How are you all? I hope you have been tackling the science work posted yesterday so that we can be involved in the national Great Science Share and show what Brandesburton Primary School can really do. I have some updates from Mrs Irvin to share with you and some more fab work. i am working on my rainbow flower activity to share with you all. Riley has even set Mrs Irvin and I a maths challenge and the answer was one of his favourite football players. So proud of you all!

Art: i thought a few midweek colouring activities might be a nice relaxing thing to during Mental Health Awareness week so I have included one of my favourite animal – you guessed it, a giraffe! I love the work of this artist, Steven Brown and a I have a giant giraffe canvas by him at home – it was a present from Mr P for a big birthday a few years ago! He paints giraffes in vivid, bright colours instead of natural colours, can you do the same?

If you don’t fancy colouring giraffes, why not try some plant pot cover designs for all of the seeds you have planted. Either use these screen shots to inspire your own ideas or print off the Pdf files.

Maths: As you know, you would have been taking SATs tests in maths and reading in May had we been at school. There would also have been spelling and grammar tests. For this week’s maths I am using some of the maths questions from last year’s SATs paper and I will be emailing both maths papers to everyone whose email address I have. There is no pressure to complete these but I know some of you would like to do so and it is completely optional. There are now no year 2 SATs tests for 2020. Remember we would have been doing lots of revision and practising had we been in school so don’t worry if you find some of the questions tricky, just have a go.

Wonderful Wednesday

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