Spring term 2022

All of class 2 have settled back in to school so well, I am really proud of them! We have been focussing on independence and resilience, which this week has meant taking more responsibility for checking their own work and also persevering and not giving up. All around school the mantra ‘be the best I can be’ is being repeated as Miss Northen has joined us as our new Head Teacher this week and she involved the children in an inspiring first day back assembly on Wednesday. I am sure class 2 will rise to the challenge Physically they all seem to have grown lots over the Christmas holidays and I have been promising them that we will measure their height on the class height chart next week as they are all excited to see how much taller they have grown since September.

One of the collaborative tasks we completed this week was to evaluate some of the science/STEM related books that have been sent to us by the Royal Society.


Earlier last term Brandesburton Primary School were selected to form a judging panel for their annual Young People’s Book Prize. We were sent copies of the shortlisted books and we have to vote for our favourite. Our vote will then be added to that of the other judging panels to arrive at an overall winner in early February 2022.

The children really enjoyed looking at the books and giving them marks out of 5 for different categories. It was also valuable for them to have pupil voice and take part in a voting process demonstrating democracy.

Next week we will be starting our science work on materials and linking this to our literacy work by reading and evaluating several different versions of the Three Little Pigs stories. Is the big bad wolf REALLY that bad?! Is straw a good material to build a house from? Class 2 will be debating these questions and justifying their own opinions. Watch this space…

And just like that the Autumn term was over!

Well class two, we certainly had a very busy term filled with activities and learning! I really enjoyed our Christmas performance and feel very happy that we were able to perform it. You all did absolutely brilliantly! Of course we were all very sad to say goodbye to Mrs Ledingham who has been a fantastic head teacher and the last day of school was quite emotional. It was fun though to see Mrs L taking part in one of our school traditions by running down the school path wasn’t it? We wish Mrs Ledingham all the very best and look forward to welcoming Miss Northen as our new head teacher. I know she is very excited to be joining us.

Enjoy the Christmas break whatever you are doing. I hope you have lots and lots of fun and I can’t wait to see you in January

Mrs P xx

Investigating and observation skills in science

Last week class 2 were challenged to investigate ‘what habitat do woodlice live in and why?‘ We visited our school wildlife garden and the children investigated different areas and completed a tally chart of how many woodlice they found. Their results showed that they found most woodlice under stones, branches and logs. From this they were able to deduce that woodlice do not like living in the light. They came up with various reasons for this including, being safe from predators by being able to hide under something, being in the dark helps them to be camouflaged and evade predators, woodlice might dry out or burn in sunlight and there are good sources of food for woodlice in these areas such as rotting leaf matter and composted soil.

Money week

During our recent money week, class 2 set up a toy shop in the classroom in order to practise buying and selling toys and giving the correct change. They also had lots of fun! They also had lots of opportunities to practise both their listening skills and their counting skills when I counted out different numbers of 2p, 5p or 10p coins. They then had to record the correct total on their whiteboards.

Class 2 were also lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Dunning and Mr Dunning from Hornsea Mortgage Brokers. It caused quite a bit of confusion and some amusement when the children tried to work out how our two visitors could be related, (father and son)! They gave an excellent presentation directed at the children’s level of understanding. The class were able to learn about the difference between needs and wants, what an income is and also about saving and spending.

Children in need

Class 2 were very excited to be able to come to school in their own clothes in return for a donation to Children in Need. Throughout the day we took part in some Pudsey themed activities including Pudsey bingo and some coded Pudsey maths problems. We also made and painted some Pudsey Bear puppets. Brandesburton Primary School was able to raise over £200 in total which was an amazing effort. Well done everybody!

Art Week

The whole school took part in Art Week, kindly organised by our art lead, Mr Mallison. The focus was on use of colour, particularly to express emotions and feelings. Class 2 created colour wheel collages after revisiting what are primary and secondary colours. We then used watercolours to paint a sunset and sea scene to reflect shades and tones of primary colours and also create secondary colours. the children really enjoyed the project and some found it quite therapeutic.

Design technology

Class 2 had great fun bringing their designs for their African huts to life. We looks at lots of examples of different housing in Kenyan towns and villages and compared the construction and materials with the houses that we live in. The children considered which natural materials might be available to use in a rural Kenyan village and what tools the villagers might have. They also considered whether or not a Kenyan village house would need windows or a chimney and if it would be single storey or have an upstairs area too.

Our class book

We have been reading a chapter book called ‘The boy who grew dragons’ by Andy Shepherd. In the story, the young boy, Tomas, takes a dragon fruit into his house and it hatches and produces a real dragon! Class 2 are really enjoying the adventures of the mischievous baby dragon. We had a discussion about dragon fruit and no-one could remember having tasted one so that is what we decided to do. We left the dragon fruit in the classroom over the weekend (just in case it too decided to hatch into a baby dragon!) and on Monday morning we tasted it. Some of class two didn’t want to taste it at first and I think the tiny seeds put them off. Eventually most of the class tried it and some had two or even three pieces. The overall verdict was that it tasted quite ‘watery’, ‘not too sweet’ and ‘like a watermelon’.

The new school year has started!

Hello everyone. It seems amazing that we are nearly into out third week of term already, the time has been flying by. Class 2 are already settling into new routines and have been superstars. We have been focussing on being kind and also on growth mindset and having a ‘can do’ attitude. We have also started our work on Wild adventure! – exploring Africa and the children had fun learning a song about the seven continents, pretending to be on safari and role-playing the story of Giraffes can’t dance.

Weekly homework has been set on Seesaw and the spelling patterns we are learning have been added to Seesaw too. In maths we have been working hard on recapping place value with two-digit numbers and using lots of practical apparatus such as numicon and multi-link.

We have an exciting visitor coming to Key Stage One very soon……Sam’s Safari. We will be able to see and learn about living things that have their natural habitat in Africa. If you want to find out more about Sam’s safari, you can look on their website.


Here are just a few photos from Autumn term in class two so far.

School’s out for summer!

Class 2, where do I start? We have had such a fantastic year, from when we first started back in September when most of you hadn’t been in school for months, to getting settled in only to hit another lockdown, then finally completing the whole of the Summer term! It’s been another eventful year to say the least. We have had to adapt as we have gone on and I am so proud of each and every one of you and you have all grown in resilience and independence. I am so sad we didn’t get our planned final day together and our disco but again you all accepted what needed to happen. We have been able to do lots of fun things this week including our scavenger hunt and art competition. Class two – you are now ‘year 3 ready!’

I hope you all have a lovely Summer with lots of fun activities and meeting up with your friends. Seesaw will still be available so if you have any exciting photos to show me of what you have been up to, I would love to see them.

Thank-you too to all parents, care-givers and grandparents for all of your support throughout the year, it really is very much appreciated I hope you all get to have a break too,

See you all in September, don’t forget to say hello or give me a wave when you see me in school, I will be watching you all to see how you settle into Key Stage Two. I can’t wait for our whole school special mentions assemblies again so that I can see which of you will be getting a special mention from Mrs Altoft. Do also see the post below about summer learning packs.

Take care,

Mrs P xx