Awww thanks everybody who took part in the school video sending us messages. Mrs Ledingham emailed it out to us yesterday and it was fantastic to watch. I loved seeing your artwork and your faces, I’m missing you all so much. I hope you found everything on the blog yesterday as there were four separate posts. I’m going to show you some of the fantastic work that has been going on on Purple Mash first, usually I just copy it to the class 2 Purple Mash display board but every now and again I will also post it here so it gets a wider audience for you. Ruby has also made a great beanstalk to go with her excellent ‘If I had a magic bean..’ work. Following on from your fab work are today’s challenges.

Yesterday the activities all related to birds. I hope you were able to do some research. Here are some photos from my garden over the last few days, can you identify the birds? If you can you can leave a comment on the blog to let me know.

You have been working hard and most of you will still have lots of science, English and White Rose maths work to choose from so I’m not going to add much more today.

R.E. – Can you write a prayer about keeping people safe – it could be a general prayer for everyone or it could be for key workers, nurses and doctors or your family and friends. You could add some illustrations to it. I will post any I receive on the blog to share with you all.

Here is a mindfulness activity linked to Jack and the Beanstalk if you are able to print it. If not, get creative and design your own picture for the book cover of the story.

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