This week has ben full of exciting English work as class two returned from their breaktime to find that the chairs were all upside down! The children had to compose persuasive letters to the chairs to apologise for not looking after them properly. They promised not to swing on them, stand on them with muddy feet or draw on them in order to make the chairs feel happy enough to allow the children to sit on them. They also promised not to ‘frighten’ them by not being careful at the end of the day when they put the chairs up on the tables and accidentally knocking them back down again. Their writing outcomes were fantastic for this unit and they have also learnt a little bit about looking after resources.

We have continued our work on Amy Johnson this week and the children are all able to recall some important facts about her life and why she is significant. They all feel that she was very brave to fly solo to Australia in the type of plane she had. We discussed different items she would have taken with her on the journey and also considered how much those items would weigh. The children looked at a range of items with different weight points and they had a total of 16 weight points to ‘spend’ on items for the trip. They really debated quite carefully whether it would be better to take a can of petrol or a can of water and whether a camera would be better than spare engine parts. They all agreed that a map and a compass didn’t weigh much and would be essential for the flight.

We also got to try the brand new Chrome books for the first time this week and there was great excitement in the classroom. The children used them to carry out some of their Purple Mash coding work. Next week we will use them to investigate the Magna Science Museum website prior to our trip there on Thursday.


This week’s spelling pattern follows on from the /le/ pattern investigated last week as we will be looking at words ending in the ‘l’ spund spelt /el/.

As we will be using the story of the Three Little Pigs in both our English work and our science work this week, the written homework is a reading comprehension to complete on the story. The template is on the class 2 Seesaw account. Especially in year 2, comprehension of what is being read is as important as fluency in reading as all the children will undertake SATs in May which will include two reading papers. More information on SATs will be given and a parental meeting will be held later this term.

Weekly round up and homework for w/c 23/01/23

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