Good morning class 2. Wow just wow! I was so impressed with and proud of the wellbeing work you completed yesterday. I hope you enjoyed the day. I think the most popular activity was definitely creating your self-portraits. We also had baking, dancing, origami, squiggle sketching, emotion matching and lots more! Have a look below at some the amazing work you created as it is truly outstanding. I will share some of the work you did earlier in the week and also some of today’s work as an end of week celebration tomorrow. You can keep going with any wellbeing activities that you didn’t try whenever you want to. Just scroll back and find yesterday’s post.

Today we have a full day of learning so here’s the timetable.

English – begin writing your own story

Spelling – word search

Maths – continuing telling the time

Music – Comparing different pieces of music

R.E. Listening ears

English: On Tuesday you all designed some excellent story plans. Today and tomorrow you are going to use your ideas to write your story. Before you start, watch the clip below as we go on an adjective hunt and a powerful verb hunt – as we often do in our English lessons at school.

Now it’s your turn. Keep referring to your story plan and start to write your own story. When you have written five or six sentences stop. Then go back and re-read what you have written. Use the following as a check list.

Does every sentence start with a capital letter?

Have you used capital letters for any names of characters or places such as Percy Pig or London?

Have you checked if your sentence needs to finish with a full-stop, exclamation mark or a question mark and have you used them at the end of every sentence ?

Remember ordinary words in the middle of a sentence don’t need capital letters, be especially careful with words beginning with B!

Have you used finger spaces?

Have you set your letters on the line neatly?

Have you included interesting adjectives to describe people, places and objects (nouns)?

Have you included powerful verbs to describe actions or what a character is doing?

Try and use conjunctions; and, then, when, if, so, but, because to join two parts of your sentence together rather than writing two short sentences as it helps your writing to flow better. However, don’t use ‘and then, and then, and then……’ that isn’t very interesting.

The wolf knocked on the door. He wanted to borrow a cup of sugar.

The wolf knocked on the door because he wanted to borrow a cup of sugar.

When you have carefully proof-read and improved your work, you can write a little bit more then stop to check and improve again. There is no template for your story writing as i want you to use your own handwriting but I have added some templates to Seesaw with some adjective lists and verb lists.

Spelling: Just a simple task today as you will be concentrating hard on your English story writing. There is a word search template for the /zh/ sound spelt as ‘s’ on Seesaw. As a challenge, see if you can get the word ‘usually‘ into your English story somewhere.

Maths: lesson five from Oak Academy on telling the time today which will be our last lesson time until next week. Today you will be looking at telling the time on quarter to and quarter past the hour to consolidate the two lessons from the beginning of the week.

and of courser the exit quiz is here

I have added a range of different time activities to the Purple Mash 2Do section that you can also have a go at today if you wish.

R.E. This is our last lesson in the block from Oak Academy on friendships and is called Listening Ears. What do you think it might be about? Watch the clip below. After the video you might need your favourite teddy to help you complete the task.

Music: You are going to listen to two separate pieces of classical music. The composer (person who wrote the music) is called Holst and his work is called the Planets. The first clip is called Mercury and the second clip is called .Listen to both pieces ( I like to listen to music with my eyes closed, relaxing). Thinking about what you have learnt about each planet, decide if you think the music matches the planet. Consider tempo (is the music fast or slow) pitch (is the music high or low) and dynamics (is the music loud or quiet). Do you recognise any of the musical instruments that are played? Which piece of music did you like best and why? You can record your thoughts in your homework book or type a note on Seesaw.

Home learning 04.02.21

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