Friday round up 29.09.23

We have had lots of photos uploaded to Seesaw showing you reading in your favourite places. You can see some of the photos below. Remember you need your school reading book and log in school EVERY day and the aim is to get three reading signatures each week. Our class percentage for achieving this was quite low compared to other classes in the school last week, hopefully this week it will be better.
This week we enjoyed our PE lesson on Monday when we had the second session of handball. Everyone tried really hard with their throwing, catching and ball control skills. I was also impressed that we are getting quicker at logging onto Purple Mash on the Chrome Books. You should all have a Purple Mash login stuck in the front of your reading logs now so that you can access Purple Mash activities at home. Please try to practise logging on with your username and password so that you will become even speedier! If you can’t access Purple Mash on a device at home, you could still practise your login details by copying them out into your homework book.


Earlier this week when we started reading our class book ‘The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me’ by Roald Dahl, it mentioned a sweet shop known as a Grubber. We started discussing what our favourite sweets are and what sweets we would sell if we owned a sweet shop. (My favourites were fizzy cola bottles and absolutely ANYTHING chocolatey!) Lots of you wanted to share your ideas and didn’t get chance, so for homework, can you write in your homework book what your favourite sweets are and why? Maybe you could ask mum, dad or your grandparents what their favourites are and write about them too? We would love to see a picture and lots of amazing adjectives to describe the sweets. Do remember to use capital letters and full stops carefully and check your work. Please upload a photo of your work to Seesaw.

Your spelling words for this week are the same as last week in order to consolidate our work on homophones. We will be practising this spelling pattern in school and we will also complete the Purple Mash spelling quiz as part of Monday’s computing lesson. Here’s a reminder of the spelling examples from last week, can you find any more? How are you going to practise your spellings? Are you going to read them aloud or maybe voice record them for Seesaw? Can you write the spelling words in rainbow shapes, bubble writing or even spiky writing? Could you play hangman with your spelling words with another member of your family? Look below to find out who was doing lots of practising last week and some ideas for making spelling practice fun!

Big Thank you!

Thank you to all of the parents and carers that came to join us today for our library reading session. If you couldn’t make it this week but would like to join us next week, we would love to see you at 3pm.

Home reading scores

This week we were below our reading target with only 50% of the class reading 3 times or more at home. Please, Please, Please do your best to read 3 times or more this week as we would love to be nearer the top of the reading record chart!

Friday round up 22.09.23

This week we enjoyed our computing lesson and we are now much quicker at logging on so we can spend longer on the activities. On Tuesday in science we had a great lesson consolidating our work on ‘dead, alive or never alive’ and we collected leaves to stick in our science books. We wrote about the differences between the leaves.

Key Stage One also had a fantastic farm visit on Thursday. Luckily the weather held and the pupils had a brilliant tour. They were able to obtain answers to many of the questions they had generated in their previous lesson. Many thanks to the Richardson family for facilitating this. Next week has two more exciting visits on the agenda, watch this space!


On our class reading display we are hanging book covers of all the books we read over the year. You will be able to see this if you are able to come to our Friday library time. We would really like to add some photographs of you all reading a book in your favourite place. Will you get snuggled in bed or make a den? Perhaps you have a favourite blanket and cuddly toy to read with? Please upload your photo to Seesaw and we will post some of them on our class blog next week too. Don’t forget that this will count towards Miss Northen’s weekly reading challenge of reading a minimum of three times each week so remember to ask an adult to sign your reading log.

Your weekly spelling list is below. Try to read through the list and practise spelling as many as you can. Can you find any other homophones when you are doing your reading?

Friday round-up

We have had a lovely week this week. We have been generating some wonderful questions, ready for our trip to the farm next week. Here are just a few of the questions the children would like to know…

Do you have animals on the farm?

What technology do you have on your farm and how do you use it?

How do cows make milk and do they drink milk?

How old is your tractor?

What do you grow on your farm?

Do you live on the farm?

We have also worked really hard in maths and English. We have been practising partitioning two digit numbers into tens and ones and have been using a variety of mathematical resources to represent numbers in different ways. We have really enjoyed writing sentences about Gerald the Giraffe, from our class book Giraffes Can’t Dance. We just need to make sure that we all include capital letters and full stops!

These are our spellings for the week! We would be super impressed if you could practise them at home!

Welcome to the new school year!

Wow what an amazing first day back! Everyone was super keen and enthusiastic today with lots to tell us about their adventures over summer. Class 2 you all looked extremely smart and you have grown so much!
We have planned lots of exciting activities for you over the Autumn term and we can’t wait to get started on our learning journey for this year.
A copy of our class newsletter is posted below but you will all have your own copy sent to you via email as well. Do also make sure you are signed up the the class 2 Seesaw account as we always post lots of photos of what we have been up to in the classroom and love to see photos of what you have been doing out of school too.
Here’s to a fun-filled, exciting year ahead,
Mrs Platten and Mrs Joplin

School’s out for Summer!

This year has absolutely flown by and I can’t believe we are about to have the last day of the Summer term. Class 2, you have been an absolute pleasure to teach. You have been enthusiastic, inquisitive, eager to learn, funny, kind and a real team. I am proud of every single one of you and how you have grown over the year, never stop being you. You have made this year an absolutely amazing one and I thank-you for that. I will be watching as you move on up into Key Stage Two and continue your journey. To Bea and Harrie, we all wish you well at your new school where I’m sure you will make lots of friends and have lots of exciting learning opportunities.

Tale care everyone over the Summer and have a fabulous break, you have certainly earned it with all of your hard work,

Mrs Platten x

Weekly round up and homework w/c 10/07/23

Last week was sports week and you can see photos of what we got up to at the end of this post. Bowling at the local bowls club and smoothie making were the highlights of our week. We also had rounders and cricket tournaments, bench all in the hall and our non-stop sports day. As it was also health week, we did lots of classroom learning about food groups and a balanced diet. This complemented our work in science on human development. We were also lucky enough to have a little visitor to our classroom…..We had a visit from eight month old baby A and her mum and the class had lots of really interesting questions to ask about what babies can and can’t do.

Your homework this week is to complete Miss Northen’s reading challenge by reading at home at least three times this week and recording your reading in your reading log. In addition, this week’s spelling pattern is below.

Weekly round up and homework w/c 03/07/23

Last week we really enjoyed a pottery morning with the artist Eleanor. All of Key Stage One were able to paint a tile with a lovely flower design. The tiles have gone to be fired in Eleanor’s kiln and will be back for the children to take home before the end of term.

In maths we have been measuring temperature and will be moving onto the last part of our measure unit which will involve measuring amounts of liquids. In English we have been imagining ourselves in the role of Thomas Farriner, the baker who is usually regarded as responsible for starting the Great Fire of London. The children have been writing first person diary recounts in role and trying to improve their use of descriptive vocabulary.


This week is sports and health week. I would love you to upload any photos of yourselves doing sport out of school to our class Seesaw account.
We will be making smoothies this week too and for the second part of your homework I would like you to design a smoothies recipe with your favourite juice flavour and favourite fruits. You can write a list of ingredients or draw a labelled picture of your creation. Please upload your work to Seesaw.

Weekly round up and homework for w/c 26/06/23

Class 2 LOVED Arts week last week! We investigated and created poetry and then all of the pupils created self-portraits. They have a special Arts Week book which will be going home very soon. This week we are back consolidating our work on measure and continuing our diary writing work in relation to the Great Fire of London. We also have a special treat this week. Key Stage One have been donated a sum of money for an enrichment activity. We decided that we would invite back he lady who did a pottery workshop with us before. This time we will be created painted ceramic tiles of different flowers that we have observed in our science lessons and outdoor learning. We are very excited for this! Next week will be our sports week and amongst lots of other activities we will be looking forward to our visit to Brandesburton Bowls Club.

For homework this week, there is a practical activity. We have been learning about and practising weighing different items in grams and kilograms. If you have some weighing scales at home or some bathroom scales, can you find different objects around the house and estimate how heavy they will be and then weigh them? There is also a recording sheet on the class Seesaw account if you would like to use it.

If you would like to complete any additional work, there are lots of activities relating to the Great Fire of London on our class Purple Mash account on the 2do section.

Weekly round up and homework

Last week we completed our maths topic on telling the time and we also completed our diary work relating to the Great Fire of London. We loved the warmer weather and the opportunity to get outside and use our P.E. lessons to practise our running skills ready for sports day.
This week are are taking part in Sky Arts Arts Week. We are looking forward to writing some original poetry and enhancing our 2D mark making skills.
Homework this week is connected to Arts week and a template will be sent home in book bags. There is also a template on Seesaw.
Why not also participate in our whole school activity relating to the 30 Days Wild from the Wildlife Trusts. This week you can take a selfie (or ask an adult to take a photo of you) reading outside.

Weekly round up and homework 12/06/23

Class two had a very busy first week back and after sharing what we had been up to over the half-term break, we launched straight into our theme work on the Great Fire of London and also our related English unit on the book Toby and the Great Fire of London. The pupils learnt lots last half-term about the modern day geography of London and were really excited to start learning about the history of the Great Fire of London. They asked lots of amazing questions that we will hope to research and find the answers to this half-term. In maths we have been practising telling the time. This week will be the last week of this before moving on but as it is a very important life skill, please do keep practising at home. The year 2 end of year expectation for telling the time is being able to tell the time on the hour, half-past, quarter past and quarter to. This week we will go further and look at telling the time at five minutes past and five minutes to the hour as well.

Homework: This is our spelling pattern this week. Can you find any other examples of words that follow the pattern of using ‘a’ for the ‘aw’ sound before ‘l’ and ‘ll’?

Our other homework links our school challenge of reading at least three times a week to our school participation in the Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild initiative. Next week our chosen challenge for the selfie photo is ‘reading outside in the grass’. It doesn’t have to be in the gras though, pick a place outside when you can relax and settle down with a favourite book, a new book or share a book with family. Upload your selfie photo to Seesaw or email to the school office so that we can add it to our whole school display board. we can’t wait to see your selfies!