Hello everyone. I hope you are going to join in with the Joe Wicks online P.E. session today at 9am, I know I am! Let me know if you do by leaving a comment on the blog.

Going forward, the blog will be our main form of communication. I will be available all day every day for you to contact me and for you all to see messages from each other. If mums, dads and carers have any specific queries that you would prefer to communicate privately please email me. Reminder of my email – plattenk@brandesburton.eriding.net

I will be posting a separate daily maths challenge. You will be able to comment on that post with your answers but I won’t enable comments to be seen until the end of the day giving everyone chance to work out their own answers! If you have any ideas for activities or challenges that would like posting on the blog please do let me know. If you want to email me photos of what you have been up to I will share them on the blog so everyone can see.

Now an arty challenge for you. It has been suggested that as many people as possible draw or collage rainbows to display in their windows and I think this is a lovely idea. If you want to do the same, please email me a photo so that I can share it. Take care, Mrs P xx

Let the virtual learning environment begin!

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