This week has been another fun filled week!

In English, they have been practising their story writing techniques, in order to prepare them for writing their own journey story, over the next couple of weeks. This week in maths, the children have been finishing off their position and direction unit. They not only had to explain direction of movement but also had to be able to describe turns, using quarter, half and three-quarter turns. We found out that clockwise and anti-clockwise is a little bit trickier when the object begins facing east or west!


In geography, the children are consolidating their map reading and locational skills by discovering the location of significant bridges in their local area. In order to put their practise into action, the children participated in a fieldwork trip to Hull. On this trip, the children visited more than 8 different bridges. At each stop, they had to complete an observational drawing, count the traffic crossing the bridge and think about the bridge’s purpose! Everyone who attended was so well behaved and worked so efficiently that they even had time to play on the park below the Humber Bridge. It was a real treat for us all!

Thank you again to all of the parents who supported on the day and to the PTFA for supporting with the cost of the bus.


This week in spellings, the children have been learning how the ‘oo’ – look at a book – sound can be written as ‘o’. We talked about all of the words we could think of with this sound and noted how some people say these words differently. We would love you to practise spelling some of these words at home. If you get the chance, we’d love to see your efforts on Seesaw!


We are still hovering around the 74% mark for class reading for this week. I know that lots of the children were hoping that we could make it to 100%. Please could you try your hardest to ensure that your child reads 3 x or more next week! Let’s see if we can once again be the reading champions!

Friday round up 21/06/24

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