Well we’ve almost done it – another week of distance learning and you have been amazing. Well done to you all and to your mums and dads. I am going to share some more of your work that has been emailed to me, including Jacob on a bird walk, bird sketches from Syrus and Lara, bird quiz answers from Lara and Riley, Katy’s gardening and English work, the Gell family’s posters and Riley’s additional geography work. Nice to see lots of brothers and sisters too. I have the answers to the bird Top Trumps quiz and I have got a ‘Jack’ wordsearch and a maths challenge for you.

Mrs Irvin has also added a little letter to you all. Miss McIntyre has challenged you all to find out what a bullfinch looks like as she has had some in her garden. Let me know what you find out. As last Friday, please scroll through the week’s blog posts and see if there is anything you have overlooked, haven’t finished or would like to have a go ready to start next week afresh. (It will only be a four day week next week as Friday is a Bank Holiday!) As a final thought, I thought you might like to share some photos of your pets that I can photobomb the blog with next week. If you don’t have a pet, you can send a photo of one that belongs to your aunty, uncle, grandma, grandad etc or you could find a picture on the internet of an animal you would most like to have as a pet ( I’d like a giraffe as you all know, but sadly it’s not going to happen!) Have a great weekend. plattenk@brandesburton.eriding.net

And finally the quiz answers:

1. Woodpigeon

2. 4.9 million

3. 21 grammes

4. 5 for the cards shown on the blog, 10 overall

5. Blackbird Chaffinch ( also bullfinch if you printed all the cards)

6. Woodpigeon

7. Blue tit on the cards shown (9) Pheasant if you printed all the cards (14)

8. Starling

9. 1955

10. Chaffinch and robin

Friday funday

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