Morning class 2, how are you all doing? We’ve got some busy morning activities then a nice selection of activities for the afternoon. First of all it’s celebration day again and so today I am going to share some of the work you have been doing in English and science this week on the Three Little Pigs. I have been super impressed with your character descriptions, your ability to offer your opinions, your scientific knowledge and how you have justified your ideas. I will keep your space work and share some of it on Friday. Here’s just a small snapshot of the English and science I have received.

Look who has been busy with their wolf work!

Here’s what’s on the plan for today.

English – Eco-wolf Comprehension

Spelling – word search and dictionary activity

Maths – Time

Wellbeing activities – be kind to others and to yourself

Art – Christopher Corr collage and colour wheel spinner

Story – I wonder why? By Lois Rock. Illustrated by Christopher Corr

English- I have another story for you today called Eco-wolf and the Three Pigs. As you know we all try to be very eco-friendly at Brandesburton School so I hope you enjoy this story. At the end there are some questions to answer which have been uploaded to Seesaw for you and they can be downloaded here too. Just a heads-up, tomorrow’s English task will be on Purple Mash. If you have forgotten your login details, let me know today so that I can sort it out for you.

Time for a quick break, so grab yourselves a drink and maybe a biscuit and then you’ll be ready to watch part two.

Spelling – I have added the word search for this week’s spelling pattern to Seesaw. As an additional task, can you use a dictionary to find and more ‘w’ words with the ‘or’ and ‘ar’ spelling pattern that might be useful to have on our class 2 spelling wall. If you don’t have a dictionary at home you can use an online dictionary such as this one

Maths – Today we are staring a new block on time. I thought it might be useful to show you what the end of year 2 expectations are for telling the time so you can understand why the lessons are framed around different objectives. They are:

to compare and sequence intervals of time

to tell and write the time to five minutes, including quarter past/to the hour and draw the hands on a clock face to show these times

to know the number of minutes in an hour and the number of hours in a day.

Today’s lesson will focus on knowing the number of hours in one day. There will be ten lessons in on time in total over the next couple of weeks with additional time related activities where appropriate. Today you will need a dice as well as paper and pencil if you have one but don’t worry if not, you can just ask an adult to give you a number.

and the exit quiz

Wellbeing: We have been talking a lot about being kind including about being a kind friend in our R.E. lessons. Mrs Ledingham and Mrs Holland are putting together a Kindness Tree which was mentioned on last week’s newsletter. Here’s a reminder of what to do if you want to join in. On the theme of ‘kindness is my superpower’ you can email me or the school to let me know of any acts of kindness that you have done for someone else. You could even draw a leaf shape and write your act of kindness on there and upload a photograph via Seesaw or email. Look out for tomorrow’s R.E. work which also links to this theme.

Sometimes we also need a reminder to be kind to ourselves, especially in the current situation when we might not be able to see our friends or other family members as much as we would like or do all the things that we like doing. Here’s an activity to help you think about being kind to yourself, there are a couple of tem[plates on Seesaw or you could just draw your own hearts.

Art – After all of your amazing colour wheel work last week, we are returning to focus on our artist for this term Christopher Corr. You already know that when he paints he uses really bright colours to do so. Your task today is to re-create one of his book illustrations as a collage. The most fun way to try and do this is again with objects from around your home, especially clothing. You could also used lego bricks, painted pasta or lots of different types of coloured paper torn up into smaller pieces. Mrs Gardner had a go at recreating ‘The Cow and the Parakeet’ by Christopher Corr. What do you think? Can you do better!

If you like animals choose on of these images to recreate or look further at his work on his website and choose your own.

Or you could try one of these illustrations from his book ‘I wonder why?’ You will see the images more clearly as I read the book to you.

And here’s my collage:

Whatever you decide, remember Christopher Corr has asked us to send copies of our work to him so I am making a folder of different art pieces that you produce so it can be emailed to him, so try your best and your work might be added to the folder.

If you want to get even more creative, you could try this activity at anytime this week. Mrs Gardner has kindly sent us this one.

Home learning 27.01.21 Wellbeing Wednesday

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