Everyone has made an excellent start on their descriptions of an imaginary setting this week, based on the Imagination scene from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. The children started by designing their own amazing Candyland settings and there was so much discussion about fluffy soft candy cotton clouds, scrumptious chocolate waterfalls and sticky lollipop trees! We can’t wait to see what they add to their descriptions.

In maths we have been working on adding and subtracting ten and will be moving onto 2-digit number additions and subtractions. There are still quite a lot of children who can’t recall their number bonds to ten and this has made some of their daily mental maths work quite tricky as they really need to be able to apply this knowledge to learning number bonds to 20 which is a year 2 objective. Please help your child to practise as much as possible. Some extra number bond activities have been added to Purple Mash to support with this and the Hit the Button activity on Topmarks is great for number bonds and other mental maths activities, https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button . We won’t be activating TT Rockstars until the Spring term to coincide with us starting our multiplication and division block in our maths lessons.

We are in full swing for Christmas play rehearsals and you are in for a treat! The stage will be going up on Friday and the children are excited about becoming proper actors and delivering their lines. Next week we are going to be encouraging the children to say their lines without a script so they can concentrate on their stage positioning and acting. We will of course prompt where necessary. With this in mind, reading and learning lines is once again the class homework for this week. Your support with this is very much appreciated.

Our spelling pattern for next week will be learning about contractions. This is when two words are joined to make one shorter word, like when ‘is not‘ becomes ‘isn’t‘. This will mean the children being introduced to another piece of punctuation – the apostrophe. Here is our spelling list of common contractions that we will focus most closely on.


This week in Geography, the children thoroughly enjoyed going on a walk of the village, looking for human and physical features of the environment. It was wonderful to see how many features they spotted and to hear Mr Mallison explain how the village has changed over time. Thank you so much to all of the volunteers who came to support Class 1 and Class 2. You were amazing road monitors!


This week our home-reading score was very similar to last week at 75%. Miss Northen has set the whole school a challenge for next week…the classes which all have 100% of pupils reading 3 times or more will get a super treat the following week! Can we possibly be one of those super classes?!?

Friday round up 24.11.23

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