Here’s the next installment of the cricket skills video clips. This week is your chance to learn how to be a ferocious fielder

Here’s a game that you might like to play, you will need permission from an adult and someone to play with though and five pairs of socks! The idea of the game is for one person to hide all the socks separately and you have to find them and put them back into matching pairs. It will work best if you have distinctive patterned socks, not five pairs of black ones!

Matching sock game

First of all agree the rules with an adult – can you only use the garden, some rooms in the house or all rooms in the house? Can the socks be hidden inside drawers and cupboards or just underneath or behind things?

After you’ve done that, one person hides all the socks in different places. Then you simply need to go and find them. Why not time yourself and see how long it takes you and try to improve your time.

Simplify: Use less pairs of socks or the person who has hidden the socks gives hot/cold clues.

Increase difficulty: Use more pairs of socks.

Variation:Start by being given one sock for which you have to find the matching one. Only when you’ve found its matching pair, can you start to look for other pairs, and again the next sock you find, you have to locate its partner and leave any other socks you come across until you have found it. Can you think of your own ideas to vary the game? Could you adapt it to play it with a brother or sister where you are both hunting for socks at the same time and the one with the most pairs wins? Let me know how you get on.

P.E. Tuesday

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