Last week class 2 were very busy creating their non-chronological reports on a range of mini-beasts, linked to our science work. The pupils learned all about including sub-headings, writing in paragraphs and using factual and technical language. They also used i-pads to research some really interesting Did you know? facts to complete their reports. In the afternoons they have been applying their developing skills in writing non-chronological reports by writing about different aspects of the Titanic, including first and third class passengers, food and entertainment. The children have been working in mixed-ability groups and have really enjoyed this task. They are very proud of what they have produced.

Rehearsals for the Key Stage One Christmas performance have been well under way and last week all the pupils delivered their lines without using their scripts which was a fantastic achievement. At the end of this week will be our dress rehearsal when we will perform to the rest of the school!

Homework for this week will be a continuation of last week’s work on consolidating the reading and spelling of the year two common exception words.



As we are revising our ability to read and spell the year 2 common exception words this week, I have added a task to Seesaw (see below). I am also sending home a year 2 CEW word list and a picture template. The template is a fish and you can colour each word when you are are confident that you can spell it. You can use the CEW word list to help you with the homework task but don’t use it for the fish template. I will also send home a bookmark with some of the year 2 CEW words on that will help you find and read these words in your reading books and give you chance to practise them when you have five minutes spare.


Class 2 had a very busy week as usual last week. They completed some excellent Remembrance Poetry and artwork that is now proudly displayed in the corridor for everyone to see. Our week culminated in our Remembrance Service held around the war memorial in our school grounds. Many parents and grandparents joined us and it was a moving service as usual.

In maths, class 2 have been working on using number lines for subtraction. They are getting much better at counting forwards and backwards in ones to help with this and also using their knowledge of number bonds.

We have been working hard on practising our KS1 Christmas performance and it was very exciting to see that the stage had gone up in the hall on Friday. it will make our rehearsals this week much easier. We have also been working on adding actions to our Christmas songs for the performance and we are practising these as much as possible too.

In PE we combined our maths and science skills to investigate ‘What surface does a basket ball bounce best on?’ In pairs, the children consolidated their controlled ball bouncing skills from previous lessons. Next they visited different areas of the school grounds to bounce the ball on grass, mud, wood, tarmac and the track. They used a metre ruler to measure how high the basketball bounced back up when they dropped it from waist height. After predicting which surface would produce the best bounce, they recorded their results in a table. We also looked at different material such as metal and plastic and discussed how well a ball would bounce on these surfaces too.

This week we will be focusing on the spelling pattern for the /shun/ sound at the end of words spelt ‘tion’. All of the pupils have encountered this spelling already in their Read, Write Inc groups but this week we will be revisiting it as a whole class and making sure we apply this spelling to independent writing. We will also have a word hunt – looking for examples of ‘tion’ words for our word wall.

Homework for this week is to continue practising reading, particularly being able to clearly read the lines for the Christmas performance and learning them off by heart where possible. Please also have a look at examples for this week’s spelling pattern although it is not necessary to learn these particular words off by heart, just be able to recognise the pattern.

We have an exciting visitor coming into school on Wednesday morning – the RNLI will be visiting KS1 to talk about their work and water safety. This links to the historical work we are doing on Grace Darling. Of course on Friday we will also be completing activities relating to Children In Need and wearing non-uniform to help raise money.



Last week we focused on creating some excellent Bonfire Night poetry and the children really did produce some outstanding work with so many powerful adjectives and verbs to describe the fireworks. Popping, whistling, fizzing, banging, squealing, sparkling and twinkling were just some of the fantastic vocabulary that they came up with. They also used oil pastels on black paper to create some stunning firework art too.

In maths we have been continuing with addition and subtraction. In some lessons we work totally practically using manipulatives such as numicon, base ten, multilink and counters, and in other lessons we record work in our maths books using numberlines and 100 squares to support or manipulatives again. Knowledge of number bonds to 10 and 20 and the fact families for these numbers really helps support children with their learning.

In geography we linked our work to science. We looked at hot and cold countries and identifying different climates across the world and the animals that live there. Next week in science we will extend this learning to look at how animals are adapted to the habitat that they live in.

There was great excitement on Friday when the children got their parts for the KS1 Christmas performance. Rehearsals begin next week! With this in mind our homework will have a reading focus. Please practise reading your lines for the performance and ask an adult to help you with any tricky words. When you can read your lines clearly, start to learn them off by heart like a real actor does! The words for the songs in the performance will be added to Seesaw too so that you can start to read and learn those. If we are able to add the music too, we will do. Can you also make sure you are reading your school reading books to an adult as much as possible and get your reading log signed? Can you read at least three times this week? Remember you also have access to Oxford Owl online reading library where you can read a range of different books. If you are in a Read, Write Inc group at school, you will also have an online reading book and quiz assigned to you that you could challenge yourself to read.

Our spelling work this week relates to apostrophes for contraction. This will also form part of our grammar work in English this week too.

Class 2 w/c 31/10/22

Welcome back to school everyone and for those celebrating Halloween tonight and Bonfire Night later in the week, I hope you have a fun time and please stay safe. Do upload any photos to our class Seesaw account so we can share them with each other. It is Be Bright Be Seen Day at Brandesburton Primary today and I can’t wait to see what you are all wearing. I wonder if I will need my sunglasses! There is an underlying safety message to our day though especially as the nights are getting darker. Wearing something reflective will really help you be seen if you are walking home from school.

This week we will be focusing on Bonfire Night poetry in our English work and creating some fantastic descriptive poems. There will also be the opportunity for some shared whole-class reading of a Bonfire Night themed story to further inspire our poetry with amazing adjectives. On Friday we will complete some Bonfire Night artwork that you can take home and display over the weekend. (If you haven’t seen the previous class 2 blog post about our excellent JMW Turner water colour seascapes, please do scroll back and have a look, the quality of the work is outstanding).

Our spelling work for this week will be investigating suffixes – word endings that are added to a root word to create a new word. We will look at the suffixes ment, ness, ful, less and ly. Here is an example list of the types of words we will be looking at but there are many, many more!

Homework for this week is to look at this fantastic image of fireworks and write some amazing adjectives and/or powerful verbs to describe them. The activity is on Seesaw and you can annotate the template on there. There is also an optional reading comprehension activity relating to Guy Fawkes for those that would like to complete it.

Have a fantastic week!

Weekly round up 21st October

Wow! Just wow! Class 2 you have worked so hard this week and even though I lost my voice and couldn’t be with you on Monday, you still tried your absolute best and I am really proud of you.

This week we completed our amazing watercolour artwork in the style of JMW Turner. There really is some outstanding pieces of art and we are going to create our own classroom art gallery to ensure all of the paintings can be displayed. Class 2 were also very knowledgeable when we completed our ‘Turner or Not’ quiz. This showed seascapes by a range of artists and the children had to really reflect on Turner’s style in order to say whether they thought the painting was by him or by another artist. I was amazed by how confidently they were able to complete this activity, and the buzz and discussion in the classroom was fantastic.

It was also good to have the opportunity to meet with parents this week and share year two expectations and have a chat about the progress being made. thank-you for your continued support with this.

I have added some optional Halloween activities to Seesaw. These are ‘just for fun’ activities and you might like to try them over the half-term holiday but you don’t have to.

Meanwhile, I hope the weather is kind to us all and you manage to get out in the fresh air on bikes, scooters, roller blades or whatever you want and have some fun family time (upload some photos to Seesaw of what you get up to!) It has been a very full-on start to year two and you all deserve a break for all of your hard work so far.

14.10.22 Weekly round-up and homework

Class Two have continued with their excellent attitude to learning this week. We really enjoyed our outdoor learning in the wildlife garden where we made tally charts of different minibeasts that have their habitats there. We also showed Miss Northen our pond and wildlife area and she is very excited about developing this area for future outdoor learning.

We have read several more books in the Lighthouse keeper series and everyone has really enjoyed finding out about the further adventures of Mr and Mrs Grinling and Hamish the cat. It has really inspired the children to plan their own adventures for the characters and we are starting to map these out on a story mountain and then produce a more detailed story board.

Maths skills this week included learning about related facts and fact families in addition and subtraction and everyone has worked really hard to understand these concepts. This will really help them as we move onto more challenging calculations.

We also started our art unit based on the artist JMW Turner. The children were able to say what they liked about different seascape paintings by Turner and we also discussed how Turner’s work gives us a glimpse into history in the time before cameras were available. Next week we will painting our own seascapes in the style of Turner.

Our spelling pattern for the next week will be spelling the /er/ and /or/ sound with ‘or’ and ‘ar’ after the letter ‘w’. It cab be quite tricky for children to grasp the correct spellings for words like worm and warm! We will do lots of consolidation activities to help them learn these spelling patterns. Children will also be applying their number bond skills in their maths homework. Homework can be completed and returned via Seesaw or hard copies requested.

What a fab week in class 2!

Everyone has worked their socks off this week! In Computing we have been using the 2 respond programme on Purple Mash to help us learn safely about email communication. In geography we have revised our work on learning the names of continents and we have looked at Google Earth as a tool for zooming in on different continents, countries and cities around the world. The children were fascinated by this.

In English we have started reading stories from the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch series. We wrote our predictions for the end of the story and were excited to see if the mustard in Mr Grinling’s sandwich really did keep away the pesky seagulls! (It did!) This inspired us to design our own disgusting sandwiches which included the delights of slimy slugs, squishy eyeballs, toe nails, rat tails and blood! Yuk! We also completed some work on expanded noun phrases and using adjectives to add detail to our work. This will stand us in good stead for writing character descriptions next week and then writing our own storyboards.

In maths we completed our block of work on place value and will move onto addition and subtraction next week. Place value mental skills need to be constantly revisited to ensure they stick in the long-term memory so please keep practising counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, learning number bonds to 10 and 20 off by heart, ordering numbers and using < > and = signs and recognising numbers with tens and ones and being able to place them on a number line. We have been using a range of song and games to help consolidate these skills and I have added all the links to Seesaw.

The website http://www.topmarks.co.uk is always worth visiting for mental maths skills and there are also activities added to each child’s 2do section on their Purple Mash account.

Our spelling pattern for next week will be the /o/ sound spelt with an ‘a’ after qu and w. Here is a list of example words that we will use during our spelling activities.

I have also set you a spelling word search on Seesaw to complete for next week’s homework using some words following this spelling pattern. You can use the Seesaw highlighter tools for this but do see me if you need a hard copy. See if you can find any examples of this this spelling pattern in your reading books too!


We have enjoyed celebrating European Day of Languages this week. All of the children answered the register using a different language each day to say hello. They also each learned to say hello in a different language to each other and took part in an activity to say hello to each other. Finally they took part in a retelling of the story ’The very hungry caterpillar’, joining in with key words and actions. Did you know that the title of the story translated into French is ’La chenille qui fait des trous’ which actually means ’the caterpillar who makes holes!’

On Friday, as part of our science capital work, we watched a live interactive broadcast from the National Farmers Union. This was related to the theme of harvest and growing. The children got to see an enormous combine harvester and learned how it worked then they got to role-play being a combine harvester too! The children took part in an interactive question session discussing what food products wheat is used for when it has been harvested. The broadcast really brought farming to life for the children. Also in science this week the class loved exploring the school wildlife garden and seeing which minibeasts live there!

We have also been recapping the names of continents in geography and we enjoyed singing the continents song again. After that, the children worked in pairs to look up the names of the seven continents and the five oceans using an atlas and add them to a world map. Their presentation in this activity was excellent.

This week we will be looking at the spelling pattern /i/ sound spelt ‘ey’ at the end of words.

Class 2’s homework is:

To read your RWI book to an adult as many times as you can at home and try and go on Oxford Owl to read the online book and complete the phonics quiz. Children in Mrs Campey’s reading group should read their book banded book to an adult.

To recap number bonds to 10 and learn number bonds to 20. There are some activity sheets on Seesaw to complete for this.

If you have any spare time have a look on Purple Mash at the class 2do activities or have a try at TT Rockstars to practise your times tables.