This week we will be focussing on our phonics work as part of our final preparation for the phonics screening check next week. Have a go at the phonics maze, making sure you read aloud every word to an adult. I have also added two phonics activities to Purple Mash. There will be no further homework on the blog this week but remember you can also go on Purple Mash and keep up with your reading. The phonicsplay website was down over the weekend but hopefully will be back up and running now. Practise learning your 2x and 5x tables in and out of order if you want a change from English tasks but try to focus on phonics first if you can.

now have a go at the ‘four in a row’ game with a parent or sibling. You need to read a word correctly (real or nonsense word) and then you can ‘dab’ it with a pen. All of the sounds on the grid have the long ‘e’ sound pronounced ‘ee’ but may have the alternate spellings ‘ea’, ‘e-e’ as well as ‘ee’. The aim is to get four in a row in any direction and stop your partner from getting four in a row at the same time. Finish by practising reading all of the words on the grid to an adult.

Phonics homework 16th November

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