Continuing our work on suffixes this week – focussing on the spelling pattern form forming words ending in -ly or -less. Here are the relevant slides from the powerpoint. I will email it to all parents who have requested it as it has additional interactive slides. There is a dice activity that if you can’t print it, you could just label an existing dice and use that and there is the wordsearch that you all like doing. I haven’t uploaded the daily spellng template as most of you seem to be writing your daily spelling in your home-learning or homework books. I can upload it if anyone asks for it. Have a look at last Monday’s blog post on spelling for additional ideas that you can use to help you learn the spelling patterns we are practising and don’t forget the Purple Mash quiz. I’ve had a go at using the Wordificator app to produce some spelling word art. It’s at the bottom of the post, I hope you like it, the shape gives a clue to what the focus of our science work will be when I post it tomorrow!

Make the dice (or stick labels over an existing dice) then roll the dice and write a sentence using whichever word the dice lands on. Which of this week’s spelling words are not on the dice?
My Word Art. The shape is a clue to tomorrow’s work!
Spelling Summer week 2

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