I hope everyone had a great weekend. Today I will be posting this week’s English work for the week. There will be separate posts for spelling and phonics and a ‘hall of fame’ post of all the photographs I have received since Friday to follow. Tomorrow will focus on science and P.E. Don’t forget you can access maths on the White Rose homelearning website. First of all read this letter from the giant:

Now you can write your reply to the giant, using the template below or by writing in your home learning or homework book. As always remember to check your work and make sure you have used capital letters and full stops correctly. Will you visit the giant? Do you trust him? He is a stranger after all……

The next challenge is to think about what you would do if you had a magic bean, How would you plant it? How long would it take to grow? What would it look like? In what way would it be magic?

Finally can you write some character descriptions. You can choose adjectives from the box or think of your own.

Summer week 2

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