As you know, it is the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day on Friday 8th May. This is when World War II ended in Europe after nearly six years at war and it was a time of great celebration. We hope you will also join in the celebrations too but also take the time to do some activities which will help you learn more about it’s importance.

There are lots of longer video clips of VE Day on youtube if you are interested in history.

I’ve posted a reading comprehension, not only as it will help you keep on top of your reading, but will help you to find out more about what VE day means.

Here’s a template for a Union Jack Flag. Print it or use it to draw your own. You can then colour it, paint it or collage it and use it for bunting or make a flag by taping it to a garden cane or some straws.

Here’s a fun activity to do – design a medal like the ones presented at the end of the war. (You could present one to mum or dad for keeping you safe during the Corona virus.)

Try this V.E. Day wordsearch after discussing the meaning of the words such as liberation and surrender with mum or dad.

Some wartime recipes to try (some of the tastier ones!)

Some more ideas that are being promoted nationally that might be of interest.

Whatever you do, enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend and stay safe, Mrs P x

V.E. Day

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