Last week saw class 2 start to design and make their moon buggies. They considered what materials a moon buggy should be made out of and how robust it needed to be to travel over rough terrain. This week we will continue to make and then evaluate our models as we learn about how to make axels and a chassis.

In English class 2 have been learning about writing instructions. They designed their own imaginary weather machine and have written instructions to say how to build it. They remembered to include important features such as number or bullet points, time conjunctions and imperative (bossy) verbs. They will put their instruction writing abilities to the test this week when they complete their moon buggies and then write instructions for other children to build one.

In maths we have finished our work on money and had a practical session on Friday giving change from different amounts (See photos below).

We haver also brought our dance unit to a close. Each week the children have been pretending to be a different type of toy in a toy shop, including, a jack-in-the box, play-doh and a bouncing ball. The class always give their enthusiasm and energy and have come up with some very imaginative work over the last half-term.

This week of course we are looking forward to making Easter cards, reading the Easter Story and rolling our recyclable Easter eggs. Many of the class have completed their Easter plate competition entry as well and they are looking amazing. Miss Northen’s office is full of all of the creations. It will be so hard to pick winners.

I have set an optional homework challenge for the Easter holidays and there are some additional Easter themed activities on both Purple Mash and the class Seesaw account if you choose to do them.

Weekly round up and homework w/c 27.03.23

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