All of class 2 have settled back in to school so well, I am really proud of them! We have been focussing on independence and resilience, which this week has meant taking more responsibility for checking their own work and also persevering and not giving up. All around school the mantra ‘be the best I can be’ is being repeated as Miss Northen has joined us as our new Head Teacher this week and she involved the children in an inspiring first day back assembly on Wednesday. I am sure class 2 will rise to the challenge Physically they all seem to have grown lots over the Christmas holidays and I have been promising them that we will measure their height on the class height chart next week as they are all excited to see how much taller they have grown since September.

One of the collaborative tasks we completed this week was to evaluate some of the science/STEM related books that have been sent to us by the Royal Society.

Earlier last term Brandesburton Primary School were selected to form a judging panel for their annual Young People’s Book Prize. We were sent copies of the shortlisted books and we have to vote for our favourite. Our vote will then be added to that of the other judging panels to arrive at an overall winner in early February 2022.

The children really enjoyed looking at the books and giving them marks out of 5 for different categories. It was also valuable for them to have pupil voice and take part in a voting process demonstrating democracy.

Next week we will be starting our science work on materials and linking this to our literacy work by reading and evaluating several different versions of the Three Little Pigs stories. Is the big bad wolf REALLY that bad?! Is straw a good material to build a house from? Class 2 will be debating these questions and justifying their own opinions. Watch this space…

Spring term 2022

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