. We are still working out the best way to do this so please bear with us. These are the main priorities for reading maths and spelling that you can support with at home.

Reading: All children have been heard reading this week and have also completed phonics checks to informally assess their ability to recognise graphemes and blend for reading and segment for spelling. A new reading log and book should be ready to take home by tomorrow. I am sorry this has taken longer than we would like but I really wanted to check book bands before starting to send reading books home. Any reading books that need changing should be returned to school on a Friday with a ‘book finished please change’ comment or similar recorded in the reading log. Books will then be changed. We will not be able to change them more than once a week at the moment. Because of this, can I remind you that you can access additional ebooks on either https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/ or on the EPIC website. Mrs Gardner has transferred to me the records for all year one pupils that had registered for EPIC through her. If you didn’t register during lockdown and would like to be included, please do send me your email address. (My school email address was on the newsletter sent home last week). Please do try and read with your child as much as possible, it really does help, thank-you in advance.

Spelling: All children in class 2 are recapping or starting the phase 5 phonics programme and are having daily 25 minute phonics sessions at the moment. The Department for Education has stated that all current year 2 pupils nationally will need to take the formal phonics screening check during the second part of the Autumn term. This is the check that they would have done during the summer term of year one. We are working towards supporting the children in becoming confident in applying their phonics as an aid to fluent reading and spelling. I am posting screen shots of the phase 2-5 and also year 1 and year 2 common exception words. These are the ‘tricky’ words that are not phonically decodable and therefore just have to be learned by heart. Frequent or daily reading of these words will help them to stick in their memory and they will also come accross them in their reading books. The aim is to be able to comfortably read the words from one phase then be able to spell them then move onto the next phase. As you can imagine class 2 are all at different places with this and your help with supporting your child to learn these words is greatly appreciated. Please have a look at the lists and see how your child fits in. In the long-term we may be able to send set spelling lists home weekly, for now I am hoping to put a small pack of home learning resources together to support English and maths, which will include the word lists below.

Maths: Our main focus this half term will be place value. Class 2 will looking at extending their knowledge of numbers upto 100 including recognising each number and being able to write it the correct way round. Lots of children commonly write number digits backwards, especially 2 and 5, so just allowing you child to practise writing numbers is great or making a game of it and playing bingo is great too. We will also consolidate work on recognising tens and units and being able to partition numbers, for example, knowing that 52 is made up of five tens and 2 units and that 52 is bigger than 25 and being able to explain how they know. Some children will still continue to work on numbers between 1 and 20 and that is fine too as they will progress at their own pace, but numbers upto 100 are part of the year 2 maths curriculum. Other things to practise are recapping the year one objective of learning number bonds to 10 (the sets of four number facts that make ten including both addition and subtraction pairs) such as:

1+9 = 10

9+ 1 = 10

10 – 9 = 1

10 – 1 = 9

We had great fun chalking them on the playground on Monday! After that the progession is to apply this to quickly learning number bonds to 20 as part of the year 2 curriculum.

A good website to visit for maths games is http://www.topmarks.co.uk

Writing: Please try to spend a little time watching how your child forms their letters and to check if they can write all the letters of the alphabet (lower case) out of order. Letter formation becomes really important in year 2 as many children will start to join up their handwriting and if the letters do not start and finish in the right place, it makes joining very tricky. Next thing is size! We are doing daily handwriting practise to develop a neat and consistent handwriting size which fits between the lines on the page. When children write on blank rather than lined paper, handwriting can suddenly become gigantic!

Finally the children all have Purple Mash logins from last year. A reminder of the login will be sellotaped into the front of the reading logs as soon as possible. This year we will be encouraging the class to log on to the school computer independently and then log on to Purple mash independently. To log on to the school computers, the children need to be able to spell their surname. We do have cards for them to copy but practising writing their full names at home is really helpful. I will set up some optional tasks on Purple Mash than can be accessed through the ‘2do’ tab.

Apologies again for the length of the post, I hope you made it to the end! Please do telephone the school office or email me if there is anything I can help with, Mrs Platten

Welcome to the Autumn term and class 2!

Hello everyone, well we have had a couple of days in school now and class 2 are settling into the new routines brilliantly. I am very proud of how they have started the year and they look so smart and they have grown so much!
Here are a few photos of what we have been up to but there will be lots more to follow. Please leave us a comment to say hello.

End of term

Well well class 2 the summer holidays have arrived and that feels so strange! You have all completed your time in Key Stage One now and you have done everyone proud. No-one expected the term would end like this but we had almost seven months of ‘normal’ class time together before we had to learn to adapt to home learning and different ways of communicating with our families and friends. It was a learning curve for everyone including all of your mums and dads and I think we could all give ourselves a big pat on the back don’t you class two? I popped a little Wordart message into your carriers bags of school work but I know some of you haven’t managed to collect your work yet so I have put it at the end of this post too. I am overwhelmed by the amazing artwork that Mrs Marlow delivered this week on behalf of you all (see photo further down). It is truly special and I will treasure it forever. It has pride of place in my office above my noticeboard. A huge thank-you to all the mums and dads for this and for supporting your child all through this academic year. Thank-you so much too for the extra little gifts I have received from lots of you during this week, they are all greatly appreciated. I am sad not to be celebrating the end of term in the classroom with you but I will look forward to seeing how much you have grown by September when you come back with your fresh haircuts, new uniforms and shiny shoes ready to tackle year three. If I know Mrs Altoft, there will be an exciting year ahead of you and I will be watching you all!
Take care and enjoy your holidays,

Mrs P xx

Mrs Irvin wanted to send you all a message too:

And a message from Mrs Prince:

Hi class 2 I hope you have all been ok and had lots of fun in lockdown. I have seen some of you in school but I can’t wait to see you all  again in September. I am going to be with you all for part  of the day  and I can’t wait to hear all your stories. Have a great Summer 😀

Friday round up 10th July

Hello everyone. How typical – we plan a sports week and the weather is awful! I was able to see year 6 do their slow bike race, running race and egg rolling this week and it was nice for them to have something to remember their time at Brandesburton even though they weren’t able to have a full sports day. Today the Home School Learning blog has the last of the subject lessons – French and spelling – as next week we have some fun transition activities planned for you. A big well done to Joshua who has earned his Chief Scout’s Bronze Award. You can see the photos further down the post. Don’t forget to check back with the class 2 blog next Friday for a special end of term message.

Riley created his own sports game as Mr Barnes suggested.

Your treats this week are links to some fun activities on gonoodle including a video clip of jokes and how to make chocolate pizza!



If you wish, there are lots of other fun activities on the main gonoodle page. Just type in www.gonoodle.com have a good weekend!

Friday round up – 3rd July

Hello class two! Have you enjoyed taking part in creative arts week? I hope you have tried some fun things. Thanks mums and dad for for all the work you have shared with me via email. I have posted lots of it below. We have also made it to 200 books read on EPIC. Well done to everyone who has contributed to this. If you haven’t tried EPIC yet and have forgotten your login details, then please email me and I will resend them.

Here’s some of your fab work – keep it up I am really proud of all that you have been doing. Don’t forget to scroll to the end for two creative arts themed class treats. Head over to the Home Learning Blog next week for …..Sports Week!

Lara’s French sandwich
Lots of maths, spelling and grammar work from Paige this week.
Katy’s picnic
Riley’s Mondrian artwork

Now for some fun! Try these 🙂

Friday round up – 26th June

Wow what fantastic weather we have had this week. I have heard that some of you have had some fab picnics too. Here is a round up of some of the work that I have received this week. Well done everyone. Don’t forget to look on the Home Learning Blog today to see what French work I have set for you too. We are sooo close to 200 books on EPIC too. Well done to Riley, Lara, Evie and Ashton – top readers of the week.

Lara’s picnic conversation
Paige’s friendship work.

For this week’s class treat I will leave you with some recipes that you might like to try at home to have with your picnic. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to check in with the the school Home Learning Blog next week for Creative Arts week!

Friday round up 19th June

Hello everyone! How have you got on with with the Into the Woods theme this week? Once again it has been fanastic to see so much of what you have been up to. Lots of you are managing to get out and about too which is good. Top readers on EPIC this week are Ashton, Riley and Evie. Only 22 more books to read until we reach 200! I have added more books today. Ok there are lots of things to share so make sure you scroll right to the end of the post.

I’ll start with some of your theme work for this week. I will always share at least some of your work if you remember to email it to me (plattenk@brandesburton.eriding.net)

jacob’s zoo map
Freya’s emotion work for English.
Katy being a super scienist (or geologist) and cracking open a geode to find a crystal
Lara’s English work on monsters

I haven’t done a story video this week as I am doing a video on the Home Learning blog on Monday to introduce next week’s theme and I will also be popping up on the French post later next week. Instead I have added this cool video about how lego bricks are made. If you like it you can find lots of other Maddie Moate science clips on youtube.

I am also giving you a be kind to yourself activity to do over the weekend if the weather isn’t so good.

Have a good weekend everyone and don’t forget to stay in touch!