Exciting news! Brandesburton Primary School are taking part in the national Great Science Share project. As well as weekly themes that are being publicised on the Great British Science Share website, they are looking for young people and their families to learn the Groove-Along dance and then submit their video to be included as part of a national video montage. You can learn the dance by watching the video clip above and then film yourselves using a mobile phone or ipad(landscape) and then email it to greatscishare@manchester.ac.uk. It would be great if lots of you could do this, let me know if you have any questions.

The first week’s theme of the Great Science Share was related to birds and as we were studying birds in class 2 I have lots of your work to upload to the Scienceshare project. If you have any more bird related work that you haven’t emailed to me yet, then please get it to me by Friday as I will be sending it then. Last week’s theme was space so I didn’t post anything on the blog about it, but the theme for May 18th- May 25th is Scavenger Hunt so I am sharing some activities below. If you want to look for yourself, visit this page: https://www.greatscienceshare.org/getinvolved2020#weekly-themes-2020-wk3

First of all can you think of any questions that you would like to find out the answers to on this week’s theme? The Great Science Share is also looking for you to share your Great Science questions. When you’ve had a look at the activities below, see if you can think of any questions you might like to find the answers to whilst doing the activity or any questions you can think of after completing the activity. Questions might include things like: ‘How many shades of green can I see near me?’ ‘Where can I find wildflowers?’ ‘Which insects are in this habitat?’ ‘Do spiders always have eight legs?’ You can use the hands template to record your questions and I will upload them to the Great Science Share.

The first activity is a wildflower foray from the RSPB. The link to the activity is here https://www.rspb.org.uk/fun-and-learning/for-families/family-wild-challenge/activities/wild-flower-foray/

The activity sheet involves you looking for wild flowers in a range of different colours (maybe you could find flowers in all the colours of the rainbow which is a big symbol of hope for everyone at the moment) and trying to indentfy wild flowers using the sheet to help you.

The next challenge is a bit scary as it’s to do with SPIDERS!! Who will be brave enough to tackle this one?

I will be posting some Tuesday PE ideas at lunchtime so they don;t get mixed in with all the science information. Be sure to check back then for a game I have invented!

Great Science Share

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