Summer term update

We have had a very busy start to the summer term and it has been lovely to see everyone back in school and enjoying being with their friends and enjoying their learning too.

Class 2 have started our science work on plants and have already planted broad beans and sunflowers so the children can watch them grow, measure them and learn all about what will keep them healthy.

We have even tried our hand at hydroponics so that the children will be able to observe the root development of some of the broad beans. Finally we set up a fair test to see what plants need to germinate and then to grow. This involves us having some plants that will have water but not sun (light), sun but not water, no water or sun and then water and sun. We are eagerly awaiting seeing some signs of life!

We have also started our history and geography work on London. We haven’t yet looked at the Great Fire of London in detail as we have started looking at modern day London and famous London landmarks. The class have enjoyed reading the story ‘Katie in London’ where one of the Trafalgar Square lions comes to life and takes Katie and her brother on a tour of London. They have also enjoyed looking at google earth and zooming in on all of the landmarks mentioned in the story to see them in ‘real life’.

Our big focus has been planning the development of the class 2 outside area. Mrs Ledingham has donated £10 and the children have all thought very carefully about what sort of things they would like to see in the area. These range from a den to weaving ribbons, construction resources, a chalkboard, a sandpit and lots more. The children will be learning about budgeting and costing to develop their maths skills, letter writing as they ask for donations of resources and labour, and also different careers and skills involved in developing an outside area. This morning three children made a start on the renovations by painting the P.E. shed, ably assisted by their parents. Mr Barnes, our P.E. lead was extremely impressed! Further updates (and requests for help!) will be posted so watch this space.

Fab first week back!

It was fantastic to be back in the classroom this week with all of year 2. There were lots of happy smiley faces and chatter with lots to catch up on. I’m sure all of the children were very tired by Friday!

We did lots of creative work this week as well as having lots of opportunities to work collaboratively building Lego models and taking part in team games in PE. There is a definite buzz of positivity and all of the children were enthusiastic and keen to learn, it was just as if they’d never been away. I have shared lots of photos and video clips of the classroom on Seesaw so please do have a look. My favourite activity this week has been making our mini-me paperchain people. I know Mrs Ledingham really likes them too. We have brightened up the classroom already with lots of pupil work completed this week and also work that was done as part of remote learning.

Next week we will start using Seesaw again for homework which will be set on a Monday and class 2 pupils will have a week to complete it and hand it in. We will issue new homework books ready for the Summer term although most of our homework may still continue to be set virtually. We will also be taking part in Comic Relief next Friday and completing lots of fun activities for it.

End of home learning!!

We’ve finally come to an end of home/remote learning and lets hope it stays that way! Here are the last lot of celebration photos for now (we will still be using the blog to share what we have been doing in school) from the final part of our work on Amelia Earhart and World Book Day activities.

We have got so much to look forward too and we will have an action packed three weeks leading up to the Easter holidays. We have got Easter craft and egg rolling, brain break activities, PE sessions, Red Nose Day, science week, to name but a few but most of all it will be a time to celebrate being back together and laughing and having fun with friends. We will be learning, but learning altogether.

Thank-you so so much to all of the parents, carers and childcare bubble members that have made this home learning so successful and my job so much easier. I couldn’t have done it without your support and I appreciate it more than you know. At the time of writing this post, the Seesaw home learning folder now has over 1700 submissions! That is an incredible effort, alongside all the work and photos that came in via email too.
Have an amazing weekend my class 2 family, I really hope the sun shines on you and I am so excited to see you all on Monday!

05.03.21 World Book Day part two!

Hi, Mrs Altoft here again today with your FINAL day of Home Learning and our second day of celebrating

I have heard amazing things from your class teachers about your work yesterday – lets have another great day today!

Before we get started with today’s activities, please make sure your book cover/picture you made yesterday is visible in a window/in your garden for all to see from outside – it will be needed in Activity 2.

Activity 1 – We are going to start the day with a D.E.A.R session – we are going to DROP EVERYTHING AND READ!

This morning, I would like everyone, whether at home or at school, to find something interesting to read and build a den or find a cosy spot and then READ!

Perhaps you could make a crown to wear while you read.

Or some bunting to decorate your den.

Remember to share your photos on Seesaw/Evidence Me so we can see you all reading – I hope to make a display back at school.

Activity 2 – So, yesterday I set you the challenge of creating a book cover/picture for one of the following books and then asked you to display it in a window or your garden.

Today I would like you to go on a walk around the village to see what book covers you can see.

Here are some of the fab pictures you are looking for…some of these drawings are from activity one from yesterday, can you say which books they are from if they don’t have the title on?

Curling up with a book – perfect!

As you walk, please make a tally chart of the different books you find – you will need the results for the next part of the activity.

When you return from your walk, I would like you to create a graph to show which book you found the most. You could use Purple Mash or make a bar graph or pictogram. Year 5/6 perhaps you could really challenge yourself and create a pie chart.

Activity 3 – The official illustrator for World Book Day 2021 is Rob Biddulph. If you are currently in my class, or were in my class last year, you will know that I love to try drawing like the artist himself by following his videos. For our final activity I would like you to try a ‘Draw with Rob’.

Here is the link to his you tube channel…choose a video and get drawing!

Here is my Odd Dog Out…

So, that’s it! You have finished your home learning journey!! WE WILL SEE YOU ALL BACK AT SCHOOL ON MONDAY!!!!!


World Book Day are holding a competition asking you to share photos from World Book Day. There are 4 different categories shared over 4 weeks – please share some of the fab work you have completed with your child.

More information can be found on the following link.

Class two please check back in on the class 2 blog either this evening or over the weekend to see one final celebration post.

04.03.21 World Book day part One!

Good Morning Everyone Mrs Altoft here! Today’s and tomorrow’s blog posts are slightly different because…

and we thought it would be great fun to celebrate whether you are at home or school. We are sharing the same on every class blog today in order to give you the chance to work with brothers and sisters and have a little bit of fun for your FINAL 2 days of home learning.

Before we get started, I just wanted to share the World Book Day live event at 10.30am today which you may wish to watch as a family.

Right, onto our activities, I have planned a range of activities, feel free to tweak them if needed so that everyone has fun!

Activity 1 – As it is World Book Day we would like to unveil something that I have been working on over the last couple of weeks…Brandesburton Primary School’s VIRTUAL LIBRARY!

For your first task this morning I would like you to have an explore of the library and choose a story or two to listen to or read.

Then choose one of these activities to complete…

Please click on the link below to take you to our library on the school website…I hope you enjoy it!

Activity 2 – As you will have seen I have added an ‘Our favourite stories’ section to our library. For your next task I would like to know about your favourite book. What book do you enjoy reading?

I would like you to create an animation, cartoon or film to retell your favourite story. You could use 2animate on purple mash, you could draw it as a cartoon or you could make it as a film using objects to retell it or you could even star in the film yourself!

Here are two examples we made during the first lockdown…

I can’t wait to see what you create!

Activity 3 – For your third and final activity of the day, I would like you to create something ready for tomorrow. I would like you to create a book cover/picture/model to represent for one of the following books…

I would then like you to display your picture in a window/the garden of your house. You might want to just use paper and put it in the window or make an actual model and display it in the garden. Please work as a team together as your finished piece of artwork will be very important tomorrow?!?!

I hope you have a lovely day. Remember to send photos of your work to your teacher on Seesaw/Evidence Me so we can see what you have been doing. Have fun! Mrs A x

As it is World Book Day, there’s no better day than to complete the final part of our Amelia Earhart biography that we have been reading this week.

03.03.21 Wellbeing Wednesday

I received some amazing letters to Amy yesterday so I just have to share them. Your writing has been outstanding class 2, well done. It looks like you all had fun with the science activity too.

Here’s the plan for today class 2. This will be our last home learning plan like this as we are finishing the week with two days of whole school World Book Day activities. Try your very best with all of the tasks I have set today and I will be back on Friday to say goodbye to home learning!

  1. English
  2. Spelling.
  3. Maths
  4. Wellbeing activities

English: We are going to complete our work on Amelia Earhart today. Remember last week when we said that Amy Johnson was courageous or brave? It must have been quite scary to go up in an aeroplane when not many people had done it before, especially not alone. Amelia was also very courageous. Both Amy and Amelia were determined and resilient too and they loved a challenge. Today I want you to try and imagine what Amelia was thinking when she flew solo over the Atlantic Ocean. You can complete the thought bubble template or draw your own thought bubbles and add your ideas to them.

Your second task is to think of three things that Amelia would have needed on her journey that would have been really important to her. if I were going on a long journey today, my most important thing of all to take would be my mobile phone as I could use Google Maps to plan my route and I could ring someone if I needed help. Amelia wouldn’t have been able to do that as mobile phones hadn’t been invented then. I think I would then choose a snack like chocolate and if I wasn’t driving I would take my Kindle or a book. What are you going to choose for Amelia? You can draw and label them and then if you want to, you can write a short explanation of why the things you have chosen would be important. There is a template or you can just draw them on paper or in your homework book.

Now it’s time for the third instalment of our book ‘Who was Amelia Earhart?’

Just for fun I thought I would show you this picture I have on my wall at home. It shows two members of the Flying Black Hats (one man, one woman) playing tennis on the wings of an aeroplane at 3000 feet up in the air! The photo was taken in 1925 which was during the time that the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart were flying too and just before Amy Johnson became an aviator. They would have flown very similar planes. The Flying Black Hats were an aerial stunt group that did all sorts of aerobatics at air shows. Hopefully they had some form of safety harnesses on to stop them falling off. I imagine the tennis ball needed to be on a piece of elastic too!

Spelling: I have added the word search and the handwriting sheet for the ‘tion’ spelling pattern to Seesaw for you.

Maths: You were amazing with adding money amounts yesterday, today’s lesson focuses on working out how much change to give someone if they buy something or how much change you should get if you buy something in a shop.

if you want some additional practice, you can set up a shop like you did on Monday or there is an additional task from White Rose Maths here which is also on Seesaw. (If you access it from Seesaw it will have the boxes on for answers, the file is too big to upload that version to the blog.)

Wellbeing activities: Deaf people can find it hard to communicate and often use either lip-reading or sign language. During the Corona virus pandemic, lip-reading has been really hard for them as lots of adults have need to cover their mouths with masks. I thought it would be both fun and useful if we practised finger spelling to sign the alphabet. Can you learn to spell your name using the signing alphabet?

If you click on this link, you will be able to see signs for whole words. This makes it quicker and easier for a deaf person to understand what you are trying to say. You could practise some whole words too.

Finally to our last item of class 2 home school learning. For the next two days every class will be posting the same activities so that your family and can all celebrate World Book Day together. So I am going to leave you with a story, one that is really relevant to this pandemic as it is the story of Sir Tom Moore called One Hundred Steps. I hope you enjoy it class 2. I will post the last of our celebration photos over the weekend before I see you all on Monday, Mrs P x

Remember to look at the class two blog tomorrow and Friday to see what Mrs Altoft has planned for us all to celebrate World Book Day.

02.03.21 Home learning

Good morning class 2. I thought I would share some of yesterday’s work as we don’t have many days of our home learning blog left! there was lots of great work comparing Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart, some fab Union Flag creations and lots of you deciding to become shop owners to practise your maths!

Here’s our plan for the day:

  1. English
  2. Spelling
  3. Maths
  4. Science

English: Yesterday you worked so hard to find lots of things that were the same and lots of things that were different for Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart. Today you are going to read a letter from Amelia to Amy.

Your task today is to write a letter back to Amy. Can you answer some of the questions she has asked? Can you send her a positive message to wish her luck on her journey? You can write your letter onto paper or in your homework book but there are also two templates on Seesaw if you would like to use those.

Now for our next instalment of Amelia’s biography.

Spelling: Continuing our work on the’ -tion spelling pattern, there is a crossword for you to complete today and a matching exercise.

There are two extra ‘tion’ challenge activities on Seesaw if you want to try them. They include additional ‘tion’ spelling pattern words that we haven’t looked at.

Maths: Today you are going to working out the total cost of two items. I’m sure you will be able to tackle this brilliantly having seen the excellent work you have done on money so far.

Your other maths activity today is this one, Fruity Pairs. if you have some fruit you could use it to help you with the first part of the task, or you could draw and cut out some fruity pictures.

Science: We have a fun activity today to help think about why some materials are great for making some objects and not others. Would a teapot made of chocolate be any good for example? I think it would melt into a soggy gooey mess don’t you? How about a hat made of glass? Most of you would probably say that it’s not a good idea as it could break easily and hurt you, but some people might that think it’s a good idea as they know that glass is a waterproof material and they won’t get wet if it rains!

For your activity today you are going to use two spinners. One will choose a material and one will choose an object. You can then decide if the material is a good match for the object. You can just discuss this with your family or your classmates in school if you wish but you could write your ideas down or make a video or audio clip to share your ideas.

You will need the spinner templates, a pencil and a paper clip if you have one. If you don’t want to print the spinner template, you can use the one on Seesaw by laying your tablet or i-pad flat. You could even draw round a cup and create your own spinners (if you do this you could even change some of the materials or objects too). Once you have your spinners, put your pencil in the end of the paper clip and place it in the middle of the first spinner. If you flick the paperclip, it will spin and select a material for you. Repeat this with the other spinner.

Think about these questions whilst you are doing the activity.

  1. What are these objects used for?
  2. Are these two things a good match?
  3. What would happen if we made that object from that material?
  4. Are there any other materials that we could use instead?

Finally, have a look at these unusual uses of materials. Discuss them with whoever you are with. Do you like the ways that these materials have been used? Have you got any unusual uses of materials at home? Mr Platten has turned his old work boots into nesting boxes for birds.

01.03.21 Home learning

A new month and lots of exciting changes to come, the biggest of all being that we will be back in school next week and this is our final week of home learning! Just five more days class two so keep trying your best right up to the very last activity! I am amazingly proud of all of you and I can’t wait to see you! I have posted some photos of different ways you tacked the maths problems on Friday and some great PSE/RE work from the pupils who were in school. Our star speller of the week is Delilah, who has been working really hard on her spelling work Well done Delilah!

Here’s our plan to start the week off.

  1. English
  2. Spelling
  3. Maths
  4. Theme

English: We are going to spend the next three days finding out about our final aviation pioneer. Her name is Amelia Earhart and she is another female aviator just like Amy Johnson. Amelia is American though not English. Watch this presentation to find out a bit more about Amelia.

We will celebrating World Book Day and our love of reading later this week so I am going to read you some chapters from this book about Amelia’s life over the next few days. We call this sort of non-fiction book a biography.

I am sure that you will recognise lots of similarities (things that are the same) between Amelia and Amy but there are also lots of differences too. Your task today is to compare the lives of Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson and investigate what similarities and differences there are. You can record your ideas in a table like this if you want to, and use the template on Seesaw, or you can decide to organise your work in a different way. You might need to look back at the work you did on Amy Johnson last week to help you. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Spelling: For our last week of home leaning spelling before we return to out classroom we are going to look at words ending in ‘tion’. Watch the powerpoint video to find out more.

Maths: I hope you enjoyed learning about money last week. We have just a few more lessons to go to really make sure you understand as much as you can about coins, notes and using money. Today’s lesson focusses on exchanging money for items in a shop.

Today you can set your own shop up at home. Grab some of your toys and teddies or some other items that an adult might let you have. You can write labels for them with different amounts on or ask an adult to think of some prices for you. Practise exchanging money for the items in your shop, this will be more fun if another family member or a classmate in school can join in with you and you can take turns to be the shopkeeper and the the customer.

Theme: Mrs Plant has provided us with this activity.

Today we would like you to find out more about the United Kingdom and create a fact file. You could think about the following questions to help you.

What countries make up the United Kingdom?

What are their capital cities?

What currency (money) do the countries use?

What is the main language used?

What do the flags of each country look like?

We have added a template to your 2Dos on Purple Mash or you could create your own fact file.

The Union Flag, also known as the Union Jack, is the national flag of the United Kingdom. It is the British flag. It is called the Union Flag because it stands for the union of the countries of the United Kingdom under one King or Queen. We will find out more about this flag when we return to school.

Today as an added challenge we would like you to create your own Union Flag. You can just draw and colour it or get a bit more creative. It is entirely up to you. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

We have also added a template to your 2Dos on Purple Mash to create a flag online.

26.02.21 Home learning Fun Friday

Good morning class 2, nearly the weekend and then only one more week of remote learning! I really enjoyed reading all of your Amy postcards that i received yesterday, you had really looked carefully at the information provided and produced some quality work. Also Happy Birthday to our most recent birthdays, Jemima and Reuben.

This is the plan for today class two.

  1. English and spelling
  2. Brain Break
  3. Maths
  4. P.E.
  5. R.E.

English and spelling: We are going to focus on some grammar work today, learning about adverbs. Most adverbs (although not all) end in -ly so this fits in really well with the suffix spelling lesson we have been practising this week. Have a look at this poster which explains a little bit more about adverbs and then watch me explain it a little further on the video power point.

You can see that the adverb goes with the verb of the sentence to add more detail. You can look at a list of adverbs that I have added to Seesaw. Adverbs help to add detail to your writing and make it more interesting to read. There are three tasks for you to complete on Seesaw. This first one is to find the adverbs and highlight them. The second activity asks you to change an adjective such as kind to an adverb kind + ly = kindly. Finally you will get some practise using adverbs in sentences. You can choose which activities to complete but it will really help you develop your use of year 2 grammar if you complete them all.

Brain break: Thank-you for voting. The winning video clip this week is Koo Koo Kanga Roo Roller Coaster. Don’t get too dizzy!

Maths: Have a go at solving this money based problem below. There are also some additional challenges on Seesaw.

Learning about money including how to earn it, how to save it and what to spend it on are really important life-skills which extend much further than just being able to recognise coins and notes, add up and work out change. Watch this video presentation I have edited to find out a little more.

P.E. Did you do P.E. with Joe Wicks this morning? If you have any more energy you can join in with either of these two activities. We are revisiting PE with Mr Dineen for his second lesson and then a new dance routine from Active Fusion.

If dance is more your thing, have a try at this.

R.E. /P.S.E. We are going to look at a new block of lessons from Oak Academy called Me, You and Us. Lots of you told me that you enjoyed the Forever Friends unit we did before half-term and that the activities were fun, so I hope that you enjoy this one too.

Have a good weekend everyone, Mrs P x

25.02.21 Home learning

Hello class 2 – not too long until we are all back in our own classroom now! Keep working hard until then. I know today isn’t a celebration of work day but I just had to show you some of the amazing moths for Amy that you designed yesterday. I think any one of them would have been great to be made into an actual moth statue and put on display with the other sixty moths. You had some really creative ideas. I also watched some very funny videos of some of you using our spelling adverbs to role-play how you moved around your house!

Here’s today’s plan class two.

  1. English
  2. Spelling
  3. Maths
  4. Music

English: Yesterday you looked at part of Amy’s journey and recorded important flight details for some of the places she flew over or landed in. As well as making a flight log, Amy would have wanted to let her family know that she was ok. How could she have done that? There were no mobile phones or computers in the 1930’s so she couldn’t send texts or emails. There weren’t even any landline phones available in the places she landed that would allow her to ring up her family and friends back in England. The only way she could communicate was to write a letter. Perhaps she wrote a letter like this one.

Sometimes when people visited a place they sent a postcard instead of a letter. Postcards are still sent today, usually when people go away on holiday as the front of the postcard will have photographs on of the place they are visiting/ Have you ever sent or received a postcard? Postcards don’t contain as much detail as a letter as there is not as much space for writing as the address has to be written on the postcard too. Your task today is to design a postcard that Amy might have sent when she was in Rangoon. Use the information in the letter to help you. You can design a picture to go on the front of the postcard too. There are templates for you to use or you can just draw two rectangles onto paper. You might want to do a little more research on some of the places in Amy’s letter using the internet (always check with an adult before using the internet and never give any personal information away). I have also added a little video clip below to help you think about Rangoon was like in the 1930’s. The film is in black and white as there was no colour film back then!

Spelling: There is a word search and a handwriting sheet for you on Seesaw today to support learning with -ly and -less suffixes.

Maths: In your maths lesson today you will be learning about addition and subtraction with money which is really useful for when you get pocket money or any birthday and Christmas money and want to plan out what you can spend.

I have added another white Rose money sheet to Seesaw for you.

Music: We are going to start a new block for music today which will help us learn about key music vocabulary such as tempo, dynamics and timbre. We are going to use the excellent resources from Oak Academy for this.

Computing: I have added lots of coding challenges to Purple Mash2do for you to have a go at today or over the next week.