Morning everyone, well done for making it to Friday and the last day of week 3 of home learning. You are all doing amazingly and I have loved seeing how you tackle your tasks ands all of the photos that you upload. I’m not going to upload any of the English stories that I have received yet as I know some of you are still working on them, but here’s some of your other fantastic work.

Here’s the plan for today:

English – finishing your story or match the alien activity

Spelling – your own riddles to answer


Maths: Problem-solving Friday

Reading – reading comprehension

ICT – coding

Treat – your choice

English: So today you can continue to work on your alien story if you need to. If you have finished, make sure you proof-read it to check that you have correct punctuation (capital letters, full-stops, question marks and exclamation marks), and that you have included lots of interesting adjectives (metallic, shiny, tiny, huge) and powerful verbs (zoomed, blasted, soared). All good authors re-read their first draft and the try to improve their work and we always do this in school too. You might want to video yourself reading your story and upload to Seesaw as long as it is less than five minutes long.

If you are sure your story is finished, you can have a look at this mix and match alien activity. I have mixed up your alien descriptions and your alien drawings, can you work out which drawing goes with which alien from the description. Read through them and discuss with another family member which description goes with which drawing. Thank-you for all of your hard work that made this activity possible have also added them to a template on Seesaw where you can draw arrows to match them up.

Spelling: Again class 2, you have done all the hard work for this activity as i am going to read out some of YOUR spelling riddles. Sorry I couldn’t read them all. See if you can work out the answer and spell it correctly.

Brain break: I have checked all the votes I have received either by email or by replying to my Seesaw note and the winner is….. MARIO PARTY! I hope you enjoy joining in with is.

Your voting choices for the brain break for Friday 29th January are below. Makes sure you vote before 5pm on Thursday 28th January!

  1. Rockachickaboom
  2. Ice Age – the Sid shuffle
  3. Dino Stomp

Maths: No Oak Academy learning today. Watch this short video I have made for you explaining your tasks today. Templates for activity one on Seesaw if needed and there is a separate ‘clue’ note if you want to access it.

Reading Comprehension: Earlier this week I posted an e-story for you to read called ‘Down to Earth with a bump’. Scroll back and read it again if you need to. I am setting you some questions on Seesaw to complete. there are different levels – 1, 2 and 3 so today is challenge by choice – you pick the level that you think you will be most comfortable with. You can always try the other sets of questions if the ones you pick are too hard or too easy. As a guide, if you are in the Strawberry guided reading group I would try set 1. If you are in the Mango guided reading group I would try set 2 and if you are in Watermelons or Blueberries, try set 3. You really don’t need to print them if you use the Seesaw templates but the download is here as I know some of you like to do this.

ICT: We finished our coding work using Bee-bots last week. There are two options this week. You can either access the 2code activities on Purple Mash or you can have a go at the activities on this website. Coding is an important part of the job of a computer programmer or web design or games and app design, so if you are interested in this, practising coding skills is a great place to start. Purple Mash 2do has a few different coding activities for you to try at Chimp level and also a free code activity which is more challenging. Alternatively you can try the activities on this website Coding activities include one hour Minecraft or create your own dance party lessons! Last year during the first lockdown, class 2 really enjoyed challenging their coding ability on this website. If you would like to download a coding app for a smart phone or tablet (ask parents first and there is absolutely no compulsion to do this) this is free and is fun too – Box Island.

Well, if you’ve worked your way through all of that, you have done extremely well and deserve to choose something you really enjoy for the rest of the afternoon. Whether that is a bike ride, computer games time or snuggled up with a DVD or something completely different, agree it with the adult who is looking after you today and enjoy. Have a great weekend, Mrs P x

Home learning 22.01.21 Fun Friday!

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