Good morning class 2, how are you all? Did you get chance to watch the Maddie Moate Space programme on Cbeebies last night? I did, I really enjoyed it and I will be watching tonight’s episode too. I am saving the work you did on your alien characters to try and make into the matching activity for later this week so today I am just sharing some of your fab maths work from yesterday.

Here’s what is on the timetable for today:

English – diving deeper into the Taking flight video story and using your imagination

Spelling – activity on the /o/ sound spelt ‘a’

Maths – subtraction within 20

Science – deciding what materials are suitable for making different objects

Reading – a space related e-story for you

English: Today‚Äôs task is to think about what Tony, grandpa and the alien might say to each other. Will the alien be friendly or not? What might Tony want to ask the alien? You are going to write a conversation between Tony, grandpa and the alien. Use can use the speech bubble template on Seesaw if you would like to or write your conversation in your homework book. I can’t wait to see what you come up with !

Spelling: More work on the spelling pattern we are focussing on this week, /o/ sound spelt as ‘a’ after ‘qu’ and ‘w’. Here is a code breaking activity. Use the numbers to find the correct letters to spell the word. When you have finished, it is time a for a quick bit of handwriting practice. Choose just one of the spelling words you have found and write it in an interesting sentence. Make sure you sit all your letters on the line, use finger spaces and correct punctuation for your sentence. There is a template on Seesaw for the activity but you need to do the handwriting part neatly in your homework book or on paper. Please try to upload a photo if you can.

Maths: Now for the second lesson in this week’s series on addition and subtraction. As yesterday, make sure you have a pencil and paper and pause the video whenever you need to. Any work you complete can be uploaded to Seesaw.

The template for the main activity is on Seesaw if you would like to use it or you can jot your answers down in your homework book. When you have finished try the exit quiz.

Science: Last week you all did amazingly well with your materials scavenger hunt and you were also able to say why certain objects were made out of certain materials. Today I have taken two photos of objects in my house. Firstly I want you to identify the different materials that have been used in each photo. You could do this by labelling the templates on Seesaw if you wish.

Then I want you to have a think, maybe discuss with other siblings or parents (or give granny or grandpa a ring) and decide on the following:

Why might the same object be made out of different materials?

Which material do you think is most suitable for the object to made of and why?

Can you think of any other materials that would be suitable for making these objects?

You can present your ideas for this in any way that you choose.

Reading: Please read the e-story shown on the video clip called ‘Back to Earth with a Bump’. Remember you can pause it if you need to. There will be some comprehension questions set on it later in the week.

Home learning 19.01.20

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