Good morning everyone. Let me share some of your excellent work that I have received. Keep it coming class 2, you are all doing amazingly well. You can also email or upload through Seesaw photos of other things that you have been up to as I would love to see them. If uploading photos or videos through Seesaw, always check that an adult knows that you are doing this. I can’t share absolutely everything that everyone sends me, there would be far, far too much but I hope you enjoy seeing the remote learning snapshots that are posted so that you can see what everyone has been doing. I think you all know the different ways to get your completed work to me now – (either email me a photo of your work or use Seesaw to amend a given template, start a note page, create a video or upload a photo with a caption or use the voice recorder to record a message on anything you send) so I won’t keep repeating myself. I will let you know though if there is a template on Seesaw that you might choose to use but there won’t be a template for every activity. Take your time sending completed work through, there is no need to rush. Make sure you always check your work through and that you have tried your best. My virtual sticker for my favourite spelling sentence from last week goes to… Bodhi! His sentence was ‘ Me and my brother went to the shop to spend my money on honey and other wonders.’ Well done Bodhi, here is your sticker.

English: Continuing with our work from yesterday we are going to focus in on the picture of the boy in the garage.

What feelings do you get from the garage? · Is it creepy/ dusty and old/ exciting etc? · What can you see on the shelves? · What kind of things do you think might be inside the boxes in Grandpa’s garage? Try to use descriptive language and lots of adjectives at this point. · There are boxes with ‘photographs’ and ‘memories’ written on them – what could the things inside show? What could the trophies be for?

· Look at the shelf you can see in the garage. Can you think of some descriptive sentence to describe where things are and what they are:

E.g. ‘On the dusty shelf, there are piles of old newspapers’ Have a go with other objects.

Spelling: Today’s activity builds on the /ee/ spelt as ‘ey’ spelling pattern we started yesterday. There is a template for this on Seesaw.

Maths: More work on odd and even numbers and properties of numbers today class 2. Templates on seesaw.

A different maths game you can try online is or play the game again that was posted yesterday.

Science: Today we are stating our Spring term work on materials and their properties. What different materials can you think of? Today I would like you to go on a materials scavenger hunt in your house on in the classroom if you are in school. I want you find as may different things as you can that are made of different materials. You can use this sheet to help with recording and you will find the template on Seesaw. Can you remember how to make tally marks? Four vertical strokes like this IIII and then one diagonal stroke like this / over the top to make a set of five. This is how we recorded the minibeasts in the wildlife garden in the Autumn term. Counting in groups of five is easier than counting in ones if you have a lot to count.

When you have done that, think about some of the different objects you have found and what materials they are made from. Choose up to three of the objects and write about why you think they are made of a particular material. For example: my dining table is made from wood as it is strong and won’t collapse when we put things on it. It is hard-wearing and will last a long time. Here are some words that might be useful: strong, tough, flexible. stretchy, waterproof, bendy, rough, smooth, shiny, reflective, soft.

Here’s a practical science activity that you can have a go at any with an adult to help you. You can make your own plastic!

And if you fancy doing some singing, here’s a materials song for you. You could have a go at recording it on Seesaw too if you want.

Home learning 12.01.21

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