So today sees the launch of our Key Stage One summer theme. I do hope you will like it and will have lots of fun. We would like to start by encouraging you to start growing something for yourself but we know that some people can’t get out to the shops and not everybody has packets of seeds so…. for today only a Key Stage One yellow drop box will be put under the community noticeboard near the school path. It contains a little pot and two types of seeds to get you going and it will be there all day. If you or a member of your family is able to take their daily exercise and collect a pot that would be fab, If that is not possible don’t worry, you can for example, start to collect fruit seeds from things that you eat such as apples and tomatoes and see if they grow too. Do you know, Mrs Irvin grows pineapples and she has just planted an avacado stone to see if that will grow too! She has also started the dream garden challenge that I set yesterday as our ongoing theme project. Also in the drop box will be an exercise book and a new pencil for you to use during summer home school learning. Again, don’t worry if you can’t collect, any paper and any writing equipment you have to use at home is absolutely fine. This is what to look out for at school:

Your first job is to sort out the seeds into two different types, be careful not to lose the tiny seeds. What do you think the seeds will need to grow? Can you follow the instructions on the packets above? You will need some compost and see ideas below for making your own plant pots.

If you have collected seeds from school, you can use the pot for the smaller cress seeds but your sunflower seeds will need more space and will take longer to grow. Be patient! Why not try some of these ideas for plant pots. Do you know what a seed propagator is? Find out here and then try to make your own.

Why not try to grow a Mr Cress head instead!

Here’s a link to some other ideas for plant pots – get creative but make sure you ask permission first!

This one uses up all those empty toilet rolls you might have.

How does your garden grow…..

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