Hi everyone and welcome to the summer learning for class 2. I hope you all enjoyed Easter as best you could and enjoyed some Easter treats. I have eaten lots of Kit Kat Easter bunnies! Thank-you for all of the latest Easter work that you continued to send me through Purple Mash, I have posted it all on the class 2 Purple Mash display board. You can all be very proud of your hard work.
I wanted to start by saying that you are all amazing in what you have achieved by staying home and staying safe. We are all so lucky that we have technology to speak, write and even see our friends and families through the use of computers and phones but I know it’s not quite the same as doing these things in person and I hope we get the chance to be back together in school as soon as possible, fingers crossed. Mrs P xx

Mums and dads…
As it is, we will have to use our distance learning for a little while yet. Every family is different and I must say that whatever you manage to achieve through home learning is greatly appreciated and will go a long way towards supporting your child when school does eventually re-open to all pupils. No-one will achieve everything but everyone can achieve something and that really is good enough. You are having to put home-schooling in place alongside a lot of other considerations in the home and we do not want to place any additional stress on you to do this. If you need a duvet day with Disney + or a DVD marathon go for it, class blogs and activities will be waiting for you to pick up when you are ready without being in any way prescriptive or rigid – dip in where you can. One request please: Some resources might lend themselves better to being emailed out to you rather than posted on the blog and I only have access to your emails if you have already emailed me at some point during this school year. I also need a parental email to be able to add you to a great reading resource called Epic therefore I would be very grateful if you could all drop me a quick email to ensure I do have your address or you won’t be able to receive learning resources sent out in this way. A quick reminder of my email address:

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Take care and stay safe,

Mrs P xx

The summer term is here!

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