Class 2 have worked very hard on their houses theme over the last six weeks. They have photographed, drawn and described their own houses and they have been on a village walk to compare old and new houses in Brandesburton. They also used their maths skills to make a tally chart and block graph of different house types on Main Street. They very much enjoyed practising their sewing skills making house designs and some pupils made 3d model houses. Last week we were lucky enough to have Mrs Harding visit us from Quick and Clarke to tell us all about buying and selling houses and after that the pupils designed their own house for sale adverts. Finally we revisited the Brandesburton Fields housing development which had only been foundations and muddy trenches when the pupils first visited in year one. Everyone was very interested to see how the houses have been built and to have a look inside one of them. We will now be moving onto the second part of our theme which is to investigate toys over the last 50 years.


Our houses theme

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