Good morning class 2. Have you had a good weekend? Do you think we will get some snow this week? If we do, you have my permission to get your wellies and warm clothes on and get out in the garden and build some snowmen – as long as you send me some photos of course!

Your alternative 3 little pigs stories have been incredible! I thought your space stories were good but these ones really are the next level. Every one of you that has so far submitted a story has shown that you have watched and listened carefully to the video clips and really worked your socks off to produce really interesting stories. Honestly class 2, you have made my weekend!

Our star speller for last week is Maddison! Well done Maddison, you have been trying really hard with your spellings and this wil help you with your writing.

Today’s plan

  1. English – a short unit on space poetry
  2. Spelling
  3. Maths – continuing our work on time
  4. Theme – astronauts
  5. Space story

English: Today we are going to start a short block looking at space poetry. The last time we did poetry in November for Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day your poems were outstanding so I hope you will enjoy looking at and writing some space poetry. To start with I would like you to watch this presentation so we can have a look at a space poem called ‘Blast Off!’ especially the rhyming words.

For your activity to day, I am going to give you some rhyming words from the poem. Try and think of as many additional rhyming words as you can. For example: ear and hear rhyme with near, dear, fear, steer, deer, clear. The spellings are not always the same, it is the end sound of the word that makes the rhyme. There is a template on Seesaw.

Spelling: This week’s pattern is spelling suffixes ment, ness and full. A suffix is something that gets added to the end of a root word to create a new word. Have a look at today’s video presentation and join in with the quiz.

Maths: Today you will be working with Oak Academy to look at telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. This lesson is split into two parts and continues tomorrow to give you lots of time to practise. You don’t have to be able to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes in year 2, but as telling the time a good life skill to have, it’s worth persevering to try and learn this next step.


and the exit quiz

If you want to practise 5 minutes past the hour I have added an activity to Purple Mash 2do and also some templates to Seesaw.

Theme: We are finishing our work on space this week and today we are going to focus on going into space and learning about some of the astronauts that have travelled into space. Would you like to be an astronaut? I think it would be quite scary!

Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. This was in 1969 when nobody owned a personal computer and mobile phones and ipads and games consoles like the Playstation hadn’t even been invented! Not every family even had a television in their house and if they did, they were often still black and white not colour. Very few people went on holidays abroad especially on an aeroplane, so to going into space was a hugely exciting event and a major development in technology.

Watch this animated clip and learn more about Neil Armstrong.

You can also play this interactive game here to learn even more about Neil Armstrong and the rocket Apollo 11.


Now compare what you have just watched with the real footage of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. The recording is quite difficult to hear and is in black and white as that was the technology available at the time. How do you think Neil Armstrong felt as he stepped out onto the moon?

Because of his achievements, Neil Armstrong is known as a significant person in history. This means what he did was very important. Now you have found out some facts about him, you can write about why you think he is significant. There is a template on Seesaw or you can just write your ideas in your homework book. You can look at this fact sheet below to help you but try to write your information in your own words.

Finally for today you can listen to a space story read by a real astronaut up on the Space Station!

Home learning 08.02.21

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