Welcome to Wellbeing Wednesday. The aim is to have some form of wellbeing activities every Wednesday. This is something we started in school before the holidays and seems even more important now. As well as some wellbeing activities, on the blog today are some activities relating to the Taking Flight work we started in English on Monday, consolidation work on our /ee/ sound spelling pattern and maths work on odd and even numbers. There is also the start of a short R.E. block on friendship and kindness sourced from the excellent Oak Academy resources. I hope you all have a fantastic day and we will start as usual with celebrating your work.

English: Today you can watch the full video of Taking Flight.

Were your predictions of what happened in the story correct?

Did you like this story?

If this story was a book it would have a blurb or if it was a longer film it would have a film trailer or advert.

Can you give a ‘snapshot’ of the story without giving the whole story away?

You could film this like a film trailer or write it like a blurb for the back of the book. Remember to give a summary and to interest the reader or viewer but leave them wanting more!

Spelling: I know lots of you like word searches so here’s one for this week’s /ee/ spelling pattern if you would like to do it. template on Seesaw.

Maths: more work today on odds and evens. Firstly a practice sheet and then an investigation. For the investigation you can use 43 of anything – pasta, marbles, cheerios, lego pieces. Templates on Seesaw.

I have also set you a couple of odds and evens racing games in the 2do section on Purple mash.

Wellbeing Wednesday: Please see Seesaw for this weeks wellbeing resources as they have had to be removed from the blog post for copyright reasons but are still allowed to be shared via Seesaw.

Home learning 13.01.21 Wellbeing Wednesday

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