Class 2 reading challenge

How are you getting on with our class reading challenge? We have asked you to get at least three adult signatures (or even more!) each week for the next five weeks. Everyone that completes the challenge will get a reading certificate presented to them in assembly by Mrs Ledingham. Come on class 2, you can do it, regular practice will really improve your reading skills.

Can YOU complete the class 2 reading challenge?

Science material hunt

Class 2 have been having a look round our school and identifying different materials. We have looked at properties of materials and what materials are suitable for which purposes. We have identified lots of adjectives to describe materials. Following on from this we are going to be deciding which materials would be best for the Three Little Pigs to build their houses from, to keep the wolf from destroying them. We will then consider how we could prevent Humpty from hurting himself if he falls off the wall!

Investigating why windows need to be strong and also transparent.
Why is plastic a good material to make storage boxes from?
Thinking of adjectives to describe metal.
Class 2 generated a very long list of different materials that they knew.

African mud hut making

For the last two weeks we have been learning about the Maasai Tribe of Kenya. We have found out about their way of life; what they eat, what they wear, what animals they keep, what jobs the adults do and how they entertain themselves. Class 2 have compared their own lives with the life of a Maasai child. We have also made models of the type of African mud huts that the Maasai people live in.


Sam’s Safari

On Thursday morning the children were very excited to be able to look at, hold and touch a range of African creatures! (They were braver than me!) My favourite has to be the pygmy hedgehog. The children have all written about what their favourite creature was too and some of their work is displayed in the classroom. The visit from Sam’s Safari contributed not only to their learning about the continent of Africa but also to our science theme on animals and their habitats.

Class 2 can you remember ALL of the creatures we saw on Thursday?

Maths links

Here are some links to maths games and songs we are currently using in addition to Purple Mash activities.

2 times tables, halving and doubling

Most of these are tablet friendly as well as desktop and laptop.