Jubilee and more!

Class 2 had a very busy and exciting end to the first half of the Summer term this week. We spend some time making decorations to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and then we worked on our Design Technology project to plan and make ‘An afternoon tea fit for a Queen’. The pupils really enjoyed learning how to follow instructions for making Coronation Chicken sandwiches and mini Victoria sponges. They put their writing skills to good use by writing their own step-by-step instructions for making a sandwich and they also designed a menu sheet for their afternoon tea. We also linked our work to the science curriculum by investigating produce and which different parts of produce we can eat such as the root, stem or leaves and there was the opprtunity to test our maths skills by measuring quantities for the Victoria sponge recipe. Of course the most exciting part was when they got to sample what they had made and they all had a mini Victoria sponge to take home.

We were a little sad this week however, as it was time for our two student teachers, Mrs Hilton and Mr Tucker, to leave us. They had been with class two for eight weeks and had formed really good relationships with all of the class. we wish them well in their continued training and we hope they get chance to pop back and see us before the end of term.

Finally, the whole school joined together on the school field on Friday afternoon to enjoy a little picnic celebration for the Jubilee. Everyone had dressed up in either red, white and blue or a a member of Royalty. Mr Mallison provided us with some tunes to sing along and dance to from all of the different decades of Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 year reign. It was lovely to have everyone out on the field together and the sun certainly shone for us.

Amazing learning this week.

Wow class 2 have worked so hard this week and have achieved so much even though we only have three days in school. We started the week by learning to tell the time and by Friday, everyone was confidently identifying quarter to and quarter past times on analogue clock and completing word problems applying their knowledge. In English, pupils completed and polished their no-chronological reports and enjoyed activities relating to the grammar objective commas in a list.

Class 2 have continued their work on plants in science and started work on their bean diaries so that they can record their observations and measure their broad bean plants on a weekly basis. They also planted extra broad bean seeds in ziploc bags with just a little bit of moist compost or damp tissue and they will be observing how the seed changes as it germinates.

In R.E. Mrs Hilton asked the class to consider big questions. Their actual questions about God were indeed very big and we are in the process of creating a really fantastic display which I will post a picture of next week.

Today we had great fun practising our balancing skills by seeing how long we could balance on one leg. We then increased the difficulty by patting our heads and rubbing our tummies at the same time which everyone though was lots of fun. Finally we had a go at seeing if we could throw and catch a beanbag whilst balancing on one leg. Lots of children did really well at this and it was lovely to be out in the fresh air.

We managed to find time in such a crowded week for some free reading today. All of the children love visiting our book area and making their own choice of reading material from fiction, non-fiction, comics, role-play stories with puppets, bibles and chapter books. They always love sharing books with their friends too.

The summer term has begun!

Welcome back everybody to the summer term in class 2. After a lovely Easter break, the children came back excited to see everyone and very enthusiastic to continue their learning on the theme of ‘Everywhere around us’. Already this week they have investigated photographs of Brandesburton in the past and compared them with how the village looks today. The class have written a short report on how the village has changed over time and they are looking forward to our village walk in a couple of weeks. They also learned how to use the Google Earth app in map view and street view to see how the village looks in modern times.

We also enjoyed our regular Tuesday afternoon working alongside class 1 for science. We began our new topic on plants; class 1 planted Mr Cress heads whilst class 2 planted broad beans which they will observe and measure over the next few weeks and write in their broad bean diaries.

This is our class curriculum map for the learning we are hoping will take place this half-term. We are very excited to be making plans to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee too!

Homework: As we approach the time when year 2 pupils will complete their SATs tests, the homework focus foe the next couple of weeks will be on providing them with lots of examples of past SATs questions in order to familiarise them with the format and layout. SATs are done in a very low key way in year 2 and as the class are used to carrying out a range of half-termly assessments, I’m sure they will take the SATs tests in their stride.

Class 2 01.04.22

Class 2 have been busy consolidating their knowledge of 3D shape this week with a range of practical, engaging activities. They have also designed, made and evaluated dragon hand-puppets which they are patiently waiting to be allowed to take home! All of this work has helped to develop the children’s fine motor skills in measuring, cutting and sewing, which will feed into developing handwriting, however the children just knew that they were having fun!

Perhaps at home you can continue your shape work by looking for real-life 3D shapes? What 3D shape would a tin of beans be? How about a football?

Class 2 weekly round up

Last week we welcomed two students to class two, Mrs Hilton and Mr Tucker. They will be with us for a number of weeks and we are very pleased to be able to support them on their teaching journey. They have already built a good rapport with the pupils.

On Wednesday we took part in a Moneysense workshop with the resources provided by Nat West Bank. This formed part of our enterprise and careers curriculum and was also aimed at equipping the pupils with skills for later life. The class learnt about budgeting and profit and loss as they designed a smoothie, provided costings and calculated how much to sell their smoothie for. The pupils really enjoyed working collaboratively and going to the class shop to buy their ingredients and materials.

Following on from the STEM reading challenge set in British Science Week, here are the proud recipients of their prize for going one step further and completing a book review as well. Well done everybody!

This week we will be starting some exciting creative writing based on a fantasy story about a dragon. The children are also designing and making their own dragon puppets and they are very much looking forward to it. I hope to share some of their work with you next week.

British Science Week

Class 2 have thoroughly enjoyed participating in British Science Week this week and have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into all activities. I have really enjoyed seeing the children posting on Seesaw that they have been reading lots of STEM based books including choosing some from our school virtual library. I am hoping that I have lots of reading challenge certificates to give out on Monday! On Tuesday, all of Key Stage One were excited to take part in an engineering workshop led by one of our parents, Mr Crawforth. After being shown a presentation of projects that Mr Crawforth has worked on, the pupils worked collaboratively in small groups to build a structure, a minimum of 15cm tall, that was capable of supporting one of our counting bears. On Wednesday morning, another parent, Mr Wade. lead a whole school assembly to talk about his career as a medical researcher and lecturer in genetics which the children found fascinating. Then, on Thursday, Mr Arnott brought his extremely large tractor to school and talked to Key Stage One about the crops grown on his farm. As a school we are extremely fortunate and greatly appreciative of the support we receive from parents and wider family members.

In addition to these visits, class 2 also created posters on the theme of Growth for the British Science Week Poster competition. Mrs Carey, our science governor, will be in school to judge each class’s shortlisted posters and we will send the winning entries off to the main national competition. The children also completed a pattern seeking investigation into ‘are the oldest children in the class the tallest?’. To start with they physically arranged themselves into height order on the playground and then re-arranged themselves into birthday order to compare the height differences. Finally they have used their maths skills to represent their results in block graphs and their English skills to write their conclusions.

Despite being extremely busy with these activities, we also completed our diary recounts unit this week where the children were writing as if they were a animal living in the wild, fraction work in maths and apostrophe work in spelling!

Here is one of the Quick Start maths activities that the class tackled this week. They complete these daily and each one builds on the maths skills recapped the day before so that all the basic maths skills they need are being repeated and consolidated.

Please do also encourage your child to access the 2dos on Purple Mash which are maths, English and theme related and also practice times tables skills on TTRockstars and general maths games at https://www.topmarks.co.uk/Search.aspx?Subject=16&AgeGroup=2

I have also recommended the White Rose One Minute Maths app previously on our class Seesaw account. This really is a quick and easy (and free!) app to practice key mental maths skills for Key Stage One pupils. Free to download from the App store or Google Play.

Class 2 has been a hive of activity

On Tuesday we have a visit from Gil at Bonanza Creative. She provided a whole morning workshop on the danger of carbon monoxide. Although this was a serious subject, it was approached in a way that fully engaged the children and allowed them to do role-play, acting and interactive games as well as meet Safety Seymour. The children really got a lot out of this session and learned lots of important information along the way.

Class 2 also applied their knowledge of working scientifically to the question ‘What material will make the best waterproof coat for Ted?’. They worked collaboratively in small groups with pupils from class one to test four different materials. They were able to make a prediction first, ensure that they used fair test procedures and then recorded their results and came up with a conclusion. They really enjoyed their afternoon of investigating.

The class were also very happy to be able to take home their sculptures that they had created after investigating the work of British sculptors Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. They have been waiting patiently for them to dry out thoroughly. Here is our own sculpture gallery.

Welcome Back

Class 2 have started this half-term with real energy and focus. Yesterday the children enjoyed learning about old toys from different decades as part of their ‘changes in living memory’ history theme. We also linked this to our science work on materials by investigating what materials the different toys were made from.

Class 2 have also been making excellent progress with their daily Quick Start maths. Here is yesterday’s where we started to recap inequalities from the Autumn term and work on challenge questions relating to fractions.

We also started a new writing genre and will be looking at recounts in the form of diaries. We read a very funny book yesterday called The Diary of a Wombat’. Yesterday we used it to identify and write our own first person past tense sentences and today we extended our sentences by recapping on using different conjunctions. Yesterday we also had a quick game of Two Truths and a Fib to practise our past tense sentence work. These were mine:

I swam with sharks.

I have made a music CD and published it for sale.

I have climbed Ben Nevis.

Which one do you think was my fib?

Busy, busy busy in class 2

Class 2 have had a super week getting busy with everything from a senses poetry learning walk to safer internet activities to gymnastics to conducting surveys with other classes for our maths statistics work. We are also working towards finishing reading our class novel ‘The Christmasaurus’ which the children are really enjoying even though Christmas was a little while ago now. Next week we will look forward to finding out about the work of sculptors Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore and designing and making our our small scale sculptures. Lots of class 2 will also be completing scooter training as well. We will certainly have earned our half-term break!

A couple of weeks ago we were asked to design some posters for the windows of Quick and Clarke Estate Agents in Hornsea. The children were asked to draw either their own house or their dream house. I have received so many creative pictures this week which have been passed onto Quick and Clarke. I will let you know when their window display is ready and you might like to pop along and have a look. These are the pictures that have been completed so far. I think you will agree that they will make a wonderful window display.

Class 2 have really enjoyed their poetry work this week. For homework they have been tasked with learning a short senses poem off by heart. The videos and audio recordings that have been uploaded to Seesaw so far have really made me smile. The children have really thought about their expression for performance poetry and quite a few have added some amazing actions too. I mentioned above that we have been on a senses poetry walk this week. We went out into the school grounds, near the school vegetable garden, and had some quiet time sat in the hut thinking about what we could hear. Very conveniently a small plane went overhead as we sat listening so that was a great sound to add to our collection! The children also recorded what they could see, smell and touch on their sheets. We discussed that although we weren’t going to use our sense of taste by eating something, we could ‘taste’ smoke and blossom as well as being able to smell these things. From their learning walk, the children created some fantastic extended sentences which then became their own senses poems.

Coding in class 2

This week we started our computing work on coding. As we have been looking at the story of the Three Little Pigs in English and science we decided to see if we could programme the Bee Bot to be the ‘wolf’ and visit all the pigs’ houses. The class loved doing this and this can’t wait to look at extending this work next week before moving onto using some more complex coding programmes.