Hellp everyone – apparently we are due a little bit of rain today which will come as a little bit of a shock after all the good weather. It will be good for any plants that you are still growing such as your carrots, sunflower or other seeds that you planted. My carrots are looking quite good now, I’m very surprised. Ruby has sent me some photos of her plants which all look quite healthy so well done Ruby.

Next we have a very special treat for you. Katy has been trying out her own dance moves to another song from the Greatest Showman and has made a fab video to share with you.

Jacob, Freya and Katy have all been busy.

Maths: Here are some shape maths problems for you. Can you write your own shape maths problem for your friends to solve?

Science: So today we are going to continue with our food chain work. Can you make some food chains from the attached photos. There is a grid for you to stick them on but if you don’t want to print them off, you can draw your own.

Challenge: Can you research and write a definition for these words and say what part they have in a food chain? Prey, predator, consumer. Can you find out what herbivore, carnivore and omnivore mean?

Wet Wednesday?

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