We have reached the end of the first half of the Summer term. You have completed five weeks of home-learning and you have all been completely amazing. Next week I want you to relax and enjoy the sun (hopefully) and maybe get out in the fresh air on bikes, scooters, skates or anything else that you’ve got. How did you get on with the Mental Health Awareness Week kindness challenges that I set on Monday? Carry them on into next week if you want to, a little kindness goes a long way. If you have anything you want to email me, I’ll be about all week although the blog will probably not be updated after Monday. So have a look back at this week’s work, see what else you want to tackle or finish and don’t forget I need all of your science work on birds, trees and flowers to send to the Great Science Share project. Try and have a go at the Groove-along too and get all your family involved. Here is the final round up of your work for this week and there is a cooking video at the bottom if you scroll down.

More amazing work fromPaige.

This week I thought I would share a cooking video with you rather than a recipe. With a little adult support you could have a go at making chicken nuggets or sweet potato wedges (or both!) for tea one night.

Lots of work from Lottie.
Riley has produced some stunning bird artwork. What two birds has he painted?
It’s the holidays!

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