Friday round up 10th July

Hello everyone. How typical – we plan a sports week and the weather is awful! I was able to see year 6 do their slow bike race, running race and egg rolling this week and it was nice for them to have something to remember their time at Brandesburton even though they weren’t able to have a full sports day. Today the Home School Learning blog has the last of the subject lessons – French and spelling – as next week we have some fun transition activities planned for you. A big well done to Joshua who has earned his Chief Scout’s Bronze Award. You can see the photos further down the post. Don’t forget to check back with the class 2 blog next Friday for a special end of term message.

Riley created his own sports game as Mr Barnes suggested.

Your treats this week are links to some fun activities on gonoodle including a video clip of jokes and how to make chocolate pizza!

If you wish, there are lots of other fun activities on the main gonoodle page. Just type in have a good weekend!

Friday round up – 3rd July

Hello class two! Have you enjoyed taking part in creative arts week? I hope you have tried some fun things. Thanks mums and dad for for all the work you have shared with me via email. I have posted lots of it below. We have also made it to 200 books read on EPIC. Well done to everyone who has contributed to this. If you haven’t tried EPIC yet and have forgotten your login details, then please email me and I will resend them.

Here’s some of your fab work – keep it up I am really proud of all that you have been doing. Don’t forget to scroll to the end for two creative arts themed class treats. Head over to the Home Learning Blog next week for …..Sports Week!

Lara’s French sandwich
Lots of maths, spelling and grammar work from Paige this week.
Katy’s picnic
Riley’s Mondrian artwork

Now for some fun! Try these 🙂

Friday round up – 26th June

Wow what fantastic weather we have had this week. I have heard that some of you have had some fab picnics too. Here is a round up of some of the work that I have received this week. Well done everyone. Don’t forget to look on the Home Learning Blog today to see what French work I have set for you too. We are sooo close to 200 books on EPIC too. Well done to Riley, Lara, Evie and Ashton – top readers of the week.

Lara’s picnic conversation
Paige’s friendship work.

For this week’s class treat I will leave you with some recipes that you might like to try at home to have with your picnic. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to check in with the the school Home Learning Blog next week for Creative Arts week!

Friday round up 19th June

Hello everyone! How have you got on with with the Into the Woods theme this week? Once again it has been fanastic to see so much of what you have been up to. Lots of you are managing to get out and about too which is good. Top readers on EPIC this week are Ashton, Riley and Evie. Only 22 more books to read until we reach 200! I have added more books today. Ok there are lots of things to share so make sure you scroll right to the end of the post.

I’ll start with some of your theme work for this week. I will always share at least some of your work if you remember to email it to me (

jacob’s zoo map
Freya’s emotion work for English.
Katy being a super scienist (or geologist) and cracking open a geode to find a crystal
Lara’s English work on monsters

I haven’t done a story video this week as I am doing a video on the Home Learning blog on Monday to introduce next week’s theme and I will also be popping up on the French post later next week. Instead I have added this cool video about how lego bricks are made. If you like it you can find lots of other Maddie Moate science clips on youtube.

I am also giving you a be kind to yourself activity to do over the weekend if the weather isn’t so good.

Have a good weekend everyone and don’t forget to stay in touch!

Friday round up

Hi everyone – how have you enjoyed the Under the Sea themed week? Don’t forget to access the home learning blog again today for the last of this week’s activities. I am happy to have seen so many different tasks on offer on the blog but I am sad not to have been posting daily on here and interacting with you all in that way. But today’s Friday and we do get to have a class blog post. it’s a really long one so make sure you scroll all the way through to the end. To start here’s a little under the sea themed treat for you!

How good was that having your own personal message from Merlin the sealion at Flamingoland!

I can see that lots of you have enjoyed the Under the Sea themed reading books on the class EPIC acount and we have reached a new total for books read – 150! So we are on to the next part of the readerpillar! Special mentions to Ashton, Riley, William and Evie who have been doing lots of EPIC reading over the last week. I wonder how long it will take us to get to 200 books read? Come on class 2 keep on reading.

As well as our Under the Sea themed week this week, it is good to see that some of you have undertaken different work too and you have also been finishing off work that was previously set on the class 2 blog.

Evie has done a lovely piece of work about her friends. This activity is still on the class Purple Mash 2do section along with some other activities if you would like to do them.

Blue Peter have launches some challenges where you can earn yourself a Blue Peter Badge! Here’s the link to have a look and do let me know if you manage to get one, it would be a fantastic achievement to celebrate. if you do get a Blue Peter badge you also get free entry into lots of different attractions.

I have had lots of under the sea themed work emailed to me as well. Fantastic effort, it has been lovely to see all of your hard work and to be able to share it all here.

Jacob and his brother Charlie went crabbing.
Riley’s shark fact file poster and artwork.

Riley and Anya had a Great White Shark in their room! You can try this by typing shark into Google onto a mobile phone (Android 7 or above, iphone with ios11 or above) and then clicking on the 3D option. It takes a little bit of practise to get the shark just where you want it. Other sea-related creatures that you can do this for are penguin, turtle, octopus and octopus.

And finally… (if you’ve made it this far well done!) a little under the sea themed story to finish the week off. have a good weekend everyone, Mrs P x

Fantasmagorical Friday!!

I thought I would do a Friday story for a treat as we’ve not had one for a while.

Maths: If you want to do some maths today, head to BBC Bitesize for their Friday challenge. The first two questions are suitable for year one and two but the third one is harder – are you up for a challenge?

Well done to Syrus, Jacob, Lara, Isabelle, Katy, Riley and also Grace from class one for completing work that has been featured on the Great Science Share website. We will be hoping to submit some more science work from all the classes at Brandesburton Primary focusing on next week’s theme work. More will be revealed on Monday on the new Home Learning Blog.

We were the featured school on Wednesday!
Well done to Riley who has enjoyed using the mathsfactor website.
Maths and a beautiful colouring picture from Lara. She has also written a lovely letter to her friend.

Food technology: For our final recipe I have chosen apple and rhubarb crumble. It’s easy to make and tastes delicious with cream, custard or icecream. If you don’t like rhubarb you can just use a bit more apple. I sometimes add in a tablespoon of dessicated coconut to the crumble topping too.

Don’t forget! From Monday look for the new Home School learning blog to access three different activities every day. That’s fifteen activities a week to choose from all based on a different theme each week! Choose from maths, English, science, art, French and much more. Dip in and do as much (or as little) as you would like but don’t forget to email any work you do to me so I can post it on the class blog on Fridays and also send any relevant science work to the Great Science Share. Have a great weekend class 2, Mrs P x

Thursday home learning

I was lacking inspiration for a blog post title today so….if you want to suggest a title for tomorrow’s post, please email me today!
Just a reminder that tomorrow will be the last time that the class 2 learning blog is used it’s current form. Mrs Ledingham has written an email to parents to let them all know about the changes. The class 2 blog will change to a Friday only blog post celebrating photos of all of the themed work that you have completed from the school home learning blog and maybe I will post a story for you too or another little treat. The school home learning blog is well under way and all the teachers will have some great activities for you next week so don’t forget to look there from Monday.

First of all William was in school yesterday and he appears to have got a little lost. He would like you to look at the photo and see if you can spot him, not Where’s Wally but Where’s William!

Where’s William?!

Science: Here’s a link to a really fun art project to make a food chain mobile.

That is the last of our work on food chains for the moment… because we just might be doing some food chain work during one of our planned theme weeks, all will soon be revealed!

Art: Have you heard of the artist Arcimboldo? He is known for using fruits and vegetables to create his artwork, especially portraits. As we completed lots of work on growings things last half-term, I thought this might be quite a nice focus for some art.

Your task is to create a portrait of yourself, a member of your family (or even your pet!) using fruit and vegetables and some other bits and pieces you can collect in the garden or on a walk. Or, you can draw your portrait and draw the fruit and vegetables instead of using real ones.

Maths: Here are some true or false maths problems for you to solve and explain your reasoning.

Wet Wednesday?

Hellp everyone – apparently we are due a little bit of rain today which will come as a little bit of a shock after all the good weather. It will be good for any plants that you are still growing such as your carrots, sunflower or other seeds that you planted. My carrots are looking quite good now, I’m very surprised. Ruby has sent me some photos of her plants which all look quite healthy so well done Ruby.

Next we have a very special treat for you. Katy has been trying out her own dance moves to another song from the Greatest Showman and has made a fab video to share with you.

Jacob, Freya and Katy have all been busy.

Maths: Here are some shape maths problems for you. Can you write your own shape maths problem for your friends to solve?

Science: So today we are going to continue with our food chain work. Can you make some food chains from the attached photos. There is a grid for you to stick them on but if you don’t want to print them off, you can draw your own.

Challenge: Can you research and write a definition for these words and say what part they have in a food chain? Prey, predator, consumer. Can you find out what herbivore, carnivore and omnivore mean?

Terrific Tuesday

Today we have a selection of P.E, maths and science. Remember you don’t have to complete every activity from the blog every day, but I do like to see whatever you have been up to so don’t forget to email me. I will be posting the latest round of photos tomorrow so that you can also see what your friends have been doing too. Spelling and English work was set yesterday as well as reading on EPIC or your own choice books so you have plenty to choose from. Let’s start the day off with P.E. and the chance to become a Skilful scorer.

If you don’t fancy that, then why not try dancing to one of the songs from The Greatest Showman (video lesson below) or have another go at Joe Wicks P.E.

Maths: Have a try at solving these maths problems.

Science: If we has been in school, we would have been finishing off our summer term work by learning about food chains. I’m going to start this with you today and then post some more activities relating to food chains later in the week. What do YOU think a food chain is? Have a think and discuss it with an adult before you move onto to rest of the today’s blog post.

When you’ve had a chat about what you think a food chain is, watch this short video clip.

Now read this for further information on food chains.

Now do you think you understand what a food chain is?

Your activity is to put the pictures on the two sheets below into food chains with 3 pictures in each chain. You can use the same picture more than once if needed but try not to! You could print off the pictures if you have a printer or if not you can make simple drawings or labels of them yourself or you could just look at the pictures and discuss it with an adult.

Spelling – common exception words

This week we are having a recap on some of the year 2 common exception words that you can find at the back of your spelling packs. Although we are only focusing on ten of them this week, do try and go over all of them regularly and see which ones you can read and then spell. Set yourself a challenge to learn as many as you can by the end of term.

Try these challenges and download the Pdf for more.