Well done everybody for the activities that you have completed so far. Here is just a small selection of the work I have received just since yesterday and I will continue to post more photos each day. Of course it won’t be possible to share absolutely every single piece of work but I think you will agree that we already have lots to celebrate and I do hope you enjoy seeing what all of class 2 have been up to. Please do leave a comment if you can. I will be keeping photos of your fantastic Lego challenges until the end of the week. If you come across any fantastic websites or resources please do let me know so that I can share those as well and we can all support each other. If you are uploading any work or sending photos, please try to put your first name on them if possible.


Today’s maths task builds on similar work we completed on place value and inequalities in the Autumn term. You will find a template on Seesaw if you wish to annotate it rather than have to print or write work out. Class 2 often remember the inequality signs < and > as the ‘crocodile’s mouth’ and learn that the biggest number always goes near the open part of the mouth. So 62 > 23 or 23 < 62.

English: Again this is a task that we would have completed this week during our daily spelling lesson or as a registration task. Class 2 really like word searches and they especially like it when the word search is uploaded to the Interactive White Board and they can use the highlighter tool to draw over the top of it when they find the words. I have added the template to Seesaw so that you can complete the word search in this way if you wish.

Art: Now for some exciting news! In preparation for looking at the work of Christopher Corr in our artwork this term, I looked at his website. There wasn’t much information about what Christopher had been doing recently so I decided to email him and ask him. I also told him what I hoped class 2 would be doing to recreate some of his artwork and some original artwork in the same style. Well I was so excited when he took the time to reply! I have posted his response below. Class One are also looking at Christopher Corr and Mrs Gardner and I agreed that it might be nice to share some of the activities we are doing. We can then work collaboratively to create an online gallery of your work and send it to Christopher as he has asked us to do!

With that in mind can you…. look on his website http://www.christophercorr.com and find the images that are shown above. You will then be able to see them in more detail. Then try and answer the following questions.

Which is your favourite image and why?

What is the picture of?

What is happening?

What makes the picture stand out to you?

Is there anything you don’t like about it?

How do you think this picture was created? Was it painted, drawn or collaged?

Now have a go at recreating your favourite image. You could draw it or paint it just remember to use bright colours! If you respond on Seesaw you can choose whether to complete the work in your homework book or on paper and upload a photo, video yourself taking about your favourite image or use the notebook page to record your thoughts. Take your time – this work doesn’t need to be completed by tomorrow!

Home learning 07.01.21

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