This week has been a busy one! As well as finishing our literacy unit and copying up our final story settings, we have also been learning new methods for adding two 2 digit numbers in maths, drawing Brandesburton maps in Geography and practising for the play! As well as all of these things, they still managed to apply their computing skills in making dinosaur leaflets and then learning about world habitats and how animals are adapted to where they live! All of the children will need a good rest this weekend as they have all worked so hard!

Play rehearsals

Thank you so much parents for helping the children to learn their scripts at home. The play is really coming along and the children are all able to recall their lines, without their scripts!
We are beginning to put some actions to the songs and even getting some of the props together. We can’t wait to perform our show to you in a few week time!


We had another small improvement in our reading scores again this week with 81% of us reading three times or more at home! One class this week managed to get 100% of pupils reading this frequently. Let’s work our socks off next week to see if class 2 can be top of the leader board!

School Visitors!

We are very excited to welcome ‘Ladies in Pigs’ to Key Stage One next week. The ladies specialise in education and promotion of the British food and farming industry. This event will link our recently completed geography work to the food technology unit we will soon be starting. We can’t wait to see which tasty recipe they will be cooking with the children. They are a not for profit organisation and you can learn more about their work here


The children have all taken home a copy of their spelling words this week. They are focusing on words ending with ‘tion’.

Friday round up 01.12.23

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