Needles at the ready!!

Class 2 have been practising their sewing techniques ready to make their own puppets. They have mastered running stitch and used cross stitch to sew on buttons. Have a look on the display outside of our classroom to see our progress so far.

A big thank you to both our Grandmas for their patience and help!!!


A taste of Australia!

Everyone enjoyed making and tasting Australian food as part of our topic Australia.  Firm favourites were the Australian burgers, pavlova and fairy bread.  We have also used all the bottle tops people kindly collected to make aboriginal art.  The pictures were displayed in the hall and during library time our families came to have a look.

Welcome Class 2

What a fantastic start we have got off to in Class 2. All our routines are now in place and we are ready for a fun year of learning. There will be challenges ahead, but we are prepared to face them together.

I’m lucky to be in the position of having taught all the children before so I know each and every personality. However if there is ever anything you wish to share my classroom door is always open.

Mrs Plant 

The Summer term is coming to an end……

As the Summer term comes to an end it’s time to reflect. I think everyone will agree it’s been a busy and fun term.

We have been planting and labelling plants, building dens, we became artists looking at William Morris and Andy Goldsworthy and much much more.

In Science we have been planting sunflowers and beans. Our bean plants are growing well and these will be sent home this week. They will need to be planted in the ground, please continue to look after them and I would love to see any photographs of them in September. The children have been keeping a bean diary and have been observing and writing about the changes to their beans over the weeks. The children are welcome to complete their bean diaries at home and again I would love to see these in September.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Great Outdoors’ theme and we have completed some fantastic work this term. In English we have been looking at the book ‘Instructions’ by Neil Gaiman, I think the children will agree this has been one of our favourite English units this year. The children’s final pieces of work really are outstanding and I’m sure you will enjoy reading them. They really have WOWED me.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of Class 2 parents and family for your support throughout this year.

So it just leaves me to say I hope you all have a fantastic summer and I look forward to seeing you all in the Autumn term as Year 3’s. Keep shining Class 2 – I look forward to hearing about your achievements in Class 3.

Photographs to follow….


On Wednesday we had a very exciting visit into the Cosmodome. We flew through the Solar System looking at the planets, watched the Sun move across the sky and discovered what happens to the stars during the day time. We also heard stories behind some of the constellations and watched a short animation about space exploration. We thoroughly enjoyed finding out more about Space and we were also able to show off some of our own knowledge learnt throughout this topic. Take a look . . .

What facts have you learnt so far? What has been your favourite part of this ‘Out of this World’ topic? Do you have any of your own Space facts?

Spring Term – What a busy time we are having!

This spring term is just flying by and we have been so busy – taking part in World Book Day, making rockets and spaceships in ‘parent make and do’ and have been trialing life as an astronaut.

Wow there are some impressive rockets and spaceships. Thank you to everyone that came to help during our ‘make and do session, I know the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Have you seen our fantastic rockets/spaceships on display outside Class 2? Take a look at the pictures below.

In English we have been looking at non-fiction and instructions. We have been focusing on bossy verbs (imperative verbs) and have used them to write instructions on how to make a rocket.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all and welcome back to the Spring term.

We have a very busy and exciting term ahead, our new theme is ‘Land, Space, Air;  I can travel everywhere’. Today we have started with our harvest of knowledge and have thought about what we already know and what we would like to find out. We are focusing on ‘Trains, Planes and Automobiles’ first half term then ‘Out of this world!’ second half term.

What facts do you know about Trains, Planes or Automobiles?