Good morning everyone. I hope you have all had a great weekend and are ready to learn. Keep the votes coming for Friday brain break. Exciting news! it is space week on Cbeebies! There is an amazing space series featuring Maddie Moate who made the lego video I posted in week 1. The programme is called Maddie, Space and you. Technically this is ‘after-school’ work as it starts at 4.50pm but I really think you will enjoy it if you get chance to watch it. Straight after Maddie Moate is a further space programme, Cbeebies Stargazing, which is also worth watching and might answer some of the amazing space questions you wrote during our first week of home learning. If you can’t watch the episodes at the scheduled times, they are also available on BBC i-player.

I know some of you really enjoyed the Art Ninja programme on CBBC last Friday so just a reminder that it is on every day this week at 11.05am if you want to watch some more episodes to help you get creative.

On the timetable today are:

English – continuing our work on Taking Flight

Spelling – starting our new spelling pattern /o/ sound spelt ‘a’ after ‘w’ and ‘qu’

Maths – Addition and subtraction – recapping number bonds and fact families

Theme – Space


Now let’s take a look at what you have all been up to last week. You have completed some outstanding work class 2 and you are really settling into this way of learning. I am so proud of you and fingers crossed we will be back in the classroom together soon. My speller of the week award goes to Bethany. Thank-you for completing all of your spelling tasks neatly and carefully and completing the spelling quiz on Purple mash 2do and scoring 10/10! Fantastic effort! Here’s your sticker.

Now a couple of the videos that I have received. I am sorry that I can’t show everybody’s but there is weekly upload limit on the system we have to use unfortunately. I have watched and enjoyed all of them though so please keep sending them. Well done to Elsie too, who has been our star EPIC reader.

English: Now that you have watched the full video and know what adventures Tony gets up to with his grandpa, we are going to focus on Tony’s trip into space where he and grandpa see an alien spaceship. Imagine the alien spaceship beams them up! Your task is to describe one of the aliens on the spaceship. Really use your imagination to describe what the alien looks like in detail. When you have finished your description you can draw a picture of your alien and later in the week we might be able to post some of your pictures and your descriptions and see if you can match them up. Here are some images from the video to fire up your imagination.

Spelling: Watch this weeks short video clip and look at the example spellings that fit this pattern? Can you think of any other words that fit this pattern? Pause the video as you work through it. Have a go at the sentences at the end, either reading them out or writing them down. Continue to practise the ten spelling words throughout the week as this will also help you with your handwriting and letter formation.

Maths: We are starting an addition and subtraction block today. For the first few lessons we will be recapping skills that we learnt in the Autumn term such as number bonds and adding and subtracting ones and adding and subtracting tens. Then we will be building our skills to become competent at adding and subtracting two-digit numbers. Get ready to watch this lesson clip, make sure you have a pencil and paper and pause the video where you need to. There are some templates on Seesaw for the spinner and the activity.

If you wish you can complete the exit quiz after the lesson.

Mums and dads – using Oak Academy for recorded ‘real’ lessons is something we are trialling in different subjects. Some parents like this style of learning and some don’t. It would be really useful if you could give feedback on what you thought of today’s lesson in order to help plan for future sessions using Oak Academy resources. The plan is to use Oak Academy for maths throughout this week as this lesson forms part of a set. Comments received will help me plan if we continue this in future weeks. Please email me with your thoughts.

Theme: Today we have a lesson introducing space before I set you a further task later in the week. Make sure you have paper and a pencil. Pause the video whenever you need to and complete the quiz if you want to. You can upload a photo of any work you complete during the lesson to Seesaw.

And for something more practical to finish the day, what about this space art activity. Please upload your drawings to Seesaw and ask an adult about entering the competition.

The link to the competition post. Further information about Perseverance and Mars can be accessed from here too.

Don’t forget to spend some time reading and log onto your EPIC account especially if you want to read some more space theme books.

Home learning 18.01.21

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