We will be carrying out a phonics screening check with all of the class 2 pupils during week commencing 23rd November. The pupils will need to read 40 words that reflect the phonics work that is usually completed in year one. Your child does not have to spell the words, only read them. They are arranged in a child-friendly way and there is no time limit. Some of the words are real words and some are nonsense words as this really shows pupil ability in blending skills. Each pupil will have their screening check on a 1-1 basis with an adult and there will be no pressure at all. We have done lots of work in phonics for the last few weeks including lots of practical games and activities and computerised games as well as revising spelling patterns and looking at alternate sounds and we will continue to do so. Any pupils who do not score 32 or more in the test will have a further check in the Summer term when the new phonics screening materials for 2021 are released. You will be notified of your child’s score. To further help with preparation I have attached a ‘mock’ screening test so that you can practise with your child. If you haven’t already used phonicsplay I would highly recommend using the buried treasure, dragon’s den, reading robot and picnic on pluto games across phase 3, 4 and 5 as they will further support your child in identifiying and reading real and nonsense words in a fun way. Please sit with your child whilst they do this rather than leaving them to access it alone as you will be able to help with any words that they get stuck on. Many thanks Mrs P.


Phonics homework

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