Your child should be bringing home their homework book today so that any work done at home can be kept in one place.


This week in maths we have done more work on learning number bonds to 10 and 20 so please keep working on these. Use the 100 square that was sent home to check which 2-digit numbers your child can recognise and then practise the ones that they are struggling with. Say a number from the 100 square for your child to write down in number form to make sure they are writing their numbers the right way round and not reversing tens and units or writing the actual digit back to front. We have also looked at adding 10 or subtracting 10 by moving one square up or one square down on the the 100 square and writing the number sentence – for example: find 67, then move one square down to add 10, record it as 67+10=77 or find 28, then move one square up to subtract 10, record it as 28-10=18.


Please keep reading the tricky words lists that were sent home. It is really useful if the children can not only read at least the phase 2-4 words but also spell them to be able to use them in their independent writing. Please keep working on letter formation ensuring letters are formed the correct way and pencil is held in a pincer grip between thumb and index finger, with the pencil resting on the middle finger. Ask your child to write their full name including surname as this helps them with logging onto the school computers, they can also write some of the tricky spelling words for handwriting practice. Finally here are some sentences that the children can copy out, adding the correct capital letters and full stops.

  1. the black dog chased the ball
  2. my sister is five years old
  3. we are going to the park after school
  4. i like fish and chips
Homework for w/c 5th october

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