Friday round up 19/04/24

This week has seen class 2 working hard on finishing off their English unit on non-chronological reports. They have been designing their own original mini-beast and writing about its appearance, diet (very gory in some cases!), habitat and how it moves. The children have had great fun applying their knowledge of non-chronological report writing devices such as an introductory sentence and sub-headings to this piece of work.

In maths we have continued with our work on measure and this week our focus has been on measuring mass. The children have been able to look at balance scales and add up mass in grams and also say which items on the balance scale are heavier or lighter and how they know. They continue to be challenged with our new format Quick Start sheets which now include a ‘Solve it!’ section to allow them to become more familiar with problem solving.

In science, we planned a fair test to investigate what conditions plants need to grow healthily. We planted four broad bean seeds and one will have sunlight and water, one will have no sunlight or water, one will have sunlight but no water and one will have water but no sunlight. The children were also keen to plant and look after their own broad bean seed plant. We will observe them over the next few weeks and complete a bean diary before sending the bean plants home. Sadly we had to do our planting in the classroom this week rather than the wildlife garden as the weather was so horrible but we hope to visit the wildlife garden again soon.


Please complete one of the two plant labelling activities on your Purple Mash account. You will find them in the 2do section. Please also try to read at least three times at home during the week so that we can improve our class reading percentage and really ensure we are improving reading fluency and stamina. You could also go on your TT Rockstars account to practise your 2x, 5x and 10 tables.


This week our focus will be on words ending in /y/. Whilst you are on Purple Mash to complete your science homework, you could also the spelling quiz for this spelling pattern.


Class 2’s reading percentage this week was 80%. This is a small increase from last week but not quite where we were before the Easter break. Please make sure that you are all reading at home at least 3 times per week. Finding a book that you love will really help. Here are a few of my favourites!

Handwriting and presentation

We have had a really big push this week on handwriting and presentation. Nancy blew everyone’s socks off with her joined writing in her history book.

These are the joins we have been practising, if you would like to practise them again at home!

Friday round up 12/04/24

Welcome back to the start of the Summer term, this year is certainly passing quickly. Today you should be receiving our class newsletter which will give you an overview of what we will be learning this term. We have some fun activities planned!

This week we have been working on measure in maths. The children have been carrying out some practical measuring activities in the classroom using centimetres and metres. They have also been comparing measurements and recapping using the inequality signs < and > to show bigger than and smaller than.

In English we have started our non-fiction unit on non-chronological reports. The children have been learning about how to use an introductory sentence and technical language and they have done lots of research on different mini-beasts!

The children have also started their plants unit in science and have been learning about the difference between seeds and bulbs. They are very much looking forward to next week when they will be planting their broad bean seeds and starting to observe them growing.


Please log onto the class 2 Seesaw account where you will find a maths activity relating to our work on measure this week. There are also some optional challenge activities that will really make you think! You could also log in to your TT Rockstars account to practise your times tables.


This week we will be working on the /r/ sound spelt ‘wr’ at the beginning of words. Here is the list of key words that we will be focusing on. There is also a spelling activity that you might want to have a go at. If you do, please upload a photo of your work to Seesaw so we can see your amazing ideas. As usual there is a spelling quiz on the class Purple mash 2do section if you would like to complete that.


100% WOW! Brilliant job everyone!


This week our amazing reading score dropped a little. 74% of us read three times or more! Could we all try our best to make sure we read three times next week!


We finished our sewing unit and our puppets look amazing! Take a look at the brilliant job we all did!

Easter blog!

Happy Easter to you all!

What an amazing week we have had. Talk about busy!
In literacy this week, we have been writing our own news reports based on the traditional tale, The Gingerbread Man. Class 2 loved turning into reporters, thinking about how to retell the events in an interesting and exciting way. Lots of us even added questions and exclamatory sentences. How amazing we are!

In maths, we have been learning all about statistics. We have been finding out how to read and draw tally charts, graphs and pictograms. We are now all confident counting in 5s when tallying and are able to count in 2s, 5s and 10s, when using symbols to represent pictures.

The disco

Many of the children, thoroughly loved the disco on Monday night. It was lovely to see them spending time with their friends, chatting and indulging on the snacks. We were also really pleased to see their dance skills come into action as they all took to the dance floor. Check out some of our moves!


This week was D&T week.

We were challenged to make a hand puppet suitable for a Punch and Judy puppet show. We began by investigating lots of existing designs before designing and making our own. Many thanks to the parent helpers who popped along to give us a hand on Thursday. We couldn’t have done it without you!

We are really proud of our puppets, even though we are not quite finished. What do you think?


This week we have done well with our reading as 95% of us read 3 times or more. Over the break, try to find a book you love and have a good read. We will look forward to hearing your book recommendations when you get back!


There is no homework, as such, over Easter. However, if you are feeling creative why not check out some of these creative crafts. We would absolutely love you to share your makes/draws on Seesaw with us!

25+ Easter Crafts for Kids – The Best Ideas for Kids

Friday round up 15/03/24

So many things going on this week! We started the week with the Brandesburton Bake Off. There were so many fantastic entries with some really amazing ideas. A very well done if you took part in this. It has certainly provided much needed funds for non-fiction books in the school library.

Also this week saw the start of British Science Week. A big well done to Fred who won the whole school poster competition on the theme of Time. His entry will now be sent off to the National British Science Week competition. We have all been participating in some key events to celebrate science. On Tuesday we carried out an investigation to see how many towers of ten multi-link the children could make in two minutes. The highest amount was two towers as the multilink cubes were very tricky to click together! We will be comparing our results with other classes. Continuing the theme of time, we also investigated some questions such as ‘What if there was no night?’ and ‘What if there were no clocks?’ The children came up with some really creative ideas for this. Finally we spent sometime looking at and reading a selection of non-fiction STEM books that form part of the Ryal Society Young Peoples book prize finalists. Every year schools are invited to act as a judging panel and receive free books to keep in return for evaluating and giving opinions on them. We are lucky enough to have been chosen as a judging panel school for the last three years.



This week please use the website Topmarks to improve pace and accuracy with arithmetic. The link will take you to the Hit the Button game where you can practise a wide range of maths skills .


This will be out final week on learning and practising rules for suffixes. This week we are focusing on adding -ed, -ing, -er, -est and -y to words of one syllable ending in a single consonant after a single vowel.


This week, we had a little dip in our reading score. Only 75% of us read 3 times or more. For the final week, can we have one really big push and aim for 100%? Remember, it is fine to reads books of your own choosing from home and the children can write in their records as long as they write what happened in the story/book they read!

D&T week

Next week is design and technology week. We will be designing and making our own Punch and Judy style hand puppets. If any parents/grandparents are available to help with some sewing on Thursday and Friday afternoon, could you please let us know! We would really appreciate the extra hands!

Friday round up 08/03/24

We have had a great week finishing off our versions of The Three Little Pigs stories, the children really engaged with the task and it has also been lovely to see some more children being motivated this week to write their own stories at home. Well done to Cerys, Esme and Rowan. Next week we will be moving onto newspaper reports and we have some exciting events to report!

In maths we are coming to the end of our unit on fractions and our work on finding 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 2/4 and 3/4 of numbers and shapes. We will keep revisiting these as part of our daily maths Quick Starts.

There has been some very neat handwriting posted on Seesaw this week which was last week’s homework task. If you haven’t uploaded your handwriting yet, please do so by Monday.

Working at the expected standard:

After the parent SATs meeting I said I would post the end of year national age related expectations for pupils in reading, writing and maths. Please bear in mind that children are all unique and have different strengths and they all work at different paces, we want to support the children in making the best progress possible and to make them feel very proud of their learning this year.

World Book Day:

What a blast World Book Day was this year. We had some of the most fabulous ‘book in a box’ entries from Class 2. I have no ideas how the judges possibly decided, every entry was incredible! If you haven’t seen them, please check out the ones in this week’s newsletter.

Here is Fred’s winning entry!

In addition, the whole school worked together to write a Brandesburton Primary School story, ‘Larry’s adventure’. This story is about a little lobster who goes on an amazing journey. Again, you can find the full story in the newsletter, this week.


There will be a few SATs style maths fraction questions posted on Seesaw. Please either annotate the Seesaw template or write the answers in your homework book and upload a photo. The questions are shown below for information. Some children can their knowledge of fact families relating to the 2 times table and division to work these out, some like to draw two circles to find a half (dividing by 2) or four circles (dividing by 4) and share out the number by drawing dots or using counters.


Following on from last week’s spelling work on suffixes, we are continuing to practise these and learn what happens when we add the endings -ing, -ed, -er, -est and –y to words ending in –e with a consonant before it.


We need to give Class 2 a massive shout out this week. Today marked their third week in a row of 100% attendance! What a huge achievement! Can we possibly make it to 4 weeks?


We are keeping up the reading too! Once again 85% of us read three times or more this week! Class 2, you are making us proud! Well done!!

Friday round up 01/03/24

Unbelievably it is March already and we are more than halfway through the school year, time is passing so quickly but we still have lots to fit in before the end of term. We are looking forward to meeting with you at the upcoming parent consultation evening to discuss your child and how they are progressing in more detail.

The class were very excited in their science lesson on Tuesday. They were investigating how modern roads were developed by the inventor John McAdam. They were very happy to find out that recreating his method would involve using chocolate, biscuits and raisins. The class all worked really well in their groups deciding on how many biscuits to break up into large rocks, smaller stones and gravel. Of course the fun bit was smashing the biscuits to make gravel. It really did give the pupils a clear understanding of how this process would be carried out in the real world as well as extending their knowledge of materials and also the melting process and solids and liquids.


This week we maintained our 85% reading score from last week! We are doing really well to regularly read at home, so a big thank you to all of you! Over the next term, we will continue to develop fluency, by reading as regularly as possible, but we will also be working on our comprehension. When you have finished reading your book, discuss what happened on the pages you read. You could talk about the characters and how they feel or try to remember the order of the events. Why not test your grown up by asking them some questions about what you have read to them too!



Your homework challenge this week is to choose a page from your reading book and copy up the text in your neatest handwriting! Some of us have forgotten how to keep our writing super neat this half term so this is a great way to practise. Your writing needs to become so fluent that you don’t need to think about it! Please post your super neat pieces onto Seesaw for us to see!


This week we are revisiting suffixes, with a focus on adding ing, er, ed and est.

Friday round up 23/02/24

It was lovely to see all of class 2 settle back into this half-term and hear about what they had been up to in the holidays. Thanks also to everyone who sent photos in on Seesaw. We were able to see the sights of London, the animals at Cannon Hall farm, the exhibits of the museums in Hull and also a fantastic Lego model that has been made.

This week the children have participated in an assembly workshop and follow-up activities delivered by the NSPCC. They even got to meet the NSPCC toy speech bubble mascot Buddy, who they all loved. The children were really engaged in carrying out this work and had such a sensible attitude when learning about how children can be harmed. They are now much better informed to ‘Speak Out Stay Safe‘ if they have any concerns and have nominated trusted adults in and out of school that they would be comfortable talking to. They are very excited that we are going to try our some of the online activities on the Childline website as part of out computing lesson next week. The link for this was posted on Seesaw earlier this week in case you would like to visit this site together at home but here’s a reminder of the web address

We have also started a new narrative unit in English based on the traditional story of The Three Little Pigs. The children will be reading and discussing lots of different versions of this before starting to write their own version such as The Three Little Badgers and the Big Bad Fox or maybe the Three Little Hippos and the Big Bad Lion! We can’t wait to see what they come up with. The Three Little Pigs theme was continued through to our work on materials in science as they children considered which material would be most suited to building a house and why.


This week the children continued their good run with 80% of them completing three reads or more. Many of the children have changed their reading books this week and we are getting lots of great feedback about the books in our class library. Please continue to read as much as possible at home, to help develop the children’s reading fluency!


Linked to our English work, every pupil will bring home a copy of a Three Little Pigs reading comprehension in their bookbags today. Please support your child in completing this but try to allow them as much independence as possible. Perhaps you could share the story together and then let your child answer as many questions as they can on their own. All pupils do need to attempt this homework as we are working on building our reading comprehension skills as we progress through the year. Homework should be returned and placed in the homework tray in the classroom by Monday March 4th, thank-you.


This week’s spelling rule focuses on the possessive apostrophe.


In last week’s newsletter, a request went out to parents asking for reading volunteers. If you have a few hours available at any point during the week and you would like to come into school to read with our children, please just let the office know your availability. Many Thanks!

Friday round up 09.02.24

What an outstanding week we have had working our our art unit on collage for this half-term. The children have been busy studying the work of two artists Megan Coyle and John Piper. Both artists are renowned for their collage work. They worked hard recreating a well-known collage by Megan Coyle called Blue Landscape. They were able to practise lots of different techniques such as cutting, ripping, folding and scrunching. Linking their collage work to our geography unit on the seaside, the children then worked collaboratively in groups to plan, design and create their own original seaside collages. The results are amazing and all of class 2 can be very proud of their work.

Have a look at some of the fantastic art work they created!

On Tuesday, we also carried out activities relating to Safer Internet Day. We started with a class circle time to see which pupils do use the internet, what they use it for and what devices they use. We discussed different emotions they might feel when using the internet and what they should do and who they could talk to if anything made them feel anxious, upset or frightened. The children listened to this very sensibly and everyone was confidently able to say that they would tell a trusted adult if they found anything online that was a concern. This was followed by a story about two characters called Mo and Jaz who did indeed feel upset when a video they were watching about penguins finished and a new video about ghosts started. The story was very sensitively told through simple animation and gave us the further opportunity to discuss what they would do if they were in the same situation. The children then completed their Mo and Jaz story sheets which they have taken home.

We want all the children to have a lovely family break and recharge their batteries ready for the next half-term which will be just as action packed as this one so no formal written homework is being set. Please do keep up with your reading though and evidence this in your reading log. If you wanted to, you could log onto Purple Mash and use 2paint a picture to do some additional artwork relating to the seaside or complete any of the 2dos that you haven’t done. You could also log on to TT Rock Stars too to make sure you are getting quicker and more confident with your times tables. If you go anywhere nice or do any fun activities, please do send photos to Seesaw as we love to see them.

The next spelling pattern we will look at when we come back to school will be the /n/ sound spelt kn and (less often) gn at the beginning of words and the /ʒ/ sound spelt s. Here is the example word list for you to look at.


We had a tough one to beat from last week as we scored an impressive 85%. We did it though…95%!

Outstanding work class 2.

Enjoy your half term! We can’t wait to see you all refreshed, raring and ready to go for Spring 2!

Friday round up 02.02.24

Well here we are in February already and almost at half-term! It really doesn’t seem two minutes since it was Christmas but we have already completed so much of our Spring term curriculum since then. This week we have been completing our English instruction work. The class have been really creative with writing their instructions for making a dragon machine. Special thanks to Leo and to Nancy who made dragons at home based on a set of instructions that they were evaluating in class. We must also thank Eliza who demonstrated her excellent ability in following instructions when she made a model fireplace from a kit with an electrical circuit and working parts!

Next week we are looking forward to taking part in Safer Internet Day on Tuesday. We will also be undertaking our Key Stage One art project for this term which is going to be based on a seaside collage linked to our work on seaside holidays in history. We are really looking forward to showcasing the pupils’ work with you. We will also complete the last parts of our maths unit on multiplication and division and also money.

This week, our reading percentage increased dramatically! 85% of us read regularly at home! What a fabulous improvement. Please do your best to keep this up again for the final week of term, next week.

There is a maths money worksheet for you to complete on Seesaw. No need to print it, you can type your answers over the top of the sheet. we have also set an optional maths money problem solving challenge for you. You could also try the toyshop money game on the Topmarks website.

The last spelling pattern that we are focusing on before half-term is the pattern for words ending in the /l/sound spelt ‘al’. Please see the list below for some examples. Can you find any more in when you are doing your reading?

Over the half-term holidays please take the opportunity to also revisit the year one and year two tricky words that were send home on the fish templates.

Art week

Next week, we are going to be immersing ourselves in our art curriculum and our focus for this time is collage! We are going to be creating collages of the seaside, using scraps of old wrapping paper, magazines and packaging. If you have any unwanted paper, which would be suitable for our collage unit, we would be very grateful if you could send it in on Monday. This could be old magazines, old Christmas or birthday wrapping paper, old wall paper etc. We can’t wait for you to see the collages we create!

Friday round up 26.01.24

Well this half-term is certainly flying by! Class 2 have fully settled back into their routines and are producing some excellent work. There is so much enthusiasm for lessons that is amazing to see. In English we are continuing the dragon theme but we have moved onto instructions. This week the pupils are following and then evaluating instructions and next week will see them start to write instructions for their own imaginary dragon machine. We are really looking forward to see what they come up with. Parents – you might find yourselves involved in junk modelling over the half-term break as so many of the children have said they might like to have a go at following their instructions to make their dragon machine!

In maths we have been continuing our work on multiplication and division. Please support with this wherever possible to help the children become confident with having quick recall of the 2x, 5x and 10 times table. TT Rock Stars is a great fun way to practise times tables too. Every day at the beginning of the maths lesson, every class completes a Quick Start activity to help consolidate current learning and recap learning already completed. On our year 2 Quick Starts there is always a times table grid to be completed. There are resources around the classroom to support with this but we are really keen for pupils to have quick independent recall of these tables where possible. Here is an example of what one of our daily Quick Starts looks like.

Also this week, class 2 have had the opportunity to undertake scooter safety training. Lots of our local children like to ‘scoot to school’ and so it is an important life skill that they learn how to do this safely. They had lots of fun during their scooter session.

We have been really impressed yet again by the number of children logging onto TT Rock Stars. A number of certificates are given out in Special Mentions assembly each week to recognize progress. We would love to be giving everyone in class 2 a certificate so get logging on and start nailing those times tables! Don’t forget, the more practise you do, the easier your tables become! One day, you could even be challenging Mr Mallison to a battle!

Here are the results for this week:

FS – 100%

C1 – 89%

C2 – 55%

C3 – 97%

C4 – 92%

C5 – 91%

This half term, the children are comparing and contrasting seaside holidays from different periods of the past. As part of this unit, we look at how seaside holidays have changed over time and what they look like now. We also consider how seaside holidays abroad may be similar/different to British seaside holidays.

For homework, this week, we would love it if you could collect together any recent seaside holiday photos that you have, and send them into school in a named wallet/envelope, for the children to look at next Thursday (you could also email to me, if you’d prefer at It would be even better if in pencil you could indicated where the photograph was taken. These photos can be a day out in Bridlington or two weeks in Spain, both are just as great!

This week’s spelling pattern is the /l/ or /ɘl/ sound spelt -el at the end of words. here is a list of example words that follow that pattern. There is an optional quiz to complete online on Purple Mash in the class 2do section and a practice sheet can be downloaded from there and printed if you want to. The spelling sheets and quizzes from previous weeks of the Spring term can be found there too. The children practise their spellings daily at morning registration time as well as have dedicated spelling lessons. How is everyone getting on with practising their year 1 and year 2 common exception word spellings and colouring in their fish? Do upload them to Seesaw as we would love to see them.