Our class book

We have been reading a chapter book called ‘The boy who grew dragons’ by Andy Shepherd. In the story, the young boy, Tomas, takes a dragon fruit into his house and it hatches and produces a real dragon! Class 2 are really enjoying the adventures of the mischievous baby dragon. We had a discussion about dragon fruit and no-one could remember having tasted one so that is what we decided to do. We left the dragon fruit in the classroom over the weekend (just in case it too decided to hatch into a baby dragon!) and on Monday morning we tasted it. Some of class two didn’t want to taste it at first and I think the tiny seeds put them off. Eventually most of the class tried it and some had two or even three pieces. The overall verdict was that it tasted quite ‘watery’, ‘not too sweet’ and ‘like a watermelon’.

The new school year has started!

Hello everyone. It seems amazing that we are nearly into out third week of term already, the time has been flying by. Class 2 are already settling into new routines and have been superstars. We have been focussing on being kind and also on growth mindset and having a ‘can do’ attitude. We have also started our work on Wild adventure! – exploring Africa and the children had fun learning a song about the seven continents, pretending to be on safari and role-playing the story of Giraffes can’t dance.

Weekly homework has been set on Seesaw and the spelling patterns we are learning have been added to Seesaw too. In maths we have been working hard on recapping place value with two-digit numbers and using lots of practical apparatus such as numicon and multi-link.

We have an exciting visitor coming to Key Stage One very soon……Sam’s Safari. We will be able to see and learn about living things that have their natural habitat in Africa. If you want to find out more about Sam’s safari, you can look on their website.


Here are just a few photos from Autumn term in class two so far.

School’s out for summer!

Class 2, where do I start? We have had such a fantastic year, from when we first started back in September when most of you hadn’t been in school for months, to getting settled in only to hit another lockdown, then finally completing the whole of the Summer term! It’s been another eventful year to say the least. We have had to adapt as we have gone on and I am so proud of each and every one of you and you have all grown in resilience and independence. I am so sad we didn’t get our planned final day together and our disco but again you all accepted what needed to happen. We have been able to do lots of fun things this week including our scavenger hunt and art competition. Class two – you are now ‘year 3 ready!’

I hope you all have a lovely Summer with lots of fun activities and meeting up with your friends. Seesaw will still be available so if you have any exciting photos to show me of what you have been up to, I would love to see them.

Thank-you too to all parents, care-givers and grandparents for all of your support throughout the year, it really is very much appreciated I hope you all get to have a break too,

See you all in September, don’t forget to say hello or give me a wave when you see me in school, I will be watching you all to see how you settle into Key Stage Two. I can’t wait for our whole school special mentions assemblies again so that I can see which of you will be getting a special mention from Mrs Altoft. Do also see the post below about summer learning packs.

Take care,

Mrs P xx

Summer learning packs

A message from our assistant head, Mrs Plant:

Summer learning packs have been set to support children in continuing to read and practise key maths and writing skills over the holidays. There are also ideas linked to our themes for next term and outdoor exploration. 

The activities are not compulsory as we know that there are many ‘fun’ ways to incorporate reading, writing and maths into the holiday period -from calculating scores in games to following instructions in recipes!!

So please just enjoy your holidays and use the ideas when needed. 

In light of today’s school closure, you may wish to use some of the activities for home learning.

Wow such a busy week!

Class 2 certainly had lots of fun last week, in addition to finishing off most of their curriculum work. On Thursday we took part in a fun-filled, water-soaked Caribbean day which everyone really enjoyed. The weather was fab and we were outside all day taking part in such activities as summer party dancing, beach volley-ball, duck, duck goose (also known as Drip, Drip Drop!), water sprinkler and water pistol fun and some fill the bucket type team games. The children also had the opportunity to try their hand at limbo, boules, hula-hooping and Frisbee. We rounded the day off with a well-deserved ice-cream. Pleas have a look on Seesaw for some of the videos I took on the day.

On Friday we completed our food technology work by creating tray bakes or fridge cakes. The children has designed their own tray bake as part of their homework and had come up with some delicious toppings. It was so hard to choose which ones to use so we put a selection on each tray bake! These included crushed chocolate wafer bars, Oreo cookie biscuits, white chocolate buttons, water melon and ice cream sweets, marshmallows and cranberries. The children worked really co-operatively in their groups to mix their tray bake and add the toppings but the best part was tasting them later!

Waste Free Day

On Friday, class 2 had another busy and fun-filled day to highlight the impact of waste on the environment. We started by listening and watching the audio/video story the Beautiful Blue Planet which is available on our school virtual library. It is beautifully illustrated and really highlighted to the class the need to look after our planet. Then we started making our bottle fish by reusing plastic bottles. We also talked about the three Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle whilst we made out models. The children enjoyed choosing paint colours and googly eyes for their fish. We then listened to a song from Delia of the Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition who had done a virtual workshop for us during science week back in March. The children enjoyed learning the actions and singing the song at the same time as learning an important message about helping to make sure plastics don’t end up in our oceans. After sharing another story from our virtual library called ‘A planet full of plastic’, the children helped design labels for our remaining plastic bottles to create skittles sets. We added multiples of ten numbers to the skittles to help improve maths skills whilst playing. The children loved playing skittles in the hall and they thought it was hilarious when we invited Mrs Ledingham and Mrs Plant to join in and have a go! We had a great day whilst also thinking about some very important environmental messages.

London day

Wow! What a busy week for class 2. On Tuesday all of Key Stage One ‘visited’ London to support our theme work. We haven’t been able to take the children out on any school trips so this was the next best thing. All the children arrived at school very excited in their holiday clothes and they were given a ticket to admit them onto the bus to London. Once we had ‘arrived’ the children split into three groups to access lots of different activities. They listened to the stories of ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ and ‘The Queen’s Hat’ and then designed their own knickers or hat for the Queen. I think Queen Elizabeth would be really happy with all of the colourful designs! Then the children completed an outdoor treasure hunt matching photographs of London landmarks to their names and their descriptions whilst getting some fresh air and exercise running around too. Then they all made a lollipop stick London guard to finish the morning off. In between the activities, the children had the opportunity to use the I-pads to go an a virtual 360 degree tour of London and have a tourist photo taken with a London landmark. After lunch the children were ‘transported’ to a London theatre to watch the pantomime Aladdin. Juice and popcorn were served during the interval and the children had lots of souvenirs to take home with them.

Half-term is approaching

I can’t believe we have been back in school for seven weeks and thankfully things have gone very smoothly without a hint of a lockdown in sight. The children have been working their socks off and we are all ready for a rest now I think! We have just one or two finishing touches to make to our class 2 outdoor area but other than that, it is complete and the children are so excited to get out and enjoy it, we just need the weather to improve. Many thanks to all the parents who helped out physically and for kind donations of money and resources, your support has been amazing and we couldn’t have done it without you. Great thanks also go to Mr Todd, our caretaker, who has been so busy trying to help every class out with their areas and he has certainly put a lot of work into ours. I would like to show you some before and after photographs.

This week the children have been completing half-termly assessments in reading, writing, maths and spelling so we can use the information to decide on what we need to work on after half-term to make sure the children are year-3-ready. We are also looking forward to having a sports week, a London Day and two more special whole-school events in June! I hope the children have a restful break and come back with lots of energy and enthusiasm so we can enjoy the rest of year 2 together.

Class 2 updates

Class 2 outdoor area:

Class 2 designed and made some amazing twig fairies and stickmen this week with only the tiniest of adult support to help with the hot gluing. Some are not quite finished but we hope to add them to our fairy tree stump in our outdoor area alongside the donated fairy doors, windows and accessories. We have also been busy making ribbon twizzlers and altering some donated bunting to make it waterproof. Over the next few days the children will be able to start work on stencilling and painting their names on the plywood tiles which will form a great centrepiece of artwork on the side of the PE shed and will be a lasting memento for the current year two pupils. The pupils are also going to be fully responsible for moving the bark chippings from the school wildlife garden to our outdoor area to level the ground and make it more attractive. The whole school is getting enthused with working on ideas for their own areas and it is fantastic to see.

Despite all of our outdoor work, class 2 have still had time this week to complete some assessment work for reading, writing and in some cases, phonics. They have worked hard and to the best of their ability and are really demonstrating resilience and determination as they are really being challenged. They may be very tired little people by Friday!

Summer term update

We have had a very busy start to the summer term and it has been lovely to see everyone back in school and enjoying being with their friends and enjoying their learning too.

Class 2 have started our science work on plants and have already planted broad beans and sunflowers so the children can watch them grow, measure them and learn all about what will keep them healthy.

We have even tried our hand at hydroponics so that the children will be able to observe the root development of some of the broad beans. Finally we set up a fair test to see what plants need to germinate and then to grow. This involves us having some plants that will have water but not sun (light), sun but not water, no water or sun and then water and sun. We are eagerly awaiting seeing some signs of life!

We have also started our history and geography work on London. We haven’t yet looked at the Great Fire of London in detail as we have started looking at modern day London and famous London landmarks. The class have enjoyed reading the story ‘Katie in London’ where one of the Trafalgar Square lions comes to life and takes Katie and her brother on a tour of London. They have also enjoyed looking at google earth and zooming in on all of the landmarks mentioned in the story to see them in ‘real life’.

Our big focus has been planning the development of the class 2 outside area. Mrs Ledingham has donated £10 and the children have all thought very carefully about what sort of things they would like to see in the area. These range from a den to weaving ribbons, construction resources, a chalkboard, a sandpit and lots more. The children will be learning about budgeting and costing to develop their maths skills, letter writing as they ask for donations of resources and labour, and also different careers and skills involved in developing an outside area. This morning three children made a start on the renovations by painting the P.E. shed, ably assisted by their parents. Mr Barnes, our P.E. lead was extremely impressed! Further updates (and requests for help!) will be posted so watch this space.