During our recent money week, class 2 set up a toy shop in the classroom in order to practise buying and selling toys and giving the correct change. They also had lots of fun! They also had lots of opportunities to practise both their listening skills and their counting skills when I counted out different numbers of 2p, 5p or 10p coins. They then had to record the correct total on their whiteboards.

Class 2 were also lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Dunning and Mr Dunning from Hornsea Mortgage Brokers. It caused quite a bit of confusion and some amusement when the children tried to work out how our two visitors could be related, (father and son)! They gave an excellent presentation directed at the children’s level of understanding. The class were able to learn about the difference between needs and wants, what an income is and also about saving and spending.

Money week

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