It has been a busy week with lots of practical work in maths and writing exciting Lighthouser Keeper stories in English. We have also completed our work on Grace Darling, as a significant person in history. Please see Seesaw for additional work and videos that have been added to individual folders. There will be Christmas themed homework set via Seesaw which will go live on Monday 7th December and additional Christmas homework on the 2do section of purple Mash. None of these activities have a return date as such, they are there to dip into as and when you want to in the run up to Christmas.

Class 2 have enjoyed working with the Beebots this week on position and direction. Some children have struggled with telling theit left hand from their right. We remind them by make them make a capital ‘L’ with their left hand – L for left. We used Christmas and treasure island themed Beebot mats as well as consolidating our geography work by using Uk and World Map mats too. The children were able to programme the Beebot to move from one area of the map to another. We then started recapping year one work on 2D shape which we will continue into next week. We will be looking at lines of symmetry and properties of 2D shapes.

It’s a little chilly in the classroom now with the windows and door open for through ventilation so please make sure your child has got their jumper or cardigan to wear and possibly a T-shirt or vest under their top, and also warm clothes for P.E. (and also for our ‘day in Lapland’ on Thursday when we will be outside all afternoon).

Mrs P.

Friday round-up

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