We have had a very busy start to the summer term and it has been lovely to see everyone back in school and enjoying being with their friends and enjoying their learning too.

Class 2 have started our science work on plants and have already planted broad beans and sunflowers so the children can watch them grow, measure them and learn all about what will keep them healthy.

We have even tried our hand at hydroponics so that the children will be able to observe the root development of some of the broad beans. Finally we set up a fair test to see what plants need to germinate and then to grow. This involves us having some plants that will have water but not sun (light), sun but not water, no water or sun and then water and sun. We are eagerly awaiting seeing some signs of life!

We have also started our history and geography work on London. We haven’t yet looked at the Great Fire of London in detail as we have started looking at modern day London and famous London landmarks. The class have enjoyed reading the story ‘Katie in London’ where one of the Trafalgar Square lions comes to life and takes Katie and her brother on a tour of London. They have also enjoyed looking at google earth and zooming in on all of the landmarks mentioned in the story to see them in ‘real life’.

Our big focus has been planning the development of the class 2 outside area. Mrs Ledingham has donated £10 and the children have all thought very carefully about what sort of things they would like to see in the area. These range from a den to weaving ribbons, construction resources, a chalkboard, a sandpit and lots more. The children will be learning about budgeting and costing to develop their maths skills, letter writing as they ask for donations of resources and labour, and also different careers and skills involved in developing an outside area. This morning three children made a start on the renovations by painting the P.E. shed, ably assisted by their parents. Mr Barnes, our P.E. lead was extremely impressed! Further updates (and requests for help!) will be posted so watch this space.

Summer term update

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