Hello everyone, wow wasn’t the weather amazing yesterday. I hope you all had your paddling pools out and a few ice lollies to keep you cool. Some of you have still been busy and I have some really great things to share with you.

Katy has had great fun on her scavenger hunt for flowers to represent the colours of the rainbow.
Paige celebrated her birthday and enjoyed making buns and taking treats to her friends on her bike.

Today we are going to focus on grammar and reading. As you have had some maths SATs questions, I thought we could do some more from the 2019 tests. Here are some questions from the grammar test and you can downloard the PDf to print if you wish so that you can see all the questions.

Here’s part of the 2015 reading SATs. The reading papers for 2019 are too big so I will email it to you as I did the maths.

D.T. To give your brain a rest from all of that English work, why not try this week’s D.T. challenge. Can you make a muscial instrument that you could use as an accompaniment for the weekly Clap for Carers. if you make it today, you could try it out tonight. As always, don’t forget to send photos or a video clip of you playing your instrument. Here are some ideas.

Thoughtful Thursday

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