Good morning class 2. I hope you are ready for another busy day of learning. Let’s start with some of the fab space themed work that you have been completing on Purple Mash and then some of your other activities and two great video clips.

Here’s today’s timetable. Do what you can but make it the best you can do.

English – Day two of independent story writing

Spelling – more on our /o/ sound spelt ‘a’ spelling pattern

Maths – adding and subtracting multiples of ten

R.E.- lesson two on being kind

Music – a space song to sing

English: Yesterday you were working on your story mountain or story map to record your ideas for grandpa and Tony’s space adventure. Today I want you to re-read what you have done already and make sure you have your story idea clearly in your head. Write in lots of detail so I can paint a picture of your story in my head. Don’t rush, if you need more time you can work on it tomorrow too. Remember the 5 ‘W’s that we talk about in class; Who, What, Why, Where, When and make sure you include all of these in your story. You can type your story onto Seesaw using the note function or write in in your homework book and upload a photo when you are ready, this doesn’t have to be today. You could also video yourself reading the story and we could share some on the blog but you do need to have written it down first.

Spelling: There is a word search template for you on Seesaw and also a spelling quiz on Purple Mash 2do. Remember you can also try to create a riddle for one of the spelling words if you didn’t have a go at this yesterday. I will be posting some of the riddles tomorrow.

Maths: Day four of our sequence of lessons focusses on adding and subtracting multiples of ten. You are all excellent at recognising multiples of ten and adding or subtracting ten by moving up or down a square on the 100 square or looking at our tens snake on the wall. See how you get on with this method today. Make sure you have a pencil and paper and pause the video whenever you need to. No template today, just write on paper and upload with your name on.

and here’s the link to the exit quiz

R.E. Lesson two in our set of four on the theme of being kind. You produced some excellent work after last week’s R.E. lesson so I am looking forward to see what you produce today. Today’s lesson focusses on what is fair and not fair.

Music: To complement our space work, here’s a space-themed song for you to join in with. Click on the link, not the picture. I hope you enjoy it.

Finally don’t forget to vote for this week’s brain break by adding a comment to the brain break note, emailing me or selecting the drawing tool on Seesaw and writing your choice, Votes close at 5pm to give me time to sort out the uploading for tomorrow, thank-you Mrs P x

Home learning 21.01.21

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