Happy Fun Friday! By the end of today you will have completed week 4 of home learning, a massive well done to all of you. If you have been in school this week and accessing lessons from the blog that way, well done for being organised and getting your uniform on and getting into school on time. Wherever you have been doing your learning this week, I am very proud of all of you. We have got LOTS of celebration photos and work to show.

So let’s look at the final plan of the week.

English – Is wolf innocent or guilty?

Spelling – A spelling test with Mrs Platten!

Brain break

Maths – RSPB bird watch count and data collection.

Fun Friday activities – space quiz and design a dance sequence.

English: Do you still feel the same way about the wolf as you did when you read the first story on Monday or have you changed your mind? It’s interesting how hearing another person’s point of view can make you think differently. Imagine wolf has to go to Fairyland court to face the judge. If the judge finds him guilty of trying to trick the pigs and eat them, he will go to Fairyland prison for a very long time! What would you tell the judge? Write what you will say to the judge using any of the information you have read or listened to this week and tell me if the wolf is found innocent or guilty!

Spelling – I have recorded a spelling test for you on this week’s words. I won’t be doing this every week as we don’t often do it weekly in school This is because the words on the spelling list each week are only examples of that particular spelling pattern or rule and the important part is to be able to apply the rule to your own independent spelling. That said, have a go and see how many you get right.

Brain break – and the winning dance for this week is Ice Age – the Sid Shuffle! I will add a vote note to Monday’s post for next Friday’s brain break.

Maths – You might remember I posted a while back now about getting involved with the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch at home as we can’t do it in school. I am setting today between 11am and 12pm as the hour for recording your bird counts. You don’t have to join in and you can of course choose a different time to do your count if that works better for you, but 11-12 is our normal time for maths in school. This does need to be done in your own garden not in the park or anywhere else.To join in with the official count, You need to have registered and if you are not doing your count today, it needs to be done by 31st January(and results returned to RSPB by 19th February) but you can take part in the count even if you don’t want to submit your results. I have added a poster to help you identify the birds you might see and also a recording sheet. If you see any birds that are not on the recording sheet, you can add them on the back. Remember it is the highest number of birds of that type that you see altogether in your garden at one time. It isn’t a tally chart of how many birds you see in total of each type in one hour, so if you five sparrows land in your garden altogether and then six sparrow land a bit later on, your count would be 6 not 11, so you might need to do some alterations on your recording sheet. I have added the poster and recording sheet to Seesaw. it will be interesting to see what different birds we see.

As an additional maths activity, I’m giving you a logic task which will test your ability in trial and improvement (having a go and then trying again). First of all can you draw a square that has 9 boxes on it. You have the numbers 1-9. You have to arrange one number in each box of the square so that each row, column and diagonal adds up to 15. There may be more that one solution! There is a template on Seesaw where you can move the numbers around on the screen.

Computing – An unplugged activity now from Barefootcomputing. Can you design a dance sequence that you , your family or you friends might like to perform. There are templates that can be downloaded for instructions but you could easily make your own. Why not video the end result? if you didn’t catch the Barefoot live video on computational thinking the other day, I’ll post the link here too as it does give some ideas for how you might do the dance activity and is helpful for mums and dads too, although isn’t necessary to watch it if you don’t want to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnxgN4zD_Rc&feature=youtu.be

Wow! What a busy day you have had so far. Now it’s time to reflect back on the week so far, and catch up on any of the tasks you still want to complete. Some of the earlier home learning Seesaw templates will start to disappear next week as we are only allowed to keep so many. So if there is an activity that you have been meaning to do, now’s your chance.

If you are happy with everything that you have achieved and you feel that you have tried your best, then have a break and do a fun activity of your choice – maybe pick up on the 30 day Lego challenge again if the weather is not so good, or get outside and have some fresh air if you have the chance. Have an amazing weekend class 2, you have certainly earned it (as have mums and dads), Mrs P x

Home learning 29.01.21 Fun Friday!

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