Welcome to class 2’s weekly spelling programme. (Phonics for Miss Brunskil’s group will be posted separately). I will try to replicate what we would normally do in the classroom as far as possible. Each week there will be a powerpoint file to download and watch (or slides from the file if the file is too big) just as we usually do on a Monday morning. Always make sure you watch it with an adult who can help you to read the slides and also check that you can read and understand the meaning of the spelling words. I will upload the weekly spelling list which you can either print or just write out your spellings in your homework book or on any paper that you have. I will also share a screenshot of the spelling wordsearch that most of you complete as a guided reading activity and any other relevant activities.

A few minutes each day spent on spelling activities will help you learn and remember the spelling pattern more easily. Remember it is the spelling pattern or rule we are focussing on rather than just learning how to spell the ten words on the list. Other activities that you can try including ones we also do at school:

Sign-write the words in the air

Write the words using bubble writing

Paint the words or write them in sand if you have a sandpit

Use plain water and a clean paintbrush and paint the words onto a garden fence or house wall – check with mum or dad first!

Use rainbow writing – write the letters of the word in an arc and use coloured pencil crayons

Ask an adult to give you clues to what the word is, then write it down, then check the spelling yourself

Write the word in a sentence, practising your neatest handwriting and punctuation.

Check Purple Mash to see if a quiz has been posted for this week’s spelling objective.

Use an app such as Wordificator to create a word art picture of your spellings.

This week’s spelling objective is the suffix -ment, -ness and -ful. Remember suffixes are parts of words that are added onto a root word to make a new word, for example enjoy and enjoyment. The powerpoint file can be emailed to you if you comment on the post or email and ask for it. It has some extra games on it like we use in school. Here are the key slides.

Summer spelling week 1 – year 2 spelling programme

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