Hi everyone, I hope that you has a good weekend in the sun. Lots of you were very busy at the end of last week so here’s some of your work. well done to Lara and Evie who have been doing lots of reading on the EPIC website and app, I hope you are enjoying the books I have chosen for you. I am posting English and spelling on this post today as it’s Monday and the spelling powerpoint will be emailed out. I will post phonics work separately. Have a good Monday 🙂

Mental Health Awareness week 2020 starts today so why not see if you can complete the 7 day kindness challenge (or any part of it) to make you, your family and your friends happy 🙂

Spelling: This week’s spelling focus follows on from last week’s work on using apostrophes for contractions. This week we are looking at using apostrophes for possession – to show something belongs, for example, the teacher’s desk, the dog’s ball. So there isn’t a list of spellings to practise really as it more of a grammar activity to learn and remember when to use apostrophes for possession. I have posted a couple of slides from the powerpoint which look at using it’s and its as that can be quite confusing, even for adults!

English: This week is the last week of our work on Jack and the Beanstalk. In school we would have completed it more quickly, but I have been spacing the activities out to give you lots of time to do other things too. Your final task is to make a book of the story! This will be a mini folding book for you to keep and can either be based on the original story that you have read, the work you have completed on Purple Mash or the the new story that you have written with an alternative ending. Here are the instructions for making the book. You will need either a plain piece of A4 paper or you can download the template here which will have a front cover design on it. You can also make a large version of the book if you have A3 paper, just follow the same instructions.

Finally this is what is on offer on BBC Bitesize this week if you want to do dip into it.

Summer learning week 5

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