Hi everyone, I hope you had a good weekend. Remember to get your pet/favourite animal photos emailed to me today so I can post them on the blog tomorrow morning. Thank-you for those I have already. Did anyone join in with listening to the International Dawn Chorus yesterday? I am definitely noticing all the different birds and their birdsong in my garden. it was a great way to finish off this part of our theme. Look out for new science work tomorrow!
Please make sure you also look at the relevant spelling blog post for this week as well as this one.
This week’s work for English: A newspaper report and two grammar activities for you.

For your main writing task for this week I want you to become journalists! That means you will write a report for a newspaper about what happened to Jack. Practise by asking another member of your family to be Jack and ask them questions about what happened. You can put this into your newspaper report. For example: Jack said that he had no choice but to go and take Daisy to sell at the market as he and his mum had no money left for food. Try not to just retell the story. Don’t forget you will have to have a name for your newspaper and an exciting headline. You can also draw an illustration in the box. Here is an example to help you, you could also look at some real newspaper reports. The summary of key events in the story that you did in summer week one will also help you to focus on the main parts of the story that need reporting. I have also included a template for your newspaper report or you could design your own. There is also a template on the class2do on Purple Mash if you would like to do your report electronically.

Next there is an adjective game to play with another member of your family and an activity to recap on using commas in a list.

Summer learning week 3

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