All the best plans…. and here we are! Some of you will already have seen the message I posted on Seesaw this morning regarding the move to home learning. We all want you to feel supported and comfortable with online content. We want it to be to exciting, engaging and challenging for the children but also manageable for mums, dads and carers who are likely to be multi-tasking. With this mind, a range of subjects and activities will be offered over the course of the week and will include maths, English and a wide range of thematic work. All of this will be posted on the class blog. You will also be signposted from the blog to Seesaw where relevant which will offer you the option to upload photographs and annotate templates as an alternative to emailing completed work. |The need for printing will be avoided wherever possible. Please dip in where you can and don’t worry about completing every activity every day, although a broad balance of activities would be ideal rather than just completing maths work for example. (Writing does seem to generate the path of most resistance but it is important that we try and maintain and build on literacy skills including punctuation and spelling.) Some of you have already completed the homework that was set yesterday on Seesaw. This was obviously set pre-lockdown with the intention that the homework was supported by teacher input over the course of this week but I can see that the work returned already is amazing so you are all superstars without me! I am going to introduce you to our theme for this half -term and leave you will a New Year activity that we would have completed together in class this afternoon and pegged up around the classroom to reflect on.

Our theme for this half-term will be (drum roll if you please…)


Key Stage one think this will be a very exciting topic for home learning. When we return to the classroom we will then retrace our steps to look at early developments in flight and air travel. We are hoping to link lots of learning ideas to this theme over the next few weeks but do email me if you have any ideas of your own? Perhaps we could design a rocket to fly to an imaginary planet that we have written about in English? Maybe we could investigate the properties of moon rocks as part of our science work on materials? I have added lots of different activities to Purple Mash to start you off and I can’t wait to post lots of new exciting activities for you. There will also be opportunities to complete other work that might not fit in with the space theme but will be just as fun. Will you be joining Joe Wicks again next Monday, Wednesday and Friday for some P.E.? I certainly need to join in and get fit after all the delicious chocolates I have eaten over Christmas! Please check in to the blog tomorrow to see what has been lined up for you and in the meantime, I will leave you with our New Year activity. The template for this can also be accessed on Seesaw where you can create text boxes to annotate the template. Alternatively you could just write out your ideas in your homework book and upload a photograph. There is no requirement to print the activity unless you wish to.

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