I was lacking inspiration for a blog post title today so….if you want to suggest a title for tomorrow’s post, please email me today!
Just a reminder that tomorrow will be the last time that the class 2 learning blog is used it’s current form. Mrs Ledingham has written an email to parents to let them all know about the changes. The class 2 blog will change to a Friday only blog post celebrating photos of all of the themed work that you have completed from the school home learning blog and maybe I will post a story for you too or another little treat. The school home learning blog is well under way and all the teachers will have some great activities for you next week so don’t forget to look there from Monday.

First of all William was in school yesterday and he appears to have got a little lost. He would like you to look at the photo and see if you can spot him, not Where’s Wally but Where’s William!

Where’s William?!

Science: Here’s a link to a really fun art project to make a food chain mobile.


That is the last of our work on food chains for the moment… because we just might be doing some food chain work during one of our planned theme weeks, all will soon be revealed!

Art: Have you heard of the artist Arcimboldo? He is known for using fruits and vegetables to create his artwork, especially portraits. As we completed lots of work on growings things last half-term, I thought this might be quite a nice focus for some art.

Your task is to create a portrait of yourself, a member of your family (or even your pet!) using fruit and vegetables and some other bits and pieces you can collect in the garden or on a walk. Or, you can draw your portrait and draw the fruit and vegetables instead of using real ones.

Maths: Here are some true or false maths problems for you to solve and explain your reasoning.

Thursday home learning

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