Morning everyone! Thank-you for all the work submitted so far. Class 2 you are already showing commitment to your learning and I am very proud of you. I will share some of your work here tomorrow. Below is a slightly more detailed overview of our plan for the first part of the Spring term. As mentioned yesterday we are going to focus on space as part of the overall theme Up, Up and AWAY! I’m really excited about this! We will start this theme fully next week but this week there will be a range of different tasks for you to tackle.

Firstly I am going to share a Lego challenge with you as I know how many of you enjoy our weekly lunchtime construction club. You can attempt as few or as many of these challenges as you wish over the next 30 days, in any order, and upload some photos of your work to Seesaw (or email them) so we can share them together on the blog. I have also added a video about how Lego is made which also links to our science work on materials. If you scroll right to the bottom of the video you will also see one of your classmate’s amazing Lego creations. I was so impressed by this!

What ship is this class 2?

Let’s not forget that we have just had Christmas and I want to hear all about it. What was your favourite present? Can you describe it to me using lots of noun expansion(adjectives) and remembering to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. How did you feel when you unwrapped it? Did you guess what it was? Was it something you asked Santa for or what it a surprise? You can write your recount in your homework book and upload a photo to Seesaw or ask mum or dad to email your work to me.

Finally for today a maths problem solving activity.

Simplify: See what you have in the house (with permission!) that you can use to make the four different numbers. You could use marbles, pasta or coins for example. Then group your objects to help you with the addition and subtraction sentences.

Challenge: Add a ten to each number before you start so that you have the numbers 11, 14, 12 and 18 instead of 1, 4, 2 and 8.

Home learning 06.01.21

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