Good morning everyone! I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend and managed to get some fresh air. I was disappointed not to see any snow though, we could have have all shared snowman building photos. Thank-you for all the votes for Friday brain break, keep them coming. Don’t forget that Joe Wicks P.E. starts again this morning if you want to join in and wake yourself up.

First some more of the amazing work that you completed towards the end of last week. I was particularly impressed with the work completed for the Christopher Corr artwork and your photos showing that you have been working on the Lego challenge, reading lots and learning how to look after a new puppy! It’s not too late to send me your artwork if you haven’t quite finished it yet.

English: Today we will be starting a two-week fiction unit called ‘Taking Flight’ . I think you will enjoy it. Have a look at this set of seven pictures.

These pictures tell a story and all will be revealed later in the week! For now I would like you to look at the pictures and think about what sort of story could they be telling. Who could the characters be? What are they doing? What is going to happen?

Task: Rearrange or number the pictures in the order that you think they should go. May be you could number them.

Then either write a sentence to go with each picture or write a paragraph that tells the story.

Remember to check your work carefully for capital letter and full stops. Can you use some conjunctions in your work (and, but, because, when, so, if for example)? Check your spelling of common exception words – you all had a list of these sent home last term but I will pop them on Seesaw too. The pictures will be set as a template activity on Seesaw too if you want to amend and type on the activity rather than completing it in your homework book and upload a photo. It is up to you.

Spelling: Our year 2 spelling pattern focus this week is the sound /ee/ spelt with ‘ey’. Can you think of any words that follow this pattern? I’ll start you off with donkey. A clue to another one is that it is Betsy’s favourite animal. can you work that out? When you’ve had a think. watch the short video clip below. You might want to pause the video at different points to access the activities. You can record your answers or you can just discuss what you think with an adult. The list of this week’s spelling words is at the end of the video and there will be some more spelling activities during the week.

Maths: Today we are recapping on odd and even numbers. Can you remember what odd and even numbers are. Odd numbers will not divide (share out) equally and even numbers will divide by 2 therefore even numbers are all in the 2 times table. Look at the 100 square. Can you see some odd and even numbers? What sort of pattern would you make if you coloured all the odd numbers in yellow and all the even numbers in red? There is a template on Seesaw where you can highlight some odd and even numbers or you can write some list of odd and even numbers in your homework book.

Start by finding these odd numbers:

An odd number with a 3 in the units

An odd number with 7 in the tens.

An odd number smaller than 70 but bigger than 65.

Then find these even numbers:

An even number with a 6 in the units.

An even number with a 5 in the tens,

An even number smaller than 40 but bigger than 34.

Now try this challenge riddle: I am an even number. I have 4 in my units. I am a 2-digit number. I have more than 5 tens but less than 7 tens. What number am I? Now can you write some odd and even number riddles for your classmates to solve?

For an odd and even number games to consolidate your learning click here: and for a more detailed explanation on odd and even numbers and games and a quiz click here:

Space theme: We will be posting lots of space themed activities over the next few weeks. For today all I want you to do is to look at the video of the space travel timeline and see what developments were happening in space before you were born and even before your parents were born – right up to the current time. Maybe you could think of some questions that you would like to research about space in the next few weeks and write them into your homework book (remembering to use question marks of course), maybe famous astronauts or different planets? there will be a Seesaw template for this too.

You may have seen adverts for the Big Garden Birdwatch on television. This event is being hosted by the RSPB and will run from 29th January to 31st January. Although we can’t go out as a class and do the Schools Birdwatch for obvious reasons, you can still sign up to do this one in your garden or in a park or other space as part of your daily exercise. I will be setting some work around after the closing date but don’t worry if you don’t want to sign up for the Big Garden Birdwatch, you will still be able to access the activities I set. Details for signing up are as follows:

Go to and sign up from there.

Home learning 11.01.21

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