Today class 2 you are going to be pirates! We are going to practise our English and maths skills using a treasure map. 

First of all can you find the co-ordinates for different things on the treasure map using the letter then the number for the square that the item is in . For example, the pirate flag is in square (F,1).  Can you find the parrot, the cutlass, the mountains and of course the treasure!

Next can you write some instructions for finding the treasure starting in the square where the pirate ship is. You can use the vocabulary move, go, left, right, up, down, square, squares and any numbers. For example, go up 2 squares, then move right 4 squares then go up one square….. How many different instructions can you write for finding the treasure?

Challenge: You could use the compass directions shown on the map to write your instructions.

Home learning Thursday

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