Homework for w/c 23/11/20

This week in maths we will be focussing on multiplication and number patterns. Can you practise your 10x, 2x and 5x tables? Practise learning them in order until you know them off by heart and then practise then in any order.
Challenge: start to learn the division facts too. So: if 5 x 10 = 50 then 50 divided by 10 = 5.
Have a look on Seesaw for the link to the Topmarks website to play some multiplication and doubling (x2) and halving (divide by 2) games.
Secondly – use the Seesaw app to draw and send me a picture of anything you like.
Please let me know if you have trouble accessing the Seesaw app or the maths link.

Photo round up

Next week we will trial using Seesaw for some homework but initially it will be posted on the blog as well just in case anyone has any difficulties accessing Seesaw. The Seesaw letter with the required QR code and contact email went home in a letter yesterday in class 2 children’s bookbags. The email address to send any work to is different to the plattenk email that most of you currently use. Seesaw work will only reach me via the gmail address on the letter so it seems sensible to ask you to try and use the gmail address only, for all email communication, thank-you!

I have received lots of photos of homework completed this week, thank-you for all of your support. I am sure the children will have a very confident and succesful attempt at their phonics screening check next week. I will let you know when the checks are completed and we have the results.There has also been lots more measuring around the house from Betsy, Jack, Grace, Bobby and Imogen. Ava has also created a Ninja and a bed for him!

Phonics homework 16th November

This week we will be focussing on our phonics work as part of our final preparation for the phonics screening check next week. Have a go at the phonics maze, making sure you read aloud every word to an adult. I have also added two phonics activities to Purple Mash. There will be no further homework on the blog this week but remember you can also go on Purple Mash and keep up with your reading. The phonicsplay website was down over the weekend but hopefully will be back up and running now. Practise learning your 2x and 5x tables in and out of order if you want a change from English tasks but try to focus on phonics first if you can.

now have a go at the ‘four in a row’ game with a parent or sibling. You need to read a word correctly (real or nonsense word) and then you can ‘dab’ it with a pen. All of the sounds on the grid have the long ‘e’ sound pronounced ‘ee’ but may have the alternate spellings ‘ea’, ‘e-e’ as well as ‘ee’. The aim is to get four in a row in any direction and stop your partner from getting four in a row at the same time. Finish by practising reading all of the words on the grid to an adult.

Photo round up from class 2

I have seen lots of photos of delicious looking chocolate sparklers and buns this week, I hope you enjoyed making them. I hope you helped with the measuring of ingredients too. We also have the final Halloween and Bonfire Night artwork to share from Purple Mash and a Halloween poem. There is also some measuring maths homework and our Children in Need day. Look out for a separate Remembrance post showing how we paid our respects this year.

Remembrance Day

This week class 2 have been reading and writing Remembrance poetry. Everyone worked really hard on their acrostic poem. The children also drew round their hands and coloured poppies to create a wreath for our classroom door. On the 11th November our whole school came together in our socially distanced bubbles to pay our respects around the war memorial and observe the two minutes silence.

Maths homework

This week we have been measuring length in centimetres and remembering to add cm to our measurment to show the unit of measure. We are also going to be measuring mass (weight) in grams (g). For maths homework this week, see if you can find some things around the house to measure or weigh, remember to record your estimate first!

Phonics homework

We will be carrying out a phonics screening check with all of the class 2 pupils during week commencing 23rd November. The pupils will need to read 40 words that reflect the phonics work that is usually completed in year one. Your child does not have to spell the words, only read them. They are arranged in a child-friendly way and there is no time limit. Some of the words are real words and some are nonsense words as this really shows pupil ability in blending skills. Each pupil will have their screening check on a 1-1 basis with an adult and there will be no pressure at all. We have done lots of work in phonics for the last few weeks including lots of practical games and activities and computerised games as well as revising spelling patterns and looking at alternate sounds and we will continue to do so. Any pupils who do not score 32 or more in the test will have a further check in the Summer term when the new phonics screening materials for 2021 are released. You will be notified of your child’s score. To further help with preparation I have attached a ‘mock’ screening test so that you can practise with your child. If you haven’t already used phonicsplay I would highly recommend using the buried treasure, dragon’s den, reading robot and picnic on pluto games across phase 3, 4 and 5 as they will further support your child in identifiying and reading real and nonsense words in a fun way. Please sit with your child whilst they do this rather than leaving them to access it alone as you will be able to help with any words that they get stuck on. Many thanks Mrs P.


Hot off the press!

Here is our class Catherine Wheel artwork completed this morning. We have also been polishing our poetry recital skills (part of the year 2 curriculum for reading) using the traditional Bonfire Night rhyme. Class 2 also completed some amazing descriptive poetry this morning, based on Bonfire Night and their five senses. I hope to post some of it on the blog soon.

Bonfire night homework

Usually I like to make chocolate sparklers at school with the children but unfortunately this year we can’t. So instead, I thought I would post the recipe and a photo of last year’s sparklers and you might decide to make your own at home. I hope you do – they are delicious and so simple. I have also added a firework picture 2do to Purple Mash too. Thank-you for all of the pumpkin designs that have been completed on Purple Mash, I will post these at the end of the week.

Whatever you are doing, I hope you have a fun (and safe) bonfire night. Mrs P