Good morning class 2, how are you all doing today?

Here’s our plan for the day.

English – story planning

Spelling – Activity on /zh/ sound spelt ‘s’

Maths – Lesson 4 on telling the time

Science – Properties of materials

English: Today you are going to build on last week’s work and plan your own story using some of the story ideas and themes from the Three Little Pigs. After your amazing space stories, I’m sure these ones are going to be just as good. I am really excited to read them later in the week. First of all watch the video clip for some more information on what your story needs to contain.

You will find a planning template on Seesaw if you wish to use it or you can download it here. I will also add the story mountain template to Seesaw as I know some of you like using that one. Of course you can also draw yourself a story map with pictures and labels. The idea is that your plan will show who the characters are, where the story is set and what happens in the story. There won’t be any English work tomorrow as we are focussing on well-being activities so take your time with your story plan.

Spelling: Today’s spelling activity will make you think about your handwriting and which letters are tall letters, which letters sit on the line and which letters go below the line. You will be using your spelling words to fit into different shapes depending on how the letter is formed. There is a template on Seesaw for the main activity but the challenge activity needs to be completed with pencil and paper so that you can practise you handwriting.

Maths: Todays lesson from Oak Academy build on the last lesson looking at quarter past the hour and moves onto yelling the time at quarter to the hour. This can be quite tricky to grasp and needs lots of opportunities to practise.

and the exit quiz. There were some intermittent issues with yesterday’s quiz, hopefully today will run properly.

You can find an online game to play here for more practise at telling the time

Here are two further maths challenges to help you really become confident with telling the time

Science: In this lesson you are going to be testing out some household objects made of different materials. Go and see what objects you can grab (with an adult’s permission) that are made from the following materials: plastic, wood, rubber, fabric, glass (careful) and clay or pot (doubly careful and don’t grab mum’s favourite vase). As an extension, you might want to try and find objects made of paper, sponge, leather or different metals.

Ok got them? Today you are going to investigate the properties of these materials and decide if they can be bent, stretched, squashed or squeezed. It is really important to know about the properties of different materials so that you can decide what is the best material to make something with. We did a little bit of this sort of investigating when we looked at the coat hangers and the spoons. You can record your findings on the sheet below (template on Seesaw).

Consider some of the following scientific vocabulary when you write about different properties of the materials you investigate.

When you have completed your task, have a go at solving these material riddles too. Perhaps you could write one of your own as you were excellent at writing your spelling riddles.

Home learning 02.02.21

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